Friday, December 19, 2008

I love this video

This is from last year, but, I still love it!

I think I've about got everything done, that I'm gonna get done, anyway. Whew! I am T I R E D! Two days left! I'll be so glad to see my son and to meet his girlfriend!
Well, I'm off to bed.
count your blessings...

Monday, December 15, 2008

a story about fruitcake...

I found this online. My mother-in-law used to always make fruitcake. I never appreciated her efforts, and, she is the only one I've ever known to actually make the stuff. I 'see' things so differently, as I age. I want 'Do-Overs'...ahhh, life...

What a Much-Maligned Baked Good Can Teach Us About Faith

A bad fruitcake is a paperweight. A doorstop. A brick. It looks homemade, but it tastes mass-mailed. Dry, heavy, dense, and vaguely ugly. And you can wrap the one you bake yourself any way you want, put it in a most lovely box and ship it off to all parts of the continent, but that does not make it good.

So why keep at it at the holidays? Are fruitcakers that obtuse? Hardly. For one thing, they're working an ancient craft: Fruitcake first appeared in ancient Rome and came back strong in 18th-century Europe, following especially large nut harvests. More important, great fruitcake, though a rarity, is sublime; moist but not sloppy wet, sweet but with a hint of salt, it features morsels of a good chef's best secrets. That's why I try a piece of every fruitcake in the holiday yard. Not because I'm fond of lousy maraschino cherries or wads of orange peels. I like tradition most when it ignores the standard obligations. I don't want a familiar fruitcake. I look for the best one, and every year that takes me to a different holiday place.

Last Christmas I stood in a friend's kitchen as wisps of snow drifted without urgency in the sky. Matt was wearing a sweatsuit. I had on a tie. I'd stopped by to drop off a bottle of Champagne. Matt's a chef, an Irishman who's always told me the crumbs of fruitcake belong on a table with the dregs of Guinness or the last sip of whiskey. "Try this," he said, sliding one slice of a particularly light-colored bread across the counter. We were two weeks from the actual day, five days from the next party, out of earshot of holiday music. "Your recipe?" I asked. "My mom taught me," he said. "I guess it's hers." I took one bite and knew I had found the best fruitcake of the year. It was a tumble-down-comfort-chew. I would have eaten it with a snifter of brandy or a glass of milk or a handful of snow. It was salty enough that you might have served it with cucumber, but sweet, absolutely a fine dessert, I could tell. "Lemon rinds cured in ouzo," he told me. "Mascarpone cheese, dried currants, a little bit of olive oil." I couldn't believe it. Good, I told him, it was good, so good. "Ah, you never know with fruitcake," he said, "how it'll turn out, who'll even eat it. But I do it every year still, just like my mother, just like my sister. I do it and hope for the best." I chewed. I told him that I knew fruitcake that way, too, that I knew it to be an act of faith.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

the end of the day...

Whew! Busy day! I didn't get much sleep last night, so, now, I AM POOPED! It was so windy yesterday, well, for at least 24 hours until around 6 this morning, that our woodstove was blowing smoke back into the house. It was horrible. Stoopid me, not knowing what was going on, put a piece of wood on the fire before I went to bed about 12:30 a.m. Wrong thing to do....with the wind blowing so least 55mph gusts and it was high sustained winds, too...and the chimney needing to be cleaned, the house was filling up with thick you could see it.
I turned the ceiling fans on in both the living room and the dining room and I cracked the kitchen window to help draw it out. My throat hurt and my eyes burned...hubby slept through it all. I was almost afraid to go to bed, but, I finally did about 3:30. I could tell what was going on and the fire was starting to die down, by then, so, I figured it was safe to go to bed. All I could think of was how was all that smoke going to mess the house up....and my clean carpet!!! crap! I closed the bedroom door (which I never do at night....that bugs me to sleep behind a closed door) and put my earplugs in. When I got up at 8:30, it still smelled like smoke. UGH

