Friday, December 12, 2008

Just droppin' in...

...for a few seconds. I just got out of the shower and while my hair dries I thought I would get a post in.
I worked at the scrapbook store today. It was pretty slow, so, I got to play a bit. I had been saving peanut canisters, so, I could 'alter' them. I have some gifts that will fit perfectly in them. I spent most of the afternoon decorating all 4 of them. I didn't get a picture yet, but, maybe I can in the morning in good light.
Hasn't the moom been AWESOME?! So bright and full! The elk have been out like herds of cattle! They've even been out in the front, I see, from the droppings. The dog had been barking at them alot.
Hubby is working tomorrow, so, I will try to finish up some of the projects I've been cleaning on. UGH I think I must have ADD Adult Attention Deficit...really! I NEVER get anything finished! I have so many things going at one time and it just drives me crazy. I REALLY need to work on that.
Poor hubby is soooo stinkin' tired. For several weeks they weren't doing much, since they didn't have pipe and supplies to do anything with. Now, he is paying for it. 60 hours again this week and next week. He gets home a few minutes before 6, and tonight, he was in bed before 8:00. What fun we are! LOL
Weatherman says we should be getting some snow out of these next few storms....down to 3000' elevation. WOWSER! We are 7000' so, it will interesting to see if he calls it right! I would LOVE to have a white Christmas, but, even if the mountains are covered, that would make me happy.
I can't believe our gas prices. They've been dropping pretty much every day. Today, it only dropped a penny, but, it's down to $1.47 for unleaded. Unbelieveable, I can't even remember the last time it was that low.
Well, I'm off to the loveseat to crochet a bit. I'm about 1/2 done with the border on the white baby afghan I had 1/2 done! LOL, I don't know what the deal was, but, I did all the hard part (129 rows of single crochet) and then, put it up. Oh, well, lucky me! hehehe Trying to think what to do next, but, I think I'll just work on some doilies for awhile after the baby afghan is done.
count your blessings...


Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful weekend Sherry !!!!

marthamayi said...

I'm sorry your hubby is so tired out. I paid 1.39 for my gas this weekend.