Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Welcome 2008!

January 1
Hard to even say Two Thousand EIGHT!!! WOW!
Have you ever come across an old paper form with the 19__ printed on it? That always boggles my brain! A new century.....and another new year!

I stayed up way too late, slept way too late and felt useless all day! hmmpf
I watched the fireworks at midnight from my kitchen window, I didn't know they would even have any, since, the 4th of July fireworks were canceled due to 'insurance issues'. Maybe the rodeo grounds, where they did them, was cool with it, since, it's in the other 'sister city'. I dunno---hafta find that out. Lots of different looking fireworks this time...or new to me, anyway.

I did *am still doing* lots of laundry...I always do the complete bed ensemble on the first of the year, and every six months. *I always do the mattresspad the first of each month, as well as spin my pillowtop around, the sheets get washed weekly. No mites for me, please!*
one BIG AfghanI also finished up the loose ends-----not my most favorite-est thing to do-----on the big, burgundy afghan. I think it measures about 6 feet wide and at least 7 or 8 high! Big enough so your toes don't hang out! I HATE that! LOL
Been puttering around all day, between washing and drying, going through papers and stuff. bleck! Nothing on tv worth watching, so, papers, it is. My tax appointment is for the 12th of February. YUCK! I'll be glad when that is over! I have a bad feeling we'll be paying this year....which would be a first. My tax lady is really good, tho, so, hopefully, we can pull out a ton of deductions!
Hubby took the dog out for a ride, I opted to stay home. I can feel the house starting to chill, so, I better get the fire built. I can feel my crocheting calling to me, too.......I love this time of day/night.
count your blessings.....


Elizabeth said...

Great list, thanks for your link! I love your afghan, you are very talented.

monique said...

Hey Sherry, A very happy 2008 to you !!!!
I love the afghan, it's really my colour too. I have a lot of burgundy in the home !!!
Iwant to crochet too, my daughter's bedspread is calling m, but first I have to eat dinner and wash dishes ; )
Have a great day !!!

Storm said...

Beautiful afghan Sherry! I just love all of your work. Seth still has his blanky, my hutch always has that beautiful doily you made laid across it and I still have the snowflakes. I didn't get to use them this year, first time since I've had them but hopefully next year I'll be able to put them up on the tree.

Oh I love your pic at the top! Eric is jealous of everyone getting snow. lol