Hubby got up on the roof about 2, when the snow had melted off the metal roof (we had gotten just a skiff), and cleaned the chimney. Can you see the mound of soot that came out of the pipes? That's usually what we get out of it--hubby cleans it about 3 times a season, and really, the stove hadn't been acting like it wasn't drawing right before all that wind. And, that glass door-I had cleaned it yesterday afternoon, before I built the fire. I love my woodstove, but, I would have gladly gotten rid of it last night!
I made bacon and eggs for breakfast, and did laundry all morning. Then, we went outside and picked up the things the wind had blown around. The garland and bows on my fence were all messed up, too. Later, when we came in, I started dragging out my Christmas decorations and hubby brought the tree in for me. It might be the last year for that big ole thing, altho, the kids will be unhappy about that. Jeffrey wants me to do my big decorating for Jenneva this year. I don't really mind doing, that I have the majority of my housecleaning done. I just wish I could have gotten an earlier start on it, to enjoy it more/longer. I usually start taking everthing down January 1.

I'm starting to get those overwhelming holiday emotions. I just keep telling myself how I can kick back after the holidays, for awhile. Like so many others, I do have to fight off a bit of depression and anxiety over all the things to do. I hate that! I want so much to just feel the peace and joy over the real reason we are doing all of this in the first place! As a woman, there are just so many things that only you can do for your family to 'make' the holiday. (As well as all the other holidays and birthdays!) I do feel a bit of satisfaction this year, tho, that Jeffrey wants to show Jenneva a Christmas at our house. It sort of tickled me when he asked if I was going to decorate 'big' like I usually do. Sometimes, it's easy to feel like they all just take it for granted or appease me doing it.
Weatherman is still calling for back to back winter storms, so, I'm hoping we do get snow!
I told hubby I'm feeling like a pansy...then, I showed him this picture I snapped. HA! I love the snow, and so does this pansy! What a little bit of happiness right there!
I guess I'll go finish up the little bit of yarn I have left on the baby afghan and get my butt to bed.
count your blessings...


Saturday, December 13, 2008

a few things...

I forgot to post the picture of my shopping trip at the scrapbook store Tuesday, on the 30% off sale. I have wanted a Scor-Pal for quite some time, so, that was the day to get it! I also got the big magnetic workpad and ruler and 2 packs of embossed cards and envelopes---those were 40% off. I spent all of my earnings from Saturday and THEN some! hehehe

This is the Christmas cactus I splurged on for myself that day, too. I had one that was hanging in there and had bloomed a couple of times, but, I killed it by overwatering it *or letting it sit in water, I should say* when I was going back and forth to Morenci last summer. This new one was loaded with lots of tiny buds, and it started blooming Thursday. AWESOME! It needs to be cleaned, as you can see in the photo, but, I don't dare touch it til all the blooms are done. I don't want to knock them off. I hope this one will last for a LONG time!
The wind has been wicked all day! Nothing worse than WIND!!! It's been gusting to 55+mph all day long. UGH Hopefully, it will die down before bedtime. It's so nerve-wracking! We're supposed to have a storm (several of them according to the weatherman) coming in with snow. We'll see.
Well, I have one small patch left to shampoo, so, I think I'll do that now and then, I'm DONE with that mess! I've got laundry going, too, so, I guess I'll have earned some crocheting time! *smile*
count your blessings...


Peanut Can Alterations

Here's what I did at work yesterday.
I have some crocheted star ornaments that will fit perfectly inside. That was the reason for the stars on top. These are alot of fun and easy!
count your blessings...


Friday, December 12, 2008

Just droppin' in...

