Wednesday, June 25, 2008

checking in...

Whew....bringing it up to speed...
Got here, at mom's Saturday about 4:30. Be BBQ'd and visited the evening away. I tried to help mom get an afghan started so she would have something to occupy her during recovery after the surgery. Sunday, my brother took mom and I out to a champagne brunch at the winery. AWESOME! We had a much better experience than when Jeffrey was with us. We went for an early birthday celebration for mom, her birthday is June 29th. *My dads birthday is the 26th of June. Mom had wanted to try to do something totally different for birthday time this year. Dad and her had celebrated them 'together' for almost SIXTY years!!! Well, I'd say she is celebrating them differently for sure, this year!*
We BBQ'd steaks that evening and just 'tried' to relax.

Monday, we left at 9 a.m., mom had to fast. Her surgery wasn't until 1:30. An old, old friend was brought here from the next town up, about 45 minutes away, so, she could ride with us to Tucson where she could spend some time with her daughter in Tucson, plus, see mom in the hospital. I went to school with her daughters, so, it was a great catchup visit. They stayed with me til after moms surgery was over at 6:30 p.m. My cousin, Kathy, that lives in Tucson spent the afternoon with us, too. I was grateful for their company, since, I had planned/thought I would be alone.

The surgery went 'well', to see how the rest of it goes. I saw her scars yesterday and was shocked! I didn't think they were going to be as big as they were. She has a 4" scar around her left collarbone, where he went in to put in a stint---crossed through ALL THE SCAR TISSUE in her belly....ugh.... She has 2 6" scars on either side of the lower abdoman, then, a 6"-plus scar along the inner part of her left leg for the bypass. I haven't seen that one yet, because her legs are in some kind of pumping wrap.
She was very alert all day yesterday. All seemed well, but her blood pressure was dropping. They gave her 2 units of blood and she started feeling better. I left for my 1 1/2 hour drive back to her house, where my brother was. He is off for the next 6 days, so, we will head over together today. 105+ in Tucson...ugh! It's cloudy and trying to rain today....the only thing that means is it will be muggy! HA!

I called and talked to mom a few minutes ago. She's sore, but, that is to be expected. They had her up in a chair for 2 hours already. They think one more day of ICU, and then into a regular room. Once she gets on oral pain meds, they will think about letting her go home, since, I'll be here with her.
They did find out yesterday, that she still had her bladder infection. Now, to make sure no blood clots form......she's had issues (MAJOR) with them before.

....oh my! I'm just putting one foot in front of the other, for the next few days.

count your blessings...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


  1. Purchase :: Buy

  2. Squeaky clean :: A Baby after a bath

  3. Blended :: Margarita

  4. Wednesday :: Hump Day

  5. Function :: Button

  6. Look down :: joshin' someone

  7. July? :: 4th

  8. Raspberry :: Sorbet

  9. Assertive :: Bossy

  10. Cracker :: Jack

I needed this today...

Click on ::Raised From the Dead::

I do ask for prayers for my moms surgery on Monday, the 23rd...

count your blessings...

Saturday, June 14, 2008

...back to normal???

Well, life will be back to 'normal' for a few days. I don't think I know what 'normal' is anymore. Life is so different, these days. But, it will be even MORE different after next week. Here's a rundown since my last post...

I headed to Willcox Wednesday, after I got some AVON delivered and errands done. I had to stop at a garage on my way out of town...low tire. It read 10 pounds when they checked it; it ended up having a nail in it! ack!!! I got to mom's at 6:00 on the nose. We visited awhile and went to Taco Bell for a crunchy taco she'd been craving. We evaluated the whole eating experience, since my parents had owned/operated an El Taco for 20 years--way before there ever was a Taco Bell! Service, cleaniness and foo prep/serving is sucky nowadays....I prefer to buy what I want at the grocery store and cook for my family most of the time. I know I am too picky, but, just take a good look's kinda dangerous to eat out anymore.

My brother's eye surgery went well. Jeffrey's phone was messed up and he missed connections with my brother....but, all was well. My brother has been used to driving and working with one eye for over 6 months, anyway! He went to work for several hours after he got home! WOW! What a guy! We sat up and visited a bit when he got in. We had mom's goulash and I made a strawberry pie (thinking Jeffrey would be there for his favorite pie...too bad for him! *wink*).

Friday, I drove Mom to her 9 a.m. Dr. appointment in Tucson. The Dr. seemed OK--my brother thinks he's very arrogant--he's done surgery on her 2 other times, also. They keep calling it a 'big' surgery and that scares the hell out of me. 15% possiblility of something bad happening, she'll be 77 on her birthday while she's in the hospital, 5-7 hours in surgery and 5-10 days in the hospital. I'm trying not to, but, I'm WORRIED....

