Thursday, August 30, 2007

These made me smile...

So, of course, I had to have them! I found these 2 nightgowns at the Family Dollar store, and couldn't pass them up! Too cute AND only $6.99 each. They just made me happy! I came home and tried them on and now, I can't wait for cool weather! LOL---it was 52 degrees at home Monday night, so, it won't be long.

I went to the bank and got a cashiers check to send to the Care Center. I figured it would be out of the account before the end of Ausust for sure that way, and the state will be happy that MIL only has $39.02 in her checking account. How sad.... I am sick that the little bit she got from the property 'after the loan was paid off, she had $6812.56 left' went to pay PART of her bill at the Care Center. It's only about 1/2 what she owes----for only about 2 months. And, then, the 'care' or lack of care put her in the hospital for 3 1/2 days because she was near death from dehydration, etc. I sure thought about keeping some of that money out for gas, but, was afraid to even do that! is done.

Hubby is home, time for supper...the neighbor girl gave us a small dish of some kind of Mexican pasta....interesting!

Hello Thursday...

*big sigh* I survived yesterday and all the details of the sale of MIL's property in Duncan. I met with the buyer at 9 a.m. at the bank & was back at the trailer about 11:15. Now, I just pray the state will be happy with all the documentation on all of it. There's not much more I can do, if they aren't.
~~I was so out of it when I got home, I didnt' know what end was up. I only got about 4 hours sleep, if that, the night before. Then, I started feeling like I was coming down 'with something'....sore throat, listless, too tired to rest. What a wasted day! I laid down and tried to get a little prayer---the only thing I could think of was "God Bless Me".... But, not much rest, still had calls to make to the Care Center and my phone kept ringing, which I ignored. I did get enough energy to fry some pork chops and make a dinner for hubby. I tried to get started on this shawl project, but, I was so 'dis-come-bob-ulated' *hehehe, one of my 'words' it even a word?* that I really had no desire to even crochet. I showered and was in bed by 7:45!! My knee was out of whack and I had quite a time moving and getting adjusted to sleep. ACK! Thank goodness it's OK so far today. I finally woke up and around at 8:20 this morning!!! That tells me alot about how stressed I've been for the last few days!
~~MIL's sister called when I was laying on the couch after supper, I just let him take the call--she called my cell. I hate to say this, but, I just don't want to hear/know/worry/do/care about ANY of this anymore! I'm still 'trying' to work on my attitude with all of this. I know, with this whole situation, it 'naturally' fell onto much as I did NOT want it. If I hadn't done what I did do, she would have been practically abandoned--which I wonder if she really wanted that? The other thing that keeps me plodding through all of this, is the wonder/worry of WHO will do for ME when it's my time? When you are the mother of boys, I think, so many things are different. They say "A daughter's a daughter for all of her life---but, a son's a son, til he takes a wife"...... hmmmmmm Looking back, I see things I should have done differently...hind sight. When I first started dating hubby and spent time at his parents house (because we were 1 1/2 hours away from each other, I spent alot of days/nights there), I did 'used' to like her and I learned ALOT from her. BUT, I also saw another side of her. That side I didn't like and had never been around a woman that was like her. I suppose someday, I should write about all of that...maybe there is some answers or healing involved in that.

So, today, I am feeling much better and have only a few things to take care of. I will go to the store and get a few things for the trailer here and come back and pamper myself with a manicure and do some crocheting on my shawl.
Supper will be a baked potato with toppings, a slice of pan-fried ham and some fresh veggies. I 'cook' so differently here, but, that's OK. Hubby will eat ANYTHING!! He comes home, beat and starving. It's still dang hot here--which drives me crazy cause it's like 20-30 degrees cooler at home. But, what do I have to complain about?? I have AC! LOL

I was reading email and surfing some links...I found these! FUN stuff..take a peek!

Mormon Name Generator

Too many groceries sacks? Bored? Here ya go......

...count your blessings
Sparkle Faery Dreams

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

*holding my breath*

I'm getting ready to head out the door for Clifton. I got the 'OK' from the Long Term Care Financial Supervisor to go ahead with the Quit Claim Deed....Now, I just pray all goes smoothly with the rest of this sale. I am almost scared to breath until this is all done. I also have to notify them of starting a NEW application for her Long Term Care. They are out of the office Wednesday/tomorrow and don't work on Fridays, so, the window of opportunity is tight. I called and left a message, but, it usally takes a day to hear back from them. I 'still' don't know exactly what they will be needing to get the new app going. One thing at a time, tho. THEN, we can start on the sale of her home here in town! ACK!!!
~~They were supposed to be moving MIL to another Care Center when she is released from the hospital today. We'll have a 2-week window to get all the necessary things rolling again.........