...for a few seconds. I just got out of the shower and while my hair dries I thought I would get a post in.
I worked at the scrapbook store today. It was pretty slow, so, I got to play a bit. I had been saving peanut canisters, so, I could 'alter' them. I have some gifts that will fit perfectly in them. I spent most of the afternoon decorating all 4 of them. I didn't get a picture yet, but, maybe I can in the morning in good light.
Hasn't the moom been AWESOME?! So bright and full! The elk have been out like herds of cattle! They've even been out in the front, I see, from the droppings. The dog had been barking at them alot.
Hubby is working tomorrow, so, I will try to finish up some of the projects I've been cleaning on. UGH I think I must have ADD Adult Attention Deficit...really! I NEVER get anything finished! I have so many things going at one time and it just drives me crazy. I REALLY need to work on that.
Poor hubby is soooo stinkin' tired. For several weeks they weren't doing much, since they didn't have pipe and supplies to do anything with. Now, he is paying for it. 60 hours again this week and next week. He gets home a few minutes before 6, and tonight, he was in bed before 8:00. What fun we are! LOL
Weatherman says we should be getting some snow out of these next few storms....down to 3000' elevation. WOWSER! We are 7000' so, it will interesting to see if he calls it right! I would LOVE to have a white Christmas, but, even if the mountains are covered, that would make me happy.
I can't believe our gas prices. They've been dropping pretty much every day. Today, it only dropped a penny, but, it's down to $1.47 for unleaded. Unbelieveable, I can't even remember the last time it was that low.
Well, I'm off to the loveseat to crochet a bit. I'm about 1/2 done with the border on the white baby afghan I had 1/2 done! LOL, I don't know what the deal was, but, I did all the hard part (129 rows of single crochet) and then, put it up. Oh, well, lucky me! hehehe Trying to think what to do next, but, I think I'll just work on some doilies for awhile after the baby afghan is done.
count your blessings...

Thursday, December 11, 2008

This had me rollin'!


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The mystery is solved...

I have a habit of looking out my bedroom window first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Well, Sunday night I looked out after dark and freaked out. I saw a light up on the hill....way up. I couldn't tell what it was....a star....a UFO, what (it's forest land, no houses). Couldn't find any binoculars...that figures....We decided it looked like a star....Then, yesterday, when hubby called me at lunch, he popped my bubble *I was having fun with the mystery* He was working with a guy that said it was his neighbor that did is a star and he runs power to it. I'll have to see if I can get a picture of it. It's neat. It's so bright, too. I drove into town tonight to deliver some AVON and it was seen all over. I love it, and am thankful for someone to do something like that. It doesn't look like much in the day, but, it sure is something at night...and the picture I took at night didn't show much at all.

Here's another CLEAN china hutch! I think it took a total of 2 1/2 hours to clean the entire top portion. So many things in there. I keep wondering what in the heck I had it all for. Momentos of special pieces of life... I do have 2 sets of real nice plates--one for each of my boys. A bunch of nice leaded crystal glasses I got for Christmas one year after we got married. Lots of souvenirs of our trips, Jeffrey's graduation things, the glasses we toasted with on our wedding, our 25th anniversary vase, hubby's 50th birthday, my parents 50th wedding anniversay. I don't suppose it will mean much to anyone else, but, I guess I'll keep them all and let someone else deal with them someday when I'm gone. About 1/2 of those items in there were in storage for YEARS when we lived in the travel trailers. I remember being soooo happy when I FINALLY had a home and a china hutch for all of them. We do use the plates on holidays, and I use alot of the nice glasses pretty often, just 'cause. I'm glad the cleaning of that is over! When Jeffrey was home, I used to pay him $5 to clean it! HA! I think he was underpaid! LOL
count your blessings...

My snowy yard

I just LOVE it when it snows! It's still cold enough that it's not melting off. I wish it would stay all winter!! The weatherman says we are 'supposed' to get more this weekend. We'll see...
I guess I better get busy and get my Avon order finished up.
I still have a ton of things I wanted to get finished up in the cleaning department, too. UGH! I'm sick of cleaning! I want to decorate for Christmas! LOL
count your blessings...

2 Finished Crochet Projects

I started both of these during the summer. It's such a relief to have them both done and able to start something NEW! LOL
This is a sweet, soft baby afghan.

This is for a friend for Christmas. I always make them big, but, I think this one might be too big? I hope not.

I'll leave you with a laugh!

count your blessings...

12 Days of Christmas with AVON

through 12/19
Enter code: HOLLY
Shop online here!
Thanks for looking! I'm sure you'll find some awesome gifts or things YOU have to have!
My zip code is 85925.
count your blessings...

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Stampin UP Retired Lists...

Leave me a comment if you would like to order any of these sets.
Hurry! Before they are all gone!
10% off List
Page by Page List
Alphabetical List
If you don't have a current catalog, go here:
Have fun looking!

The 'magic' is here!

