Sunday, January 20, 2008

the listening man

You'll love this lil video.....I promise! It made me smile first thing this morning...

The Listening Man

Thursday, January 17, 2008

MoonPie, anyone?

A blast from the past! OK, so, when was the last time YOU had one? LOL I think it's been a year or better since I last had one. They are definitely not my favorite......I'd prefer a Suzy Q or Ding Dong for a sugar treat along that line.
I've been trying to use up lots of the food stuff from hubby's trailer. The MoonPies were something for hubbys lunches. Yuck!

Holy Moly! It's been C-O-L-D here! *grin* Ya know I am lovin' it, too! When I got up BEFORE the crack of dawn, it was 3°. Thank goodness hubby threw a nice piece of oak in the woodstove before he went to bed last night. Lots of nice coals for me to get the fire going again. mmmmmmmmm I LOVE wood heat!

I've been sleeping like crap the past couple nights again. UGH I had been having some 'good' sleep nights and thought maybe the worst was behind me, but, they are baaaack.... I've been in bed around 11:00, the past 2 nights, and WIDE awake at 4:30-ish. My body starts aching around noon.....ha! Old age was NOT supposed to get ME!

I made a huge crockpot full of soup for supper. Mmmmmm, and nice and warm in the tummy! I pulled some sliced ham out of the freezer the other day and put in a pot of navy beans, with onions, celery and carrots bits. Not bad. I made cornbread to go with it. And, we had some leftover dessert from last night. I made a Jiffy mix of lemon/cream cheese cake, from the recipe on the side of the box. I just love those lil Jiffy mixes....of ANYthing.

I just put up a music Playlist....the songs are quite a mix, eh? I love all kinds of music...just be glad I didn't find any Zamfir music! ROFL.....I do have a CD of Zamfir's my 'most embarrassing CD. LOL

Hubby got a call last night to be to work Monday, instead of Tuesday. Is it mean to say WOOOOOHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!? LOL I'm just ready to have my 'space' back! After him not being here for so long, it's been a bit of an adjustment. hehehe #1 son should be going to work soon, too. Thank GOD!

Welp, time for me to get my shower and find my spot on the loveseat with my laptop, so, I can go blog-hoppin'. I don't have a tip of the day (well, I do, but, I'm saving it! phfft) but, I found this neat quote yesterday. I sent it to both of my boys, too.

"Winners make things happen...
Losers let things happen..."

count your blessings...

Monday, January 14, 2008

Tomorrow is TULIP DAY!

And, lookie what I got! It's a gift from ::Ela::! Oh my! She's so sweet to me! You have to go see her website. She does some awesome knitting projects, too!

Whew! I was MIA for a few days...Always something going on! Found out my dad's not doing too good. Almost 81, peeing blood, and wanting no part of doctoring. What do ya do? He's been 'ready' to go for a long time, tho....*sigh*

Hubby and I left Friday afternoon, and we brought the big trailer (32 foot) home Saturday. What a day! We finally got home after 10:30. Hubby had a scary incident, when he hit a patch of ice in the road and the truck AND trailer started fish-tailing...luckily he was able to get it under control and straightened out. Thank GOD, I was far enough behind him in the Honda Civic, that I didn't see any of it! I did notice him hit the brakes, as I was rounding a corner *very curvy mountain road*, and then, I saw his wet tire tracks on the wrong side of the road. I figured something was amiss; then, he called me on the cell and asked me if I'd seen that? WHEW I was more worried about elk running out in front of him....they are SO BAD along that road. ~~ Lots of snow, too....some places had close to 3 feet, looked like. I LOVE that! Maybe I can talk hubby into taking me for a drive, so, we can play in the snow a bit! I LOVE SNOW!!!

Got some good news today! Hubby will be starting a new job here at home, next Tuesday! He'll have about a 30+ minute drive to the jobsite, which isn't too bad. We won't know how to act with him home for a change! Hopefully, this job will last for at least a year or more. They are doing some expansion work on two seperate power plants here. 5/10's for now and 6/10's just around the corner.

Don't forget tomorrow is TULIP DAY!!! I plan on getting me some pink ones at the store. We have to go to the bank in Show Low tomorrow for a new home equity line paperwork signing. Hopefully, Walmart will have some. Then, maybe I can talk hubby into a nice sitdown dinner somewhere. I've always wanted to try the Japanese steakhouse there, we'll see.

count your blessings...