We had troubles hooking up with Jeffrey again, so, we went to eat at the TTT Truck Stop and he finally called as we were just about to leave. He had to call his phone service to get things straightened out with his new $400 phone. I couldn't wait around for 4 hours with mom waiting for them to get to Tucson, so, we left for home. We did end up having to go back later that afternoon and met him in Benson about 35 minutes from Mom's. So, we got home about 6 and BBQ'ed steaks and visited the evening away. Saturday, was a lazy day. Mom and I took Jeffrey for lunch at the winery. The service was horrible!!! Even my mom complained---right to the lady. If it had been my first time, I wouldn't have went back, and I told them that. We drank enough wine to put a smile on our face when we left, tho. *GRIN* My brother had to work all weekend, so, we took Jeffrey to his office and visited. After dinner, a friend of Jeffrey's, from home, came to visit him at my moms. We took them out to the CattleRest Bar. They had a dance (what a joke) and the boys played pool all evening. Pretty boring evening, if you'd ask me! HA! I'm so old, I would have rather been at home in bed!

We pretty much hung around the house Sunday. Jeffrey's buddy ended up staying until after supper Sunday. They had a great visit. Jeffrey got a text message from him as he was leaving town saying he had a great time and that Jeffrey's family was awesome! LOL Yeah, we had our share of laughs for sure! Got to be sure and wear depends when you are around us! hehehee That night the 4 of us sat out on the patio and laughed all night! I started asking Mom all kinds of questions from earlier life and we were rolling....ahhhhh, what fun!

Jeffrey and I left for home about 11 on Monday. He drove...why oh why didn't I remember to take Valerian Root first??? UGH We got stopped several times for road construction, so, we ended up getting home about 4. We BBQ'ed steaks with Dad that night. yummy! I worked Tuesday afternoon, but, got to visit a bit with Jeffrey before I left. Worked Wednesday morning, then, when hubby got home, we drove an hour away to have supper with #1 son in his work town. It was a nice visit. I like to sit in out the boys conversations....LOL Thursday, I had the day off, but, did have to go in from 6-9, while they had a card-making class. I worked Friday...Jeffrey was suffering a pretty bad hangover (went out and shot pool -- came in 4th -- with his dad and ran into a bunch of old friends). He was trying to recover fast, because he and his dad and the kid that had came to Willcox to visit were going out on the 4-wheelers! HA! Poor kid! I didn't get to say goodbye to him when his dad drove him 1/2 way to Phoenix to meet his buddy from Phoenix that was picking him up. It might be just as well. I don't like goodbyes, plus, being at work....not a good mix, but, still....Hubby got home at 9:30 p.m. I had been running #1 son all over after work, so, he could get all his stuff done for getting his truck running and banking and license stuff.

Today, hubby took #1 son to Show Low for a class he has to take. They were up and out the door at, here I am at the 'puter. I look around the house and you'd never know Jeffrey was here....he didn't forget anything! HA! I miss the brat, tho. I think he did have some good 'down time', and he REALLY needed it. I know he has people from every direction giving him advice and pointers and suggestions about what he should/could do. Hopefully, he'll feel better about having so many options and that things will come to him for the direction to start out in.

I'm working til 5 today. I've got tons of things to get done/organized. Mom found out her surgery will be on the 23. I told her I would make sure she gets to the hospital (has to be there at 10:30/surgery at 1:30) and stay with her. My brothers are working, don't know what they will be planning. The last time I was with her through surgery stuff, I was with her for 5 weeks....that was 5 years ago. The good thing is, I kinda know what to expect...the bad thing is, I kinda know what to expect...
Lord, I need grace to make it...

count your blessings...


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  2. Magnetic :: Energy
  3. Again! :: Do over!
  4. Acoustic :: Guitar
  5. Mahogany :: Bed
  6. Promises :: Love
  7. Ill fitting :: Clothes
  8. Sublime :: WHAT???
  9. Poop :: Duty
  10. Disoriented :: Confused

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Your Daily Laugh...

Go to my Music PlayList and hit the button on the left II and it will disable the music...

This is an oldie but, a goodie!
Kids! Gotta love em!

Getting ready to pack it up and move em out!!! Going to see my Air Force son in 28 hours! WooHoo! You may not think that's a big deal, but..... Last October, when Jeffrey was getting ready to come home for his and his brothers birthdays..he said he was anxious to get 'home'. He said 'Do you realize it's been a year since I was home?' I said 'Yes, Jeffrey. And, I know that I've only seen you 23 days since you left for the Air Force!' Now, THAT see them everyday of their life practically and then, they walk out the door.....
Motherhood sucks sometimes...

