Monday, March 30, 2009

another snowy day!

HA! I'm loving this! We have had 2 'unexpected' snowstorms, lately. Thursday, we had 8", and this morning, 4"---it snowed contiunally from 7-12 a.m. I LOVED it! I made chocolate chip cookies to celebrate! LOL

Didn't do much this weekend. We pretty much stay home, when hubby is not working. I did talk him into taking me to my friends, Ruthie, 60th birthday party in Show Low Saturday night. That was a nice change. We had BBQ hamburgers, chicken and the MOST delicious DQ ice cream birthday cake. It was fun watching her open all of her nice gifts. I can't remember the last time I've been at a birthday party....

Sunday, we stayed home. It was so windy, again! I cleaned house a bit and spent the afternoon taking pictures out of MIL's old photo albums. Those things should be OUTLAWED! They ruin the pictures...and, some of the pictures will have to be cut away from the pages. I will eventually sort them and seperate, then, send them on to the other two brothers. Going through old pictures is always such an emotional thing for takes alot out of me.
My mom has several boxes of the old black/white and familly photos. You don't know how many times we drag those things out and laugh, and laugh! We are saving those historical stories in our heads, too! LOL I LOVE having pictures in boxes like that. It's so easy to pass them on to the one next to you when you bust out laughing, so, they can see! I plan on keeping hubby's side of his family's pictures in a big box, for the same reason.
I like to do 'little' scrapbooks, for certain special occassions or what not. The big scrapbooks are beautiful, but, way too intimidating for me. So, boxes for me, and I'll be happy, happy!

I have a small Stampin Up order I need to get done. (Still have to close the other workshop order yet---I'm anxious to see what she pulled off with that.)
I need to stay busy or I'm gonna be SICK of chocolate chip cookies! LOL We can't have that!
count your blessings...

Friday, March 27, 2009

my first video...

This is one of the gifts my 'sis' Ruthie gave me the other day...She spoils me ROTTEN...but, I like it! hehehe I laugh everytime I push his button!

back to the real world...

This week was a just seemed to buzz right by!
I don't even remember what I did Monday....isn't that terrible? It scares me! I need to take more vinegar~Bragg's Natural Apple Cider vinegar with a bit of honey in a small glass of water. That stuff REALLY helps me! I take it for what I call 'brain fog'. It's also great for your joints, your blood vessels/veins, keeps cholesterol in check, and on and a search or go to Braggs' website. My youngest son, when he was facing a test in high school, would say "mom, make me some of that stuff". I love to take it the night before I need to get up early, too. It just gets me bright-eyed and busy tailed! LOL
I worked Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at the scrapbook store. It's been pretty slow, so, it gave me time to get things ready for my very FIRST Stampin' Up workshop.
I had to drive 30+ miles one way (at night, which I hate!). It's not over yet, but, let's just say the hostess had 10-12 people there and when I left there was only ONE order for $15. I thought I did a really great job and had 3 fun projects for them, so, that's all I'm gonna say on that...
It's been really windy around here all week, and yesterday, about 4:00, it started SNOWING!!! By 7-ish, it was over, and we had a beautiful 8 inches of the white stuff! We have the weirdest weather! I absolutely LOVE snowy, blustery days/nights. I love the change, I guess. This is what it looked like this morning:

I'm not the best cardmaker, but, here are some cards I made this week..some are pretty basic, for the workshop.

Gotta get busy and clean house, get laundry going and deliver some AVON after the roads are a bit more clear.
I have the urge to bake something, too....hmmmmm, what will that be?
count your blessings...

Sunday, March 22, 2009

....goodbye, dear friend

*sigh* What do I say?
My dear, OLD *inside joke* friend, Chris, lost her fight with ovarian cancer Sunday, March 15th. (The day after my Mother-in-Law passed away...) She found out 3 1/2 years ago, when she was already in stage 4. Kept ignoring the pain. She had major surgery, taking out ALOT of her insides, trying to make sure they got it all and that it was all 'clean'. New meds, no more meds, new treatment, not gonna do it finally got one lung, then, the other. She would have entered the Hospice progam the next day, Monday.
35+ years..... how many friends have you had for over 35 years?
I crocheted her a prayer shawl a year or so ago. I could not believe the memories that flooded back while I crocheted. She was a big part of my past. We worked together at my parents El Taco, we became neighbors and best friends. We played pool ALOT and got so good, that we could beat most of the local guys. We spent evenings together doing stupid stuff in the hot, summer nights...stealing peaches comes to mind! We traveled to Seattle from Arizona twice. When hubby and I got married and lived in another town, she would come visit us. We would flop a mattress out on the living room floor and laugh all night, until we pee'ed ourselves!
We hadn't seen each other in person for about 26 years, but, she was the kind of friend that when you talked to her those couple of times a year, that it was just like yesterday...and we laughed!!! Oh, how we laughed. She was always the OLDER one! HA! She was only 17 days older than me, but, I never let her forget that she was the OLD friend! She died a week before her 54th birthday...ha, fitting....she didn't want to be older than me.
I am so sad...I loved you Chris...I know that you knew it.
She lasted so much longer than they ever thought she would. Even her pastor praised her bubbly, optimistic attitude for outliving her time. She was such a lover of life. And, it came to me that she did what God intends for us to do--she 'used it up'. She was the happy, bubbly, cheerful type that sometimes you would just want to 'slap her'! ha ha...I know she would appreciate that. She would say 'gee' and 'garsh'...mostly for effect, but, she was sweet, truly sweet. Not fake sweet.
She LOVED her cats and horses! She gagged me, when she would open a can of peas...and eat just peas! She dipped everything in mustard! She always started our phone calls with 'hey, kid'. It came to me the afternoon that I found out, as I drove to get my TAXES done, (yeah, really crappy day) that I could just hear her saying, as she looked around heaven.....'gee, this isn't so bad'.
Today was her birthday. I would have called her and gave her a hard time about being OLDER. And, we would have laughed and laughed through the whole call....
...until we meet again, my friend.....
these are from 1976...on one of our trips to Seattle...