My knee has been going out on me since last night..oh great! I injured the first one in 1999, when we were getting my flower shop moved. I fell off a ladder from over halfway up it...that's what I get for peeking up in the rafters to see how the strip mall building looked in there! HA! Not funny......I was on the floor for 20 minutes in agony, with the ladder on top of me. It finally got better on its own, after hobbling around for MONTHS! Then, when I was working for Safeway--before I had insurance--the OTHER one just went out on me one night when I rolled over in bed! *I promise!!!! No funny jokes here* That took quite awhile to get better, too, after several months of the knee brace on that knee! The incident last night happened when I was getting up from the toilet!!!! How stoopid! I have been doing strenthening excercises to try and keep myself from getting into the situation my MIL was getting muscle tone for stuff like that! wahhhhhhh! I keep thinking of "Help! I've fallen and I can't get up!"

Well, as soon as my Avon order gets here, I'm leaving. I need to go out and mow while I have a chance, but, I'm almost afraid I won't hear my cell phone with the mower running. Geez! If it's not one thing, it's another!

I did get my bread basket liner finished up last night! THAT was a relief! I think I'll wait for a bit and see if I really want to do another one of those! I always take my crochet with me wherever I go, so, I might start it at the trailer, tho. The first one took me about 2 weeks or so, but, I feel like right now, I need a no-brainer crochet project. My afghan project is too big to haul around and it's toooooo hot at the trailer for that type of job. Decisions, decisions.

Well, needless to say, I'll be happy to see my hubby with some of this stress off of both of us! He's got this other load with the rig truck deal, tho, too.

I need comments, from any of you reading this....since, this is a new blog...I've been playing with it. Is the picture thingys alright? Are they obknoxious, or do they work right? What about the music? Is that a pain in the butt? Thanks for any input....but, please (!) be feelings are tender.

...count your blessings

Monday, August 27, 2007

Hope it's safe......

Well, I made it through the day alright. I have a peace that I don't understand, but, I'm not complaining. I think God knew that I was getting as much as I could handle. That and some prayers from some of you out there! Thank you so much!

I decided to post a bit early, and am hoping that the day ends well, altho, I am sorta expecting a call from someone at the Long Term care offices. I've decided I've done all I can, I will just put one foot in front of the other and just do all this ONE baby step at a time. (Did you ever see that movie 'WHAT ABOUT BOB'? LOVED that! We saw it in the theater with the kids years ago------hubby and I laughed so hard, we embarrased the kids!)

MIL's sister called first thing this morning. I was pretty upset with her when that conversation was over, but, I bit my tongue! Everyone is on overload with this mess and I took it all with a grain of salt, but, *if* she brings this up again, I'm going to let her have MY 2¢! Telling me the 'mistakes' I've made, which she doesn't know all the facts! (When this was dropped in my lap after the first son left it all hanging when the house here in town will NOT be his! He had $$$ signs in his eyes from the get-go! His mother paid child support for about 18 years to keep his butt out of jail for non-payment of child support--granted MIL had a part in the breakup of that marriage to begin with--plus, all the money he 'borrowed' over the years.) She bitched about MY hubby letting me take care of all of this (ummmm, he works 58+ hours a week 3 hours away from home! PLUS, he did more for her than the other 2 brothers together!) And, then, saying he was just like his dad, who would never so much as change a light bulb! (MIL & FIL did NOT have a good marriage, but, she was a bee-otch for all the years I knew her!) I know exactly why he wouldn't TOUCH a light bulb, if indeed, he wouldn't - which I doubt. No one could ever do anything right! Even when she paid too much money to have things done around their old place, she would RIP it out and do it over....nothing was EVER good enough. That whole subject could FILL A BOOK! That comment was out-of-line, totally!!! My hubby is VERY different in alot of ways, then, the other men in that family. But, I guess she wouldn't know, since she never came around much until December of last year! Now, I understand why MIL never had much to do with her. Altho, MIL was such a cynical recluse, anyway. What a vent!!! But, boy, do I feel better!

As it stands, MIL will be released from the hospital and put into a different care center. Medicare should pay for her needed 2 weeks of skilled nursing (rehab?), and, tomorrow or the next day will be official notice of opening a *new* claim for her long term care, unless, I can get the old, denied one appealed.
ENOUGH of that crap!!!!!