This'll make ya smile!!!

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Would you????

Own one of these???
The Tata Nano car....$2500, 54 mph, Indian made....
Too bad the American technology won't let lose on a version of this....perfect for city people ..... and AVON ladies! LOL

Now this was a surprise!

bless my buns!
I was cleaning out some of my kitchen cupboards, this morning. I only did the bottom half of the upper ones. LOL I didn't want to wear myself out, ya know~~HA! I found 5 packs of yeast, hmmmm, expiration date 07/04, hmmmmm, wonder if it's any good? Hmmmmm, maybe I'll make this here recipe on the back of the package, to see if they will ALL be good. WELL, butter my biscuits, if they didn't turn out! I was really surprised! They didn't seem to be raising right, but, they sure ended up doing their thing! They turned out to be the best yeast rolls I've ever made! LOL Thank goodness, too, because the double batch made 24 perfect rolls! I think I'll try making some cinnamon rolls with some of the other packs.
Fudge Brownies-mmmmmmI also found a couple packages of Fudge Pie mix. ROFL Let me see.....these I KNOW are from 1999! When we moved my flower shop (dang! I miss that thing!), I started making fudge, and I had ordered these packs to sell, too....I think I sold ONE in 3 1/2 years. They are wrapped in a heavy plastic, with no signs of bug holes, so, I figured they would be OK. mmmmmm, CHOCOLATEY!!! *I think I've got a box of them stored in the garage, too!*
hmmmmm, I know I've got some REALLY old raisins in my breadbox, too! hehehe, those will be my next experiment! ROFL Actually, I know old raisins are OK, you just 'plump' 'em in hot water....there must be a technical cooking term for that, but, I don't know it! LOL

Not much going on around here, at the moment. Thank God! My stress level doesn't even handle 'normal' day to day stuff, anymore. Seems like the least lil 'upset' and I'm heading to the drawer with the valerian root! But, that's ok, I don't like the alternative.
It's been cold enough for the snow to still be on the ground, but, I think it will be gone by tomorrow and the weather man says, thanks to El Nina, it's gonna be warm and dry....drats! But, all is not lost! It ain't over, til JUNE! We've had 14 inches of snow in May, before. And, freezing weather til mid-June. Oldtimers, say it's even snowed on the 4th of July here before.

I posted some more of my finished craft pictures in the slideshow. Enjoy!

I'm really excited! I'm FAMOUS! LOL, well, kinda least I'll see my name in print! As some of you may have seen on TV, Suze Orman has partnered with AVON, to share her money expertise with us! I am VERRY happy about that! Well, I had sent an email asking her a question. This evening, I got a reply from her people, that my question was going to be used on AVON's website. They just wanted my approval/release! LOL that my moment of fame? I think I still have 14 minutes left!

I need to work on my AVON order, so, I'll leave you with the....
Don't throw out those old bananas! Throw them in the freezer...peel and all! When thawed out (just throw them in the sink to thaw), they make the best Banana Bread! Or
::Banana Oatmeal Cookies::, which are great for breakfast...but, for mommies only! LOL

count your blessings...

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

It finally got here!

Dozer in the snow

LOL...we DID get some snow! Not alot, but, the mountains around us did---FEET of snow, so, that's just as good. We got about 4 inches that stuck on the ground. It was a really WET snow, so, it was pretty beneficial. Thank goodness, hubby got the new gravel laid out in the driveway last week. We won't have as much mud this time

--background...I started this yahoo group several years ago. Go here to read the beginnings of it.
I think I'll start posting it here on TUESDAYS, too.
We'll be having:

BBQ Ribeye steak
Baked Potato (or twice baked, haven't decided)
Bush's Baked Beans
Garlic Toast
Iced Tea with Lemon slice
Leftover Lemon Meringue Pie

I'm heading out the door for some AVON deliveries and errands, but, before I go, here's my....
Short on workspace in your kitchen?
Try laying a cookie sheet over an open drawer....
for more work area instantly!

count your blessings...