Monday, March 16, 2009

sad news...

Just a brief update.
My mother-in-law passed away Saturday, March 14th. I pray she is finally at peace and smiling! I think she led a very sad life for 82 years. I try to think of times she must have had joy....
I'll post about the scrapbooking retreat a bit later. It's going to be a very hectic week.
count your blessings...

Thursday, March 12, 2009

'a stampin' I will go....

I am leaving this morning for our second 'ANNUAL' Stampin' Up Retreat! We have a HUGE cabin in the woods rented from Thursday thru Sunday! 13 of us this year, compared to 7 last year. My friend, Ruthie, is joining us. We'll be in the bedroom with bunkbeds...I made her take the top! LOL I'm so excited!!! My only problem is, I can't decide what to LEAVE AT HOME! LOL My van is gonna be FULL! We are also having a surprise baby shower for our leader and her sister-in-law *that is coming from Colorado to join us* on Friday night. Saturday, on our lunch outing, we may head back over here to the Scrapbook store for a 'special' 50% off sale the entire store for us! FUN, FUN!

I haven't heard much on the situation with MIL...her leg wound has stopped seeping, tho. She isn't wanting to eat much. Yesterday, her sister was put in the hospital after not having a very good out-patient procedure!! ACK!

I can't believe where the week has went! I know that saying about time flying the older you!, is that ever true!

Better get off here and get my buns a'rollin!
count your blessings...
SherryBee in AZ

Saturday, March 7, 2009

hello out there...

Saturday! What a nice day we are having...lots of blue sky, and the wind has died down. There's just enough to make my chimes do their thing by the back door...I LOVE that sound!
Yesterday, my brothers, SIL and mom went out to breakfast before they headed back home...what a fast trip, but, that's my brother for you. Actually, his eye was hurting him..he has been having terrible trouble with his right eye...not good stuff at all. It was a cold, rainy day, but, you know I LOVE those kind of days! There's plenty of sunshine, so, I enjoy different weather days.
For some reason, I was tired all day, so, I did take some time to play with my new stamps from RUBBER STAMP TAPESTRY...I just love them.
2004 32' Keystone MountaineerThe highlight of the day, was when I went to the bank and paid off the 04 Mountianeer Travel Trailer!! WOOHOO!!!! Paid it off 89 (YES! 89) payments EARLY---now, that's a great feeling!!!

I made my 'famous' ho-made Potato Soup for supper, then, watched a marathon showing on AMC of 'Breaking Bad'. They had 7 shows from last season, but, I ended up having record the last 1 and 1/2 shows...I just couldn't stay awake anymore. The new season starts Sunday. Don't ask me why I watch that show....I just do.
Well, time for me to get busy. I am hanging some sheets from the guest bed outside to dry, then, I need to start pulling some pictures together for MIL's memory board. This whole ordeal with her going into hospice is totally getting to me. Part of who I am is because of her....I met her when I was 17, and have learned so many things from her. I still do things today, that I attribute to her. Some good, some bad... I get really sad when I look back on things I wish I would have done differently. It's causing me to relect back on my entire life.
Lord, forgive me....
count your blessings...