It's snowing! See, I knew it was because of my decorating the fence with lights! Happens every time!
Looks like about 4-5 inches and it's snowing now. I LOVE it! I'm very thankful that I can stay in the warmth of my house and enjoy it! My poor hubby is out working in it, unless, they can get some kind of cover or do some work in a different area...
I've been waiting for a 'winter' day. I have been wanting to make some homemade bread, so, today will be the day. I can't remember if I've EVER made real homemade bread. I've used my bread machine before, but, I don't particularly care for that kind. I think some homemade potato soup will go great with the bread, too!
I'm off to get started on some more carpet cleaning and to finish the other 2 shelves in my china hutch. I'm getting anxious to get the tree set up and to get the rest of my decorations out. I love all the lights at night.
I'll probably be in and out today. I have several things I want to post.
count your blessings...

Monday, December 8, 2008

another busy day...

but, I'm contented!
I woke up to the sound of a good rain, so, I barreled out of bed at 6:45 and ran out on the front porch to make sure my box I store the fence Christmas lights in wouldn't get wet. I came back in and went back to bed! LOL Like my little Jeffrey used to say "I'm not done sleeping yet" hehehe I think I dozed for a little while as I tried to listen to the news on the tv in the bedroom. I'm not even sure when I got up...maybe 7:30. I spent the morning puttering mostly. Believe it or not, I really do get stuff done when I'm puttering. Does anyone else do what I call puttering? LOL
I met my friend for lunch at Arby's at 12:30. She's my friend I met one day when I was working at the scrapbook store. She comes over once a week to stock the Hallmark card display. We like to trade different 'gifties' each week and chat about scrapping and cardmaking while we visit over lunch. It's always such a nice time. She's a sweetie for sure! And, I'm so glad I met her! I always remember something I read one time in bible study how we never wake up one morning and say 'I'm going to find a friend today'....God sends us those friends! Thank you, God, for my friend, Ruthie.
When I got home, I got a cleaning bug! I cleaned the ceiling fan in the living room---amazing how much dust those blades collect! And, the glass bulb covers always look so nice after they are cleaned. Then, I started shampooing the carpet in the living room *I needed a clean ceiling fan to help dry it* I also had built a fire when I got home, since, it was getting cool in the house...I knew it would help dry the carpet, too. I'm amazed at how much I actually got done! And, the carpet was pretty much dry within 3 hours, when hubby got home. I also got a load of clothes folded and made a tuna salad on a bed of different lettuces, with boiled egg, tomatoes and baby carrots on the side. A nice dinner, in my book.
After supper, I got to sit and watch one of my FAVORITEST shows of the season....Charlie Brown's Christmas! I LOVE that show!

When I got out of the shower, hubby was talking on the phone to Jeffrey. I got to talk, too. Jenneva says shes excited to come and meet us! I can't wait, either! I told Jeffrey I was gonna drag out a bunch of his baby pictures! hehehe The plan now is for me to go pick them up in Phoenix, Monday, the 22nd. I think they get in about 1:30 p.m. Then, we'll have to leave Christmas afternoon to get them to a friends in Phoenix to spend the night, since, their flight will be leaving about 10 a.m. It's too iffy driving 4 hours from home to the airport, you never know how the roads will be or what to expect, since we have to drive through Salt River Canyon. I sure hate that they will only be here for such a short time.
I just looked outside and it's snowing...and sticking! Yippee! The weatherman says we could get 3-6 inches, but, you know about those weathermen! hehehe I swear! Every year that I put up the Christmas lights on the fence, we get some form of snow the very next day! It boggles my brain. When I am a granny, I'm gonna tell grandbabies that those lights are magical! LOL
I finished up the little green baby afghan tonight...I started that this summer! About 10 days ago, I had finished up the big blue afghan I started this summer, too!
I'll get pictures of them posted tomorrow, hopefully.
Well, I guess that's all for tonight! I'll finish up my night-time tea and hit the bed. Sleep tight wherever you are and ...
count your blessings...

Sunday, December 7, 2008

I'm Pooped!

