Saturday, March 7, 2009

hello out there...

Saturday! What a nice day we are having...lots of blue sky, and the wind has died down. There's just enough to make my chimes do their thing by the back door...I LOVE that sound!
Yesterday, my brothers, SIL and mom went out to breakfast before they headed back home...what a fast trip, but, that's my brother for you. Actually, his eye was hurting him..he has been having terrible trouble with his right eye...not good stuff at all. It was a cold, rainy day, but, you know I LOVE those kind of days! There's plenty of sunshine, so, I enjoy different weather days.
For some reason, I was tired all day, so, I did take some time to play with my new stamps from RUBBER STAMP TAPESTRY...I just love them.
2004 32' Keystone MountaineerThe highlight of the day, was when I went to the bank and paid off the 04 Mountianeer Travel Trailer!! WOOHOO!!!! Paid it off 89 (YES! 89) payments EARLY---now, that's a great feeling!!!

I made my 'famous' ho-made Potato Soup for supper, then, watched a marathon showing on AMC of 'Breaking Bad'. They had 7 shows from last season, but, I ended up having record the last 1 and 1/2 shows...I just couldn't stay awake anymore. The new season starts Sunday. Don't ask me why I watch that show....I just do.
Well, time for me to get busy. I am hanging some sheets from the guest bed outside to dry, then, I need to start pulling some pictures together for MIL's memory board. This whole ordeal with her going into hospice is totally getting to me. Part of who I am is because of her....I met her when I was 17, and have learned so many things from her. I still do things today, that I attribute to her. Some good, some bad... I get really sad when I look back on things I wish I would have done differently. It's causing me to relect back on my entire life.
Lord, forgive me....
count your blessings...

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