Monday, August 20, 2007

WIP .... or Work in Progress

I won 3 crochet books on ebay last month and this project was in one of them. All three books have some great patterns, so, I'm sure I'll get alot of use from them.
This particular piece is going to be a Bread Basket Liner. I just LOVE it! What a neat thing to use for the holidays, to keep in my china hutch and to eventually pass on to someone. I have a special friend that will get one, also. --- When I started it, it about made me crazy! I restarted it 3 times and finally decided to quit reading the directions and use the pattern. I like doing filet crochet, but, it sure keeps me on my toes! I finally took my book to the print shop and had the pattern enlarged and an extra copy of it, too, so, I could keep one and mark the other one up. I LOVE TO CROCHET!

Siggy is a by Ela
....Hubby left last night around 7 and #1 son left about 9:30, after he did his laundry!!! Hubby called while driving to have me go look at the moon! LOL, but, it was overcast, and I saw NO moon! Then, he called when he got there to tell me I missed the 'sight of a lifetime'.....a big mountain lion had been in the road at one spot. Elk and deer are the usual sights, so, he was excited to see that.....typical guy! *SNORT*
I am waiting for a call from SOMEONE from the Long Term Care offices, about the MIL situation, today. UGH They told me 7/17, that she had been approved as of 6/1, and NOW they deny her---what an absolute nightmare!
Her sister called twice over the weekend just fit to be tied! The 'nice' care center MIL is in is a horrible place! They totally neglect her....she's gotten some kind of 'bug' there, that has her with such terrible diarrhea, and then, let her sit there in a mess! She is getting dehydrated and very listless; can't even move on her own anymore. Her sister and husband go every day to check on her and to scream at the people in charge about her condition. We wanted to get her moved last Monday, but, then, all hell broke her sister is wanting to buy a little trailer next to them and put MIL there. I see problems on the horizon with that situation, too. But, we may have to, just to get her out of there til we can get the state stuff squared away.... Oh, I do NOT want to get old!!!!!
MIL just gave up, tho. When she was still in her little house, she would just sit! IF she did happen to have her TV on, it was with no sound and she loved to watch football of all things. That from someone that never had tv for about 65 years of her life. She really was just wanting to die...never left the house, wouldn't eat.....on and on.
I need to get myself organized here and plan the day, so, I'm off for now.

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Ela said...

Thank you very much for your e-mail :o) I'm glad you've found your blog corner at last! Hope you haven't any more troubles with it. Your new blog url changed already.
The filet doily looks so cool! Very nice effect and it turns out really pretty!