WHEW! What a day! Busy, busy! Poor hubby it was his only day off and we worked our butts off! He did get to sleep in this morning, tho, instead of getting up at his usual 4:45.
I did 3 loads of laundry, made sausage, eggs and toast for breakfast...Got the kitchen and stove all cleaned up and I hung my whites out on the line to dry. Then, I started putting the lighted garland on the fence. I had to wait til hubby got the electrical 'stuff' done to check and make sure all the lights were working on the 238 feet of fencing garland! So, while I waited for him to finish replacing the screen in the back screendoor, I made a couple boxed mixes of goodies. I love those lil boxes of Jiffy mixes. They are just right for the 2 of us. I made oatmeal muffins and used a yellow cake mix recipe on the side of the box for some chewy bar dessert. After hubby got the electical lines set up, I tested. Everything was working, so, I tied the centers of the garlands to the posts and put the red bows on each post. I had a time of it, getting the lights on the arbor just so. I found a neat ball of lights last year on clearance, I have that in the center of the arbor. It lights up really pretty. I think it would make a perfect setting to take a picture of Jeffrey and Jenneva. I'll get a picture and post it. We finally came in the house at 6, and I made tacos and heated some tamales for dinner. I wanted to watch a movie on Hallmark channel *I LOVE that channel*, but, I was off on the starting time. I guess I'll be able to catch it another time. They seem to run their shows over alot.
I guess I better sign off of here and TURN the puter OFF! *I hate it when I come out here to turn the puter off at night, and I make the mistake of sitting down to do it....I NEVER get it turned off right thing leads to another and it can be an hour or two before I get away from it! YIKES I hope I'm not the ONLY one that does that?!?
I'm meeting my friend for lunch between 11 & 12 tomorrow. We always take each other 'gifties', so, I need to get my stuff together for her. What I REALLY want to do, is go sit in front of the tv and crochet, tho.....hubby's got a nice fire built in the woodstove in there and it's nice and toasty!
count your blessings...

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Wishing for a White Christmas...

I'm so excited! Jeffrey will be home for CHRISTMAS!!! AND, he's bringing his girlfriend home to meet us! Oh my gosh! I'm excited, nervous and HAPPY! I can't wait to meet Jenneva and to hug my baby boy! They will be here from the 22nd to the 27th, then, they'll fly back out of Phoenix to Indiana to spend New Years with her family.
BIG TRIP!!! So, I'm a cleaning fool! I want the house to be as perfect as I can make it! As I'm cleaning and such, I'm thinking to myself, geez! I must be a terrible housekeeper! LOL Nothing like having company to get your house cleaned!
I hope to start my decorating for the holidays this week. I think I'll go all out this year, like I used to when the kids were younger. What fun it will be to have a Christmas house this year.

I'm working from 10-4 at the scrapbook store, then, we'll have the Christmas Light Parade. Hubby has to work 10 hours tomorrow, so, I guess I'll have to have supper made before I leave for the parade, and meet hubby downtown to watch it before he comes home to eat. mmmmmmmmmm, Pizza night! I have all the fixin's for homemade pizza, so, that's what it will be! Nothing like having the menu under control.

Hubby was making fun of my 'list of things to do' before the kids get here. I said, 'yeah, and did you see the list with YOUR name on it?' hehehe

We got our Christmas presents last weekend...2 toilets and a hot water heater! pfft Guess that's what happens when you get O L D... They are much needed tho. The hot water heater is 19 years old, skerry, vewwy skerry....what a relief to get THAT done.

Our gas has dropped everyday this week! What a happy surprise each day! Today it's down to $1.61. It's about time! I hope to see it drop to $1.50. That would be awesome!

Well, I spent hours changing my blog layout around, so, I need to go get some crochet for me tonight...

count your blessings...
Sherry Bee

Sunday, November 30, 2008

OK OK I'm here...

I had a mean comment that got to me. I shouldn't have let it, but, it did...
Anyway, it's gone now and I'm over it.
I'll be back...

count your blessings...

Saturday, October 11, 2008


This is the sweet chocolate cake I made for hubby's birthday on the 5th...believe me, it tastes better than it looked! HA! I've been making this cake for his birthday for about 30 years...not each year, tho. Lots of memories of this cake! HA! 'old hippie days' ....'nuff said!