Sunday, January 6, 2008


Supper time!
Green Chile Quiche and Lemon Meringue Pie.
One of Jeffrey's favorite pies. I make it from the Jell-O box. And, here's my quiche recipe for ya:

Green Chile Quiche
3 Eggs
1 1/2 C. shredded cheese
1 1/2 C. milk
1 small can of chopped green chiles (or you could use aspargus or broccoli)
3 slices bacon--cooked and crumbled (optional)
mace sprinkled on top (optional)

Pour into a pie shell *I cheat and use Jiffy--50¢ a box at Walmart and they turn out PERFECT everytime!*
Bake at 375° for 1/2 an hour or til it's not runny looking. Don't let your piecrust burn....keep turning it while it's in the oven.
Let it set on the counter for 1/2 an hour to 'set'.
I serve it with fresh veggies. Yummy and I think I could eat the whole thing myself! LOL

STILL no snow. I guess I'll quit worrying about it. *sigh*
Gonna start making weekly menus, since, hubby is home--hopefully, for awhile! I have canned goods and things in my freezer that REALLY need to be used up, so, hopefully, I can use them up before they get too old. I have started writing the date on stuff with a marker, before I put it in my cupboard, in the laundry room. That way, I can see what needs to be used first.
Oh, yeah....I am kinda/sorta off strike---but, don't say anything! LOL

One of my yahoo groups, Bellaholics Anonymous, has been sharing pictures of their craft rooms. So, I spent 1/2 an hour in mine this's all I could stand! LOL The goal is 1/2 hour a day....if it works out and is longer, that's a good thing! I think I might start putting things up for sale. I've seen some people do it on their blogs and I might try that. Might be fun.

Guess I'll see if there's anything on tv. Altho, for about the past week, I've been reading the archives of The Pioneer Woman, every night! I just love reading her blog!
Stay warm and toasty!

still waiting......

Well, I got all excited around 9:30 this looked like the snow was just over the mountain...then, it started raining. No snow yet, maybe just rain? Dunno. Our weather is always a surprise! LOL

I'll be back later on, but, here's a tip.


There's nothing worse than smelling onions on your hands, especially all night! EWWW
So, what I do when I'm cutting up onions, is when I am washing my hands, I grab the faucet with my wet hands and rub. The chemical reaction is instant! No more onion smell on hands!

count your blessings.......

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Ok.....who's got all my snow???

Still patiently waiting for the snow.....looks like 'someone' has it all in Maine...LOL Or possibly, California......I better have some within 24 hours, or it's gonna get ugly! HA!


I took an nasty fall---right into the dishwasher, thankfully, it was closed---last night, when my knee went out on me....this is getting ridiculous! Then, 5 minutes later, it did it again. Thankfully, I had a doorframe to grab for! I've got it pinned down, tho. Now, I can kinda 'tell' when it's coming. Looks like I'll have to start counting how many steps I have between these stupid knee give-outs. I had been taking some Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM with Joint Lubicrant and thought it was feeling and doing much better...better think again.

I sat in my favoritest spot, the loveseat, and watched "Flags of Our Fathers" on HBO last night. OHMYGOSH! I watched, I hid my eyes, I cried, I got pissed! I can NOT believe how that all happened! grrrrrr I had no idea that was the story behind the raising of that flag on Iwo Jima. I hated history (and math, and science----ENGLISH, I aced!) during high school. I sure wish I would have paid more attention back then. I guess at least now, I can learn and fully appreciate more of our history in my old age. hmmpf When I was out delivering AVON today, one of my ladies gave me a 2-part VHS video on WWII of hers to watch. I think I will!

I LOVEY my AVON 'ladies'!!! Sometimes, it's a drag---just my attitude, I know---driving around on my deliveries. But, this lady today...the one that gave me the movies to borrow...was SO appreciative of my visit with her! It must blessed my heart to hear her voice that to me. After thinking about it for awhile, as I drove off from her place, I realized that the majority of my customers feel that way. I give good customer service, which makes me pull my hair out sometimes, but, I know why, now... they like me! They REALLY like me~ HA~! I take alot of time visiting with most of them. I love to hear peoples 'stories' of life and such. I think some of these wonderful ladies just need to talk to someone once in awhile. And, I like to drop them lil goodies in their bags occassionally. *sigh* I love my 'job'!

Not much going on around here. But, I kinda like it that way. Got supper in the oven.....frozen chicken Cordon Bleu, Green Gian Veggie Medley, grilled sourdough bread, cottage cheese and baby carrots. Got enough for me on a Saturday 'bout you?
What's for supper at YOUR house????