Hope you are having some sunshine today, wherever you are! If not, I've got plenty to spare...I'll just GRIN in your direction! LOL

count your blessings...

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I'm so excited!!!

I found out this morning that my Air Force son will be here TOMORROW morning!!! WOOHOO!! I have to call him back in a few minutes, but, it looks like he'll be in Phoenix in time to ride back with my brother on Thursday. They will go to moms and then, Jeffrey will come home with me. He said he's got 10 days of leave. He needs a break, too. He is trying to decide what to do when he gets out in August. I think he is really agonizing over the whole decision. Hopefully, he'll be able to relax and think straight and maybe come up with a solution. He said he's second guessing all the plans he had..... I'm glad I'm not in his shoes, but, I guess I'll sure feel like it this week! HA!
~~~Just talked with him, his flight lands at 11 a.m.~~~
He exasperates me so....he has very little patience with me, it seems. Guess cause I'm O L D now! hehehe But, it should be a nice visit. He's a great kid!

So, now, I'm busting my buns til the midnight hour. Cleaning, Avon, should get some laundry started, packing....ugh I might be able to accomplish alot if this dang MAGNET would leave me alone! Geesh.....don't tell me I'm the only one that is so darn attached to this little electronic box!

count your blessings...

Monday, June 2, 2008

Unconsious Mutterings...

You say.....and, I think...

1. Gossiping.....Nosey
2. Misplaced.....Confused
3. Spaceship.....UFO
4. Ignore........Mean
5. Bodily........Function
6. Tweezers......Pluck
7. Good Night....Sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite
8. Curls.........Perm
9. Faucet........New

I saw this on Dru's blog and thought I would try it.

Man! I'm beat. For some reason, the days that I 'work' at the scrapbook store, I come home wore out and don't ask me's usually slow. Maybe, it's because I am on my toes for when a customer does come in....I dunno.
I have my Smooth Move tea brewing...yeah, that's what it's for *cheesey grin* and as soon as I finish this post, I'm turning this puter OFF and drink my tea and head to bed.... I didn't get a good sleep last night---AGAIN. Those weird sleepless nights are back. I know part of it was because I'm been worrying about #1 son. But, today was a good day! I heard from BOTH of my boys.
I came home to hubbying mowing the areas that we can't reach with the riding lawnmower. The grass is SO green and lush. I LOVE it!
I made some lettuce wraps for dinner...yummy! I have some strawberries in the fridge, but, I was too lazy to cut them up. We had some homemade chocolate chip cookies from the other day.
K, it's nighters for me. *oh, and check out the SAUCY link*
count your blessings...


I was blog-hopping at the scrapbook store today....let's just say it was S L O W...
I LOVE to read blogs and see how others lives are. I am so intrigued with other people, maybe I'm a voyeur or something?
Anyway, I found this new blog for putting bloggers with commenters---I guess that's how you'd describe it? I dunno...I'm tired.
Anyway, go check the site out....the link is in the right sidebar------->>
They are having a contest and giving some great prizes!
Join! It might be fun to be SAUCY *do I sound like that girl in SUPERSTAR??? LOL*

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Making up for being a blog slacker...

WHEW! How many posts today??? LOL
Here's a picture of what I made for supper tonight. We call them Maid-Rites, you probably call them sloppy joes. HA! My dad used to make these, and that's what they were called. ~~ My dad was a pretty good cook, from what I recall. I can remember him making creamed chipped beef on toast and I used to LOVE Saturday nights, when he made homemade pizza! Now that I am sitting here thinking about this, our family had a routine of food! LOL Fridays was steak night, Saturday was chipped beef on toast at lunch, and pizza for supper, Sunday, Mom made a big roast with mashed potatoes and all. We had those meals that order! LOL I remember eating mom's goulosh, mashed potatoes ALOT, and navy beans with ham over rice! LOL What a weird memory night! Two things I ABSOLUTELY HATED and would NOT eat *and this was back in the day when you cleaned your plate or else*, sauerkraut or oyster stew (looked like eyeballs floating in milk ACK!)...oh, and beets! YUCKY...nasty stuff!!! My mom loved weird stuff, too. I can remember her making radish sandwiches and she LOVES sauerkraut! EWWW. I can remember sitting at the table in the dark, because I was 'supposed' to be finishing sauerkraut! See, I told you.....clean your plate or else! HA! I think I finally finished it and went straight to bed...HA! I tucked it all under the edge of the plate and she didn't know until I was OUTTA there and in my widdle bed! I never made my kids eat something I knew they didn't like. We did try to get them to at least taste something, tho. Hubby eats more 'weird' stuff than me..HA! I think he eats a fresh jalepeno with just about every meal! ICK!!! And, the big joke in our family is when someone has to SMELL their food first! hehehehe.....Our youngest did/does that! He had to smell everything! Hubby tends to do that alot, too... My mom always kidded #2 but, said her older sister--my Aunt Mae, used to do the same thing!