Wow! What a day we've had! I woke to rain just COMING DOWN!!! The kind that is so hard it comes straight down. It's been rainy off and on all unusual...and when it does rain, it's that same, persisent downpour! WooHoo!When it's not raining, it's WINDY!!!! The weather man said 70-80mpg, but, I think it's gusting more to about 50 or so. We have more wind around here, than anything...and, I HATE it!
I think I'm too tired to be getting too excited about the trip yet. I've busted my butt all day long today. I'm wondering if I'm just a terrible housewife... I think I just try to do it all in one day! UGH. I'll have to try and work on that when I get home. Avon is taking such a big chunk of my time, but, I make some decent money with it, so, I'll just have to evaluate things and get a plan.
I am going to pick mom up tomorrow, so, I think the excitement will start to build once we get together! I wish I had someone else to go get her, tho. I could think of a ton of things to go with that 4 starting to pack! LOL I have 'piles' tho, so, it won't take too long once, I get started with it.
I better get off here and get my shower, I want to watch a movie on HBO at 8...Atonement. Hope I don't go to sleep.
count your blessings...

Sunday, October 5, 2008


  1. Insight :: Future

  2. Irksome :: Aggravating

  3. Maybe :: Ummmmm

  4. Confirmation :: 5th grade

  5. Bib :: Drool

  6. Stop! :: Look

  7. Lobster :: Butter

  8. Boys :: Underwear *HA! Top that! First thought---

  9. Fire away :: Shoot

  10. Give up :: Quit

count your blessings... SherryBee

Is it Fall??

Well, I've been on the GO GO GO again! So, here's an update.
Wednesday, I had an Avon meeting in Show Low, 50 miles west of here, at 10 a.m. On my drive over I saw something that makes me wonder if it will become a sign of these rough economic times.....I saw 3 hitchhikers (all heading east)on that lil bit of a drive! The second bearded, rough-looking guy gave me a peace sign--HA! When is the last time someone threw you a peace sign??? LOL I loved it and prayed for him!
After the meeting, I met my new friend, Ruthie, for lunch at a restaurant that I'd never been before. It was fun! I had a Monte Crisco sandwich--never heard of it, but, Ruthie had one before, so, I tried it. It was pretty good, but, I kept thinking how I would NEVER shrink my belly before the trip to Iowa this way! It's a sandwich with ham and turkey or chicken, then dipped in egg and fried like French toast and served with blueberry sauce for a dip. Yummy! After our nice, relaxing lunch, we went to a new scrapbook store called Embellish. It was a neat store, decorated very old, victorian and they had alot of things I've never seen before. I grabbed the last Paper Purses and Totes pad of punch-out items! I LOVE IT! I also got a cute set of purse embellishments. I LOVE to give little gifts, so, these will be PERFECT!
Ruthie and I parted and I went on to do my shopping....had to hit BIG LOTS for a little bit of yarn! LOL, you never have enough, right? Went on to Penney's and found some shoes and pants and FIVE great new tops...all on sale PLUS 15% off. Actually, I should have just shopped in my closet! Oh well...
I didn't get home until 7:30 that night! WHEW! AND, I had a lil bowl of cereal for supper! hehehee
Thursday, I had to be to the lil rent house at 9 for the carpet guy to come in. We know each other, and have mutual friends from back in my hubby's rodeo days, so, we talked and reminisced for 1/2 an hour then, while he cleaned the carpet, I tackled more of the kitchen cupboards and part of the stove--for 2 hours. The carpet turned out great! I was surprised, actually. MIL was so incontinent, I had my doubts.
Friday, hubby worked 8 hours of overtime, so, I just delivered a bit of AVON and did errands and odd jobs around the house. #1 son is home again, kinda-sorta, and I just couldn't focus too well on my daily stuff. Plus, the fact that I had been so undecided about going to Willcox for Rex Allen Days. I REALLY wanted to go this year, because they were having a sort of a school reunion. *I hate it when I can't make up my mind* I knew if I did go, it would cause me to be so behind and overwhelmed when I got home with all the things I'd need to do to get ready for or train trip and being gone for 2 1/2 weeks. I put a turkey breast in the oven for supper and it was so yummy...comfort food...I also made a great little lemon dessert.
Saturday, it was a dreary, overcast sort of day...not typical around here, so, in the mood I was already in, it was a 'weird' day. I spent way too much time on the puter, messing with my music playlist. Hubby spent most of his 'day off' over at the lil house weed-eating the weeds (they were almost 3 feet tall) in the back yard and hauling them off in the truck. He also cleaned the windows where they roll open...I teased him about that! I left them, figuring if they bothered the renter she could clean them, but, hubby is so anal, he wouldn't have been able to sleep knowing they were like that! HA! Since Sunday is hubby's birthday, we went out for supper at the steakhouse. (The lights went out as we were getting ready...but, not on that side of town, thank goodness!) We THOUGHT we would have a nice steak dinner, but, their prices were a bit over-the-top for our budget, so, he had a big burger and I was very adventurous! (Usually, I always order something I've had before, because I'm so picky/finicky about what I eat in a restaurant.) I had the nightly special of Pecan-crusted Trout, with baked potato, a lil loaf of bread--wheat on one end, white on the other, and a cup of green chile stew. I was pretty proud of myself! Two different restaurant meals in one week! WooHoo, how's that for stepping outta-my-box!? When we got home, hubby went to bed, since his workweek starts on Sundays for the time being, so, I did my usual blog-hopping....I LOVE THAT!
I found The Vintage Housewife in my hopping...I had a great time there. Go visit her.