Thursday, March 5, 2009

busy, busy

Another busy week!
I stayed home Monday and cleaned and whatnot. I should have cleaned my nasty van, the weather was beautiful...but, it turned cool and can tell Spring is a'comin here in Round Valley! THE WIND IS HERE!!! UGH I saw on Jeopardy several years ago, one of the questions was 'what is the windiest town'...they said EAGAR! I beleive it, too! We've had 105 mph winds before...the year our roof was taken down to bare wood!
S C A R E Y!!! Tuesday, I did leave the house for a bit to do some errands, and such. Wednesday, I went over to Show Low )for the 4th time in 10 days!!) to have lunch with my friend, Ruthie, and naturally, had to hit WALMART! LOL I was good, tho and didn't buy much, except Toilet Paper and a bit of food. Today, after I got my AVON order in, I cleaned house, cause my brother and mom came up for the night. Hubby went to a pool tournament and my brother is staying at my other brothers house. Mom fell asleep during the movie we were watching, 'The Secret Life of Bees', and went to bed, so, I thought I would get this post in.
It's been an emotional week with MIL stuff. Hospice is involved with her, as of today. I'm hoping to get a bit more info sad. I asked hubby if he wanted to go back down and see her again this weekend, but, I don't think we will. As long as she has her sister there, that helps. It's such a 'weird' situation. I feel sad that the family wasn't that close. She was a hard one to be close to. I guess every family is different, and you all do what you have to do to survive...
I didn't find any free time to play with my new CRICUT or stamps, darn it.
Maybe tomorrow afternoon or Saturday, since hubby will be working.
My back is killing me again.....I can't stand up straight for a bit after I get out of a chair. I don't know what's up with that! I'm an OLD lady, I guess...I feel like it! LOL
I'll post some pictures I took Wednesday when I drove over the mountain to have lunch. I love driving that way...It tops out at 9410'. It's been so warm, the snow is melting fast. Seemed to have a LOT of snow this year. In the distance, you'll see Sunrise Ski Resort. It's on the White Mountain Apache Indian Reservation. Just a peek into my world...

count your blessings....

Monday, March 2, 2009

I suppose I should play catch up...

WOW! Another week gone by and here it is March!
My tooth mess is all better, altho, my chin is STILL a bit numb. Last Tuesday, I took #1 son over to Show Low and we spent the day doing some errands he had to take care of. We got alot accomplished. He had gotten his income tax money back, so, he came home BROKE! LOL He got to spend some money on himself for a change, too, and I could tell it made him feel good. We had a real nice lunch at a nice Mexican food place. Went to Walmart... When I took him home, he had me come in and meet the owner of the house he is staying at. We had a real nice visit, for about an hour! I'm glad I got to spend the day with him...he's such a good person..he just doesn't know it. Wednesday, at 9 p.m. I got a phone call from him. Could I bring him some gas. !!??!! So, I got the gas can, and headed to fill it. I COULDN"T OPEN IT! Had to come back home and have hubby open it...I had even asked someone at the gas station if he could open it and he couldn't. STRONG hubby! LOL So, off I go....I took the turn I was supposed to and kept going and going and going. Thank God I had phone service, because I ended up getting stuck in some snow that was deeper than I thought. Oh, man! I tried really hard not to get scared....out all alone -- in the dark -- in the forest. I guess I didn't see him pulled off a side road. I called hubby and he had to get out of bed to come help me...he got there right at 11 o'clock! I was just getting ready to call him again *my phone was almost dead, too*, I was giving him to 11..I didn't know if he was actually coming or not, cause I lost his call. #1 son had taken off walking, so, I had to give him and the dog a ride back to his place. WHAT A NIGHT.....I was soooo happy to get my butt home!

I was on a spending frenzy last week, that's for sure. Man, I gotta get some more AVON customers or get another part-time job! I NEED MONEY!
I finally made the decision to buy a CRICUT! Yippee! I think it will be here tomorrow. I bought it on EBAY, NEW, with 2 cartridges for $250 including shipping! I got a Stampin Up order in Friday. I also found the neatest stamp place online.
If you love to stamp or make cards, check out my new favorite place. Rubber Stamp Tapestry
I ordered Tuesday night and it was here Thursday!!! From North Carolina!! I love my stuff! Then, Saturday, before we left for Payson, I ordered a Mega and Giga Punch and some other things from the sale at Addicted to Scrapbooking! WHEW!!! I can't look at another thing! *altho, I have another Stampin' Up order to send in! LOL*

Saturday, hubby took off work and we went to see his mom at the care center. She'd been in the hospital for a weeping skin tear and her legs were so swollen..come to find out, she had a blot clot. They put a 'green filter' in her big thigh vein to stop any more clots that might be in there, as the blood thinner might loosen them. She spent almost a whole week in the hospital, and had gotten back to the care center Friday. We were shocked to see her in the condition she was in. Not good at all... I had to go outside for fresh air *I hate breathing the air in those places, and come to find out they have a flu epidemic on that ward...both ends!* We spoke to her nurse for quite awhile and came to the conclusion that it's time to put her on hospice....She is so tired of this fight for life...She'll be 83 in November. She's been in the care center for just about 2 years, now. We met up with hubby's aunt and her husband and a cousin and his family, for dinner at Chili's. We had a nice visit, under the circumstances. Altho, I got a call from the care center 1/2 through the meal...MIL wasn't doing well....they put her on oxygen, did a couple breathing treatments and put her on pain meds. The nurse said she seemed to be doing a bit better.
Today, we thought the Dr. was going to evaluate her for hospice, but, her sister emailed and said when she called they said the Dr. would get back with them. pfft
MIL already has all of her funeral arrangements taken care of *since 1988 when her husband died, she did all of that right after*. I have talked to the funeral home a couple of times recently to know what to do. Tomorrow, I'll go over to the little house, all of her clothes are still in the closet. I am hoping I can find a nice blouse to take when the time comes. I am also going to get some photos together to put on a board for display at the funeral home. I know none of the boys *her kids* will know what to do, so, this will be the last I will have to do...ugh
I need to sign off and go shower. I feel the need to crochet to unwind...
count your blessings...


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