WOW! Now, that was a fun blast from the past! hehehe
Well, I'm glad this day is done. I busted my butt from noon on. I got a case of the 'might-as-wells' when I started cleaning the hall bathroom....I hate it when that happens! LOL I cleaned it from TOP to bottom...I just need to use the brown oil on the sink cupboard. I decided we need to paint in there, too. Not for awhile, tho. That will be a winter job.
It got HOT today....85°. It didn't get 'too' hot in the house, but, if it had gotten much warmer, I would have thought about turning the window AC on. Thank goodness, we get a good breeze going through the house when I have both doors open. The ceiling fans in the living room and dining room are a blessing, too.
After supper, I went out and planted a few more flowers and got my arrangement done that I keep by the front door. I am doing red, white and blue in there. I just need to find some blue lobelia Tuesday. I am only working Monday, so, I'll go to the nursery Tuesday before my Avon gets here and get the rest of what I need to fill in where I need flowers yet. I'm just about done. I hope I get everything planted before I leave to go to moms Wednesday. Since, I am not working this Tuesday, I'll plan on leaving Wednesday and maybe stay til Monday or Tuesday. Depends on if they schedule surgery soon. If her surgery is soon, I'll come home and get things done, so, I can be gone again. I don't know how long I'll be helping her, but, the last time, I was gone almost 5 weeks for the most part...
Time to get my shower and crochet a bit.
count your blessings...

Check out my AVON link....

Have you tried the MINERAL MAKEUP yet? AWESOME stuff!
Remember, Avon can ship directly to you!


count your blessings...

Some great links...

I wanted to share some of these links that I've been getting in my email from my GREAT friends all over the world! *THANKS*
If you have some time, please enjoy/read these and pass them on!

Our Great Flag!
If you don't want to listen to the music, PLEASE at least read the poem! I had to grab a tissue....

Please check this propane safety issue out! Meth affects us all! Be safe while you are BBQ'ing this year and ASK your retailer if they are checking these out!
count your blessings...


(Go to my playlist and click the II button to turn my music off)

Please take NINE minutes to watch the clip above...stick with it til the'll be amazed! I don't know what more I can say.
count your blessings...

June FIRST!?!

RANDOM PHOTOThis is HARVEY, the turtle my parents neighbor has had living in his yard for 30+ years. Mom feeds him, when the 90-year-old neighbor is out camping in Northern Arizona or visiting his family. He comes when he is called my his name! My kids always go looking for Harvey, almost immediately after arriving at my parents house! I wonder what will happen to Harvey, when the old guy is gone....
Well, here it is June already! hmpf Time goes too fast for me, these days.
It's been another busy week here in my 'bee-hive'! LOL Tuesday, I worked at the scrapbook store. Wednesday, I was busy doing laundry and helping #1 son get ready to go to work. That evening, when hubby got home from work, we pulled #1's lil trailer over an hour away, to another town for an overhaul he'll be working on -- 7-12's, but cha-ching for him! *smile* Thursday, I ran a few errands, after I got my AVON order sent in. Friday, I just spent the day 'AT HOME' and lovin' it! Putter', favorite past-time! hehehe Saturday, hubby and I went over to Show Low and bought some more plants, and yard care products, etc! Dang, I gotta quit spending money....depressing!
Hubby's work schedule is all screwy in the pipe department, so, he works Sunday through Fridays for a while, so, they can get some things done when the other crafts aren't in their way....whatever. I'm 'trying' to get some things done today, to stay ahead of the busy week coming up...HA! and here I am on the puter! I have to go to Willcox, either Wednesday or Thursday, so, I'll be able to get mom to her Dr. appointment in Tucson, early Friday morning. I also have to work Monday and/or Tuesday, plus, I'll have my AVON order coming in Tuesday, that I will have to get delivered before I can leave town....pant! pant!...I'm already wore out! I think I really need to cut some things out, but, how and what??? I would rather be busy than bored, but, holy cow! I can't keep up!
I need to get the bathrooms cleaned up TODAY!!! *NOT my favorite job...I HATE cleaning the shower stalls!* I also need to get some things planted and, I also need to get some burritos made up and put in the freezer. I also have some pumpkin thawed out, that I need to make some muffins with. Anyone want to come help me out here??? LOL
So, what are you up to??? Leave me a comment.
count your blessings...
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