Hope you have a great day!
count your blessings...

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Frugal Tips, please....

I would appreciate any readers to leave me a comment. I would like to know any frugal tips that you might share for these uncertain times. One of the things I am doing is hanging my clothes on the line, on a regular's therapy for me, really, tho.
I also try to reuse things as much as possible.
count your blessings...


I gotta get my butt pried off this computer chair! LOL
I need to get over to MIL's house again today and do some more cleaning...ugh.
I spent another 3 1/2 hours there Monday...I got the utility room almost done *except the floor, need to have hubby help me pull out the washer and dryer to scrub under there*
I got the stovetop done and will do the oven today...UGH!
I also got part of the cupboards cleaned and wiped down with the dark scratch cover oil.
Oh, and I washed a load of rags for the rest of the cleaning with. Lots of little spiders that freak me out! It's such a cute little house, tho! I told hubby when we get old, we can move into it, when we can't take care of our yard and stuff anymore......happy thought, huh? wahhhhh!
The carpet cleaner guy will be there Thursday. I pity him.... I don't look forward to becoming *MORE* incontinent...dang water pills I take are giving me a taste of that! What we have to look forward to....aging. MIL refused to wear pads or protective panties....she was sooo stubborn about alot of stuff!

I can't believe our's hard to believe it's going to be October! I'm lovin' it tho! We still haven't had a freeze, so the flowers, trees and grass look beautiful!
count your blessings...

Monday, September 29, 2008


  1. Hearing :: Test

  2. Aggression :: Anger

  3. Charged :: Battery

  4. Traveler :: Sore Butt

  5. Hydrate :: Water

  6. Detox :: Patches

  7. Qualify :: For a Loan (!)

  8. Prison :: Escape

  9. Frontal :: Lobe

  10. Pep talk :: Cheerleader
Have a great week!
count your blessings...

Sunday, September 28, 2008

HOLY CRAP!!! I'm beat!

I wish I would have taken pictures of all the antique/furniture items that we did sell. I also have a few more pictures, but, I'm not sure how blogger does with the amount of space they give you for pictures in one post. Keep in mind, these antiques are the 'tail-end' of what she had at one time. She gave some away to family and 'gave' some away, by selling them WAY TOO CHEAP! She once sold a pickup load of antiques to a man for $800..including an original OLD spinning wheel and a most amazing secretary/dresser with glasses windows in the cupboard that had wood carved to look like rope......he kept wanting to know if she had more stuff to sell...grrrrr! Her boys were VERY unhappy with her about that. She thought if she paid $20 for something back in the day, that if she doubled her money, she was doing good....
These first 3 are things, that didn't sell.