It was a rainy, overcast, cool day here, all day long! WONDERFUL!!! We have so few days light this---I LOVE them! It's drizzling again and thundering off in the distance.

I didn't do a whole lot today. I did get the mattress swung around, washed the mattress pad and did a load of sheets that I rinsed in vinegar to keep them fresh smelling. I hate the smell of older sheets! I love the sheets I'm using now and don't want new ones. hehehe I had my papers all sorted out on the table first thing, waiting for the phone calls that never came. I did run downtown to get the mail and stop at the bank--hoping I wouldn't get 'one of those phone calls' while I was in the car.

Hubby called in a grumpy mood/tone of voice. He forgot to turn the AC on in the trailer this morning when he left at 5:15 (what a waste of electricity!), and it was too hot (100°) in there, so, he was sitting outside in the shade waiting for it to cool off enough to go in and shower and eat. It's hard to believe there's about a 40° temperature difference at the moment! He's trying to work a few deals to get a welding truck rigged up, so, he can make double pay each week. He's the only welder on the job without a rig setup, and he's 'the best' welder on the job! Well, he and one other welder. (I'm not partial, really!) That other guy came in with his truck this morning.

I guess I'll putter some more and hit the couch for a bit of crocheting. I have my bread basket liner almost done! Thank Goodness! I wanted to make another one for a friend, but, I don't know....maybe the second one would be easier, tho.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Was it Sunday?

Whew...the day blew by!
Hubby and I drove over to Wal-Mart first thing this morning to get some tires put on the front of his little work car. He drove in about 3 inches of hail coming home Saturday evening, and decided it was time for new tires. They weren't too awful bad, but, we bought the car in May and intended on getting the tires replaced. Better to have it done before winter and the snow driving. He'll get the other 2 replaced soon.

Got home about 2 and I went to Safeway for some hamburger and bread. Made tacos and we ate an early supper. Hubby was out the door by 5:45, which is early for him. I took Dozer out front and sat and crocheted for over an hour, while it rained. A nice rain.....the weather page says .41". My yard is loving this rain, the past 2 days.

I went into my craft room *bleck.....what a total nightmare!* and tried to get my bearings for getting it organized. I got a few sweatshirts and t-shirts dug out. I bought some snowman fabric at Walmart today to iron on to 'something'. I also found a neat piece of Fall/Halloween fabric in my stash, so, I'm hoping I can get some inspiration to get them done. I am going to have to figure out a way to sell some of my handicrafts again. I miss creating, and selling. But, I think the market for hand-made items isn't what it used to be. I know of a little shop in town here, that I might see if they do consignment or something. I also might try posting some of the pictures here. I might open an 'etsy' shop, but, I have alot of things from my store inventory I want to sell online, too. That was my intention when I closed my store all those years have an online shop. I have the domain name but, I hate HTML and FTP stuff as much as I hate paying a monthly fee for a do-it-yourself site.

I drank a cup of leftover morning coffee, while I sat outside with Dozer. I hope that wasn't a mistake. *wide awake type! LOL* I need to get in the shower and have a little snack before I go to bed. I just hope I don't lay there all night thinking about what will transpire in the morning. Hubby called MIL before he left, and she's not feeling good at all. Before I start making any phone calls in the morning, I'm calling the hospital to find out exactly what is going on with her. Her sister isn't much help, but, I imagine she hasn't gotten anything from her doctors yet.