When I clean the glass door on my woodstove, when it's cooled off some, I use a moist paper towel dipped in the ashes in the stove. Cleans the glass lickety-split! Gotta love those beautiful dancing flames!

...count your blessings

Thursday, January 3, 2008



Dough-Nuts! Not too bad....I think it's been about a year since the last time I made them....guess we're good for another year! LOL

waiting for the snow!

Weatherman is saying we could be getting SNOW, Thursday til Sunday. Possibly up to a FOOT of the stuff over 6000 feet....that's us! YEAH RIGHT! I'll believe it when I see it! We usually get opposite what the weatherman says! I want his job! I can tell ya what the weather is gonna do.....I go outside and look, and now, the past couple of years, my knee is a good weather forecaster, too! LOL We usually get the 'surprise effect' here. But, that's ok, too, just as long as I get some of that white stuff....ours is all but gone...only in the shaded spots now.

I've been on 'strike' the past 3 weeks or so...don't ask...but, I'm tired of depriving MYSELF! LOL Guess I will get up and make me some of those chef-favorite breakfast rolls! LOL Canned Biscuit Donuts! I thought about putting together some Monkey Bread last night, but, I was still on strike. Do ya want my Monkey Bread recipe?

4 cans Refrigerated Biscuits
1 C. Sugar
2 T. Cinnamon
1/2 C. Margarine
3/4 C. Brown Sugar
1 C. Chopped Nuts

Preheat oven to 350°. Spray Bundt Pan with oil or wipe down with Crisco.
Sprinkle part of the nuts in the bottom of pan.
Mix sugar and cinnamon together in low, shallow bowl. Cut or pull apart each individual biscuit into 4 pieces. Drop the dough several pieces at a time into the cinnamon/sugar mixture to coat well. Place into bundt pan as you go, adding nuts here and there.
When complete, sprinkle top with a few more of the nuts.
---At this point, you can refrigerate the pan over night.---
Melt margarine slowly and add brown sugar. Pour over biscuits. Bake at 350° for 45 minutes or until golden brown. Remove from oven, let set a few minutes, then invert onto plate.

I haven't left the house for 2 days, so, I guess I will go deliver some AVON and do 'stuff' today. I've been toying with the idea of getting a 'real' job --slap my face--! For the insurance.....and, it sucks! I've also thought about going back into business, just to get rid of all my STUFF!!! *I could have my flower shop open in 2 weeks or less, with all the inventory I still have in the shed* The answer just isn't coming to me, tho. What to do, what to do.....

click me

This is how I'm feeling right now......
Hope you are having a g r e a t day, wherever you are!

...count your blessings

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Welcome 2008!

January 1
Hard to even say Two Thousand EIGHT!!! WOW!
Have you ever come across an old paper form with the 19__ printed on it? That always boggles my brain! A new century.....and another new year!

I stayed up way too late, slept way too late and felt useless all day! hmmpf
I watched the fireworks at midnight from my kitchen window, I didn't know they would even have any, since, the 4th of July fireworks were canceled due to 'insurance issues'. Maybe the rodeo grounds, where they did them, was cool with it, since, it's in the other 'sister city'. I dunno---hafta find that out. Lots of different looking fireworks this time...or new to me, anyway.

I did *am still doing* lots of laundry...I always do the complete bed ensemble on the first of the year, and every six months. *I always do the mattresspad the first of each month, as well as spin my pillowtop around, the sheets get washed weekly. No mites for me, please!*
one BIG AfghanI also finished up the loose ends-----not my most favorite-est thing to do-----on the big, burgundy afghan. I think it measures about 6 feet wide and at least 7 or 8 high! Big enough so your toes don't hang out! I HATE that! LOL
Been puttering around all day, between washing and drying, going through papers and stuff. bleck! Nothing on tv worth watching, so, papers, it is. My tax appointment is for the 12th of February. YUCK! I'll be glad when that is over! I have a bad feeling we'll be paying this year....which would be a first. My tax lady is really good, tho, so, hopefully, we can pull out a ton of deductions!
Hubby took the dog out for a ride, I opted to stay home. I can feel the house starting to chill, so, I better get the fire built. I can feel my crocheting calling to me, too.......I love this time of day/night.
count your blessings.....