This beauty was the first thing to sell...I really wanted to keep it, but, decided it just wouldn't fit in and we really don't have the room.

Isn't this AWESOME! It didn't sell....we are NOT going to 'give' this one away. It needs some work, but, it's gorgeous! We think it may be filled with horse hair.

We had a great day Friday and got rid of ALOT of stuff! The weather was great for the sale, too. It was bittersweet, tho, seeing memories go out the door.... I need to find a quiet place to get these tears out...their building more every day.
We got home about 8 that night....beat! What a long day. We also have an older couple, here working on the power plant construction, for the same company as hubby, that are going to rent the house! What a blessing! They have their 5th wheel parked in the trailer park,directly behind her house. They don't want to winter in the trailer this year.
Saturday, we were right back at it. It was much slower, and we did end up with a few sprinkles and some wind. We ended up selling almost $1600. We left at 7, and went to the Steakhouse for a juicy hamburger. Another long day! Poor hubby was so tired! He thought about calling in sick today, but, he is such a trooper. He did go in and said it was pretty laid back..thank goodness!
Was I tired and sore when I got up this morning! I hung out two loads of laundry and then, went over to the house to clean. Dang! I was there for 4 1/2 hours and I worked on the bathroom.....icky-poo!...and the entire refrigerator. I felt so horrible about all of this. I just tried to think that if she had been like I really remembered her, that she wouldn't have let any of these things get like they were. All I can say is 'bless her heart'....
I pray when I am an old lady, that someone with a tender heart gets the job of going through my stuff..........wahhhhhhh, so sad!
I will head over again tomorrow and tackle the utility room, fold all the sheets that didn't sell *a HUGE pile of have to see it to believe it* and maybe get started on the kitchen cupboards and stuff.

I talked to my cousin that lives in Albuquerque and she offered her house for mom and I to stay at when we hit ALBQ going and coming! AWESOME! She lives within 5 minutes of her mom, my aunt, too. PLUS, her youngest daughter is getting married the weekend before we get there, so, there will still be a few cousins there, plus, her dad, my mom's brother! Oh, this is going to be a wonderful trip for mom---and me! *wink*
k, I'm off of here and going to BED!
count your blessings!

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Well, it doesn't surprise me, but, it just makes me sad....they 'laid me off' at the scrapbook store. Dang, I'm gonna miss that fun lil job. I hope things pick up and they'll need me again. I was so bummed out yesterday when she told me...

I spent most of yesterday, and a bit today, delivering Avon and running around. I NEED to spend more days at home. I have several MAJOR cleaning projects I need to get done before it gets too cold. I want to really clean my sofa and loveseat and have the carpet professionally cleaned. I need to have my curtains dry cleaned and wash the sheers and clean those nasty mini blinds. *which is one of my MOST dreaded jobs....I would rather clean toilets than clean mini blinds*
It's been a bit breezy around here the past few days, but, it's still warm during the day, and no freeze yet. I hate the first day you see your beautiful outdoor flowers BLACK and dead!

I made ho-made *teehee* pizza for supper tonight. I've been doing SO much blog-hopping the past few nights, but, I stumbled on The Frugal Mom Blog and found this great recipe for pizza dough. I have a recipe for pizza dough that I've used for years *it's also great to make yeast rolls with*, but, my family never really cared for it as the pizza dough. The Frugal Mom Blogs dough recipe is GREAT!!! Try it!

Hubby and I are doing the "Estate Sale" at my MIL's house tomorrow and Saturday. I'll be so glad to get it over with! It sucks the life out of me when I go over there and deal with all of her 'stuff' overwhelms me. I found this cute lil doily in some of her things. I have it in a little vignette, with a pair of her old glasses, 2 of her thimbles and a really old metal pin cushion she used. I don't know if she crocheted this or not, but, I'd like to think she did... I brought home 2 boxes of crochet thread the other sure made me feel better about MY stash. Then, I thought...hmmmm, maybe someone gave some of it to her, like I've gotten some of mine. Made me feel better about my stash...for a minute or two! LOL
Well, it's off to shower and to bed for me...I think it's gonna be a long day tomorrow.
count your blessings...*and pray for the USA*