.....count your blessings

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Another day.....

~~~Well, I got a pretty good sleep in...from 1 a.m. to 6 a.m. I tried to stay in bed as long as possible, but, I hate tossing and mind doing the same. Hubby called just as I got up. Then, all hell broke loose again. MIL's sister called and said they had put her in the hospital last night. She's just going downhill...the care center is not doing there job. MIL still has terrible diahrea, and just listless. They put her on an IV and she also needed potassium. I don't know what all.
She was sort of bitchy with me---we are ALL just ready to pull our hair out with this mess! I had asked if she called Adult Protective Services first--to document her situation--and she passed the buck, too and said 'I never called and gave her the number'. NOW, the big issue is going to be where is MIL going to go when she is released from the hospital? She owes the care center over $9000 by now, and the new care center we wanted to move her to won't take her unless she is on with the state.
Her sister told me this morning, that she can't take her in and care for her in the condition she is now, that leaves us? Or, I should say me? The hated daughter-in-law. (Altho, I'm one of three.) I tried calling an ALTC contact here for some advice, but, of course, I didn't get through on her home number.
~~~The saddest part of all of this, is that MIL really doesn't want to be 'here' (alive), anyway. What a torment for her. Her quality of life is gone, not that she enjoyed life at any time that I knew her.
~~~I'm having such a hard time with my attitude over all of this. I just pray that God knows my heart.
So, here it is, 10 a.m. and the valerian root has already been taken.....

Hubby will be home around 6 this evening. He was planning on getting the trailer ready for the maiden voyage, but, I don't think there will be any camping next weekend. At this point, that's fine with me. I don't think I could relax, anyway! It would probably be less work for hubby to just stay home, too.

I guess I'll go outside and putter in the yard for a bit. Yesterday, when I went to go to the bank, post office and to deliver some Avon, my van wouldn't start! I had left the keys in it----and to tell you the truth, at this point, I'm wondering if I let it running til it ran out a gas!!! ACK, it was a full tank! Surely, I'm not that far out of it???? Who knows. Hubby accidentally took his truck keys with him last Sunday, so, I'm without a vehicle. I hate it when I CAN'T go anywhere! It's not so bad, when I WANT to stay home, but, you know how it is, if you can't! LOL

Count your blessings.....

Friday, August 24, 2007

When will it end?

Ok, I figure the past 10 days have been completely full with doing all this crap for Mother-in-Laws Long Term Care case. I am sick of it. And, worried..... what is this doing to MY health? My blood pressure isn't the greatest to begin with, and I already take 50mg of Atenonol twice a day as it is. Then, I read something last night about the dangers of long term, how to I get this stress out of my life???
I was ready to load up last night and go to hubby's trailer, so, I'd be that much closer to the Title place, for an appointment at 2 Friday, to get the sale of the old house underway, but, a call to the buyer turned me off of that idea. He doesn't want to pay the $1000+ for all cost of the sale. The state says a Quit Claim Deed is a 'transfer' and, now, I can't get any of my questions answered til at least Monday. I just decided to stay home, I was so worried and worked up, not knowing what direction to take, that I just figured it would be best for me to stay off the road. Besides, a big storm was brewing and it was getting late and dark. It was probably a good thing, too. I was BEAT!

This morning, I've been 'trying' to de-stress, but, it's not actually working. Just knowing it is still hanging over my head is getting to me. I can tell it's going to be another Valerian Root day....thank God for that stuff!
I worked on my $650+ Avon order and also got a photo show uploaded to this.
It was fun getting something to work on here! LOL Now, I want to get one with just regular 'back yard/life' pictures.

I need to make a few more phone calls, and then, run to the bank and post office. If I could just relax a bit, it might feel nice to just know that I can't do anymore about any of this mess until Monday.....but, of course, I can always worry about when Monday gets here.....

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Happy Anniversary ?

Well, 18 years ago, we bought this house! Our first house. We'd lived in apartments, and then, our own travel trailers for way too many years! 9 years to be exact, of trailer living/moving. I remember counting the weeks, every time I made the bed in the first trailer we lived in--an immacule 1978 32' Coachman 5th wheel was the first we bought in Nebraska, in 1980. I got to where I hated that thing.....someday I'll put some pictures up of the trailers we've lived in. We just bought our 6th little trailer a few weeks ago, but, that one is for 'camping'! We bought a really nice 32' Keystone Mountaineer last August, so, I could spend more time with hubby----that thing is just like a small apartment.

But, this is home! I still love this house, the layout, the yard and the subdivision... We had a nightmare when we first bought it. It was a brand spanking new home, but, the builder was a jerk. We went round and round for about a year and a half, when it all ended with us getting $15,000 from the Registrar of Contractor's and the builder lost his license and bond. We fixed the things we really needed to and put the rest back into the house. We enclosed the carport---mixing cement by hand and leveling the floor up ourselves. Then, we built on a 2 car garage. We eventually had to have vinyl siding put on and a metal roof. Then, we did the landscaping and vinyl fencing. A lot of work, but, worth it. I am so bummed that I couldn't find any pictures of when we first bought it.....I am beginning to think that I hadn't even taken any......
Happy Anniversary Home!

On another was another day of pure torment getting all the paperwork together AGAIN today for Mother-in-laws Long Term Care case. Most everything is ok, except to finish up with the first house sale that we are doing on our own. If a realtor sold it, they would get any of the profit, so, the little bit of profit will just have to go towards her care bill to this point.
I did take a break and went to the next town over to sign up a lady to sell AVON. She sold for 28 years and took a year off..she was a top seller on the Navajo Reservation, so, I think she'll do great again.

I think the stress level today was about an 8 1/2. Wonder what the blood pressure says.....Time for a shower and some crocheting.....

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I'm glad this day is over.......

Whew! What-a-day! I was on the phone from about 8:15 til noon, MIL's Care Center, potential new Care Center, medical bill place, realtor's office, county tax assessor's office, Veteran's Admin Office, PLUS Avon calls...... OH . MY . GOSH!!!
In between, I emailed back and forth with the ALTHCCS Supervisor I've been dealing with. *She called me last night about 5:30, and I thought it was a God-Send!!!!*
I had to load up and head over to Show Low to the local VA office there for a signature on a paper for her Widow's benefits.....I CANNOT believe that she was entitled to about $600 a month, in the WIDOW OF A WWII WAR VETERAN benefits......for 18 years!!!! If you don't know, you don't get. But, boy, oh, boy!!!! If you get on with the state for Long Term Care, you'll get those benefits! HA! If you are in a Care situation, you receive over $900! What a crock! That $600 could have made a difference, I'm sure...... She was only getting about $1100 for all those years. So, so, sad...... Heed my words, if you are reading this....if you have an elderly, widowed family member PLEASE see if they are entitled to this benefit! Talk about RED TAPE!!!!!

After I was done with all that 'stuff', I headed for Walmart. Had to get another round of my prescription for my funky, fungal toenail! *snort -- NOT!!!!!!* $127 for 30 pills! One more month of the 3 month go round..... Now, I know why I wish I still had my work insurance! I won't even get on my soapbox about the sad situation the US is in, when it concerns taking care of it's legal citizens! GRRRRRRRR

The highlight of my day, was these! LOL This is about the 4th pair of these fuzzy-wuzzies I've gotten! $4.88, I love them! Oh, and my hour outside in the front chair with my glass of wine! LOL I went out and turned the sprinkler system on, and then, watered my flowers with the hose. It was so nice and cool out there, so, Dozer and I sat out there for over an hour, just unwinding.
I came in to post this and now, I'm hitting the shower. My day is done, I am leaving the mess and turmoil til tomorrow. I'm sure it will start right up again......

Monday, August 20, 2007

WIP .... or Work in Progress

I won 3 crochet books on ebay last month and this project was in one of them. All three books have some great patterns, so, I'm sure I'll get alot of use from them.
This particular piece is going to be a Bread Basket Liner. I just LOVE it! What a neat thing to use for the holidays, to keep in my china hutch and to eventually pass on to someone. I have a special friend that will get one, also. --- When I started it, it about made me crazy! I restarted it 3 times and finally decided to quit reading the directions and use the pattern. I like doing filet crochet, but, it sure keeps me on my toes! I finally took my book to the print shop and had the pattern enlarged and an extra copy of it, too, so, I could keep one and mark the other one up. I LOVE TO CROCHET!

Siggy is a by Ela
....Hubby left last night around 7 and #1 son left about 9:30, after he did his laundry!!! Hubby called while driving to have me go look at the moon! LOL, but, it was overcast, and I saw NO moon! Then, he called when he got there to tell me I missed the 'sight of a lifetime'.....a big mountain lion had been in the road at one spot. Elk and deer are the usual sights, so, he was excited to see that.....typical guy! *SNORT*
I am waiting for a call from SOMEONE from the Long Term Care offices, about the MIL situation, today. UGH They told me 7/17, that she had been approved as of 6/1, and NOW they deny her---what an absolute nightmare!
Her sister called twice over the weekend just fit to be tied! The 'nice' care center MIL is in is a horrible place! They totally neglect her....she's gotten some kind of 'bug' there, that has her with such terrible diarrhea, and then, let her sit there in a mess! She is getting dehydrated and very listless; can't even move on her own anymore. Her sister and husband go every day to check on her and to scream at the people in charge about her condition. We wanted to get her moved last Monday, but, then, all hell broke her sister is wanting to buy a little trailer next to them and put MIL there. I see problems on the horizon with that situation, too. But, we may have to, just to get her out of there til we can get the state stuff squared away.... Oh, I do NOT want to get old!!!!!
MIL just gave up, tho. When she was still in her little house, she would just sit! IF she did happen to have her TV on, it was with no sound and she loved to watch football of all things. That from someone that never had tv for about 65 years of her life. She really was just wanting to die...never left the house, wouldn't eat.....on and on.
I need to get myself organized here and plan the day, so, I'm off for now.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Break Time....

I've been outside pulling weeds along the front by the's HOT and MUGGY out there!!! Time for a nice big glass of ice tea. Still not finished, but, I had to take a breather. I want to get the weeds done, so hubby can mow it and hopefully, have time to spray some weed killer on it. It's an embarrasing mess out there, ever since the irrigation ditch made such a mess out it a couple years ago, when a headgate was closed when we had 1 1/2" of rain in a hour! Poor hubby just doesn't have the time for anything anymore!!! He got in about 6:15 Saturday and will leave again about the same time unless I can get him out the door at 5:00, which is the 'projected' time for lift off.....but, he's NEVER on time. (He was late for our wedding 32 years ago and it hasn't changed since! It drives me *CRAZY*!)

I would much rather be sitting out front for a spell, but, it's time to get busy out there again. Then, I need to get some supper fixed and get him packed up and out the door. All these long work hours (58+) in the hot, muggy heat down there is taking a toll on him---did I say grouchy? And, I am grouchy, because I'm feeling 'neglected'.
I will be staying home this week, trying to get things caught back up around here and I imagine I'll be on the phone fighting for a re-instatemnt for MIL's long term care case......I don't even want to think about that.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

that sinking feeling.....

Ok, here's the deal.....

80-year-old MIL was no longer able to be on her own, so after a weeks stay in the hospital here, we took her to a Care Center 3 hours away, in a town where her sister lives. With hubby out of town all the time working and me here alone, not to mention a not-very-good relationship with her for 32+ years, the Care Center was the best option. She needs much more care than we could give her, also. Friday, April 13, was the day we took her there.

After 4 months, we find out yesterday, that she is not eligible for Arizona Long Term Care. So, her first 100 days, paid by Medicare----all except $124 a day, were up last month. I was told on 7-17, that as of June 1, she was approved for ALTCS. Yesterday, we were told she was denied, due to some VA benefits she may be entitiled to, and an almost 100-year-old POS property in Duncan that needs to be sold.
$500 a day since her first 100 will be paid by her *ours* private funds.........$26, 436 to date and it goes up by a minimum of $500 a day.......
Where does that kind of money come from??????
What do we do? Do we take her out of the facility and bring her here until we can get her onto the ALTCS? How long would that take?
Looks like our quality of life is in the crapper, just like hers................

On the Road......again!

Part of the reason I have this 'blog' is to look back at the past...... I do alot of driving back and forth to hubbys work town, so, this will help me to 'remember' stuff! LOL *like I need more stuff between the cobwebs!*

Yesterday, Wednesday, I drove back up the mountain to home. I got an early start and was home by 10:30 a.m. It was an uneventful trip, other than when I ran over a squirrel! ACK----sowwy! The sky was a bit hazy, tho. Must have been from all the humidity?? It's so beautiful when it's all green like this! I didn't sleep well the night before, so, I had a real hard time staying awake. It was just B-O-R-I-N-G.
When I got home, I wished I hadn't got here. I found an email saying that MIL was denied for Long Term Care at the Care Center she is in......they charge about $500 a day for her care. I am worried sick about WHO will have to pick up the slack. I can't get anyone to return my phone calls and am at my wits end with all of this crap! Getting old SUCKS!!!! The red tape is so thick and it's so hard to find your way in it!! Or out of it.
So, I had another rough night and was up at 4 a.m. this morning again. I just wanna lay down, but, I've got Avon orders to get delivered and Ebay items to get sent out.
I looks like it could cloud up and rain, but, there is a nice cool breeze at the moment. Poor hubby is in 100° heat and here at home it is 80°.
I have lots of pictures I'll post or try to get my flickr slideshow up.
So many things to get done and not enough hours in my day.....

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Welcome to my Backyard!

Welcome to my Backyard!

I've been fighting with wordpress for so long, and my geocities website is FULL, so, time to start over....or fresh???

Why blog/journal? I don't know that anyone would actually read this or come back to visit once they see how things REALLY are in my backyard, but, I do know that I like to have my life journaled for my own sake! I like to go back and re-read the entires and to see what was happening in my yard years previously.

Maybe I also can justifjy my blog snoping, by having my own! HA!

I just happen to have a nice yard picture, so, I'll try to include it here.....hopefully, I will be able to make one of my pictures into a topper for the 'Backyard' blog. *HA! I figured it out! But, don't look too closely at the picture, it was taken at the beginning of the summer. The grass wasn't as green as it is now, and the cushion on the swing is different. I learned my lesson about leaving things like that out in our blasted sun/heat!*