Monday, December 31, 2007

Resolutions??? NOT me!

Well, I'm an 'old' lady now, and I've seen how resolutions work......none of that for me.....I always set myself up for a big, fat failure! hehehe I did sit this afternoon and wrote a list of 'things'....not resolutions....things, and in no particular order.

1) I want to keep my nails (and toenails) polished and kept up every week.
I know this is really kinda dumb, but, it makes me feel good.
2) I am going to eat more dark chocolate...I know it's supposed to be good for you,
so, that is my 'healthy' thing!
3) I will drink more red wine---another healthy 'thing', right? *I'm such a bum! I
stole those two off of Whistle Stop Cafe Cookins blog!
4) I will travel to at least THREE new places/sites that I've never been to before.
5) I am going to 'rescue' my MIL's cast iron skillets and use them faithfully. *I've
never owned/used a cast iron skillet, that I recall.
6) I will MAKE time for 30 minutes a day reading my bible and talking with God.
7) Organize/Prioritize/Throw out!
8) Get a start on having my digital pictures made into prints -- the ones that I really need to keep!
9) Mail more cards/snail mail!!! It's becoming a lost art! I LOVE making cards, too!
10) Spend less/Save more

I know I'll go and read others lists and wish I would have done that, too! I'm so wishy/washy about that kind of thing.

It's been a very laid back kinda day......I hated it! I miss my kids so stinkin' bad! We've got to get out of the rut we've gotten ourselves into and GET OUT THERE!!! It makes it tough doing that with hubby's jobs, tho. When he isn't working, he wants to come HOME. But, we are way too big of homebodies!

I took the lights/garland/bows off the fence out front and undecoraed the house...which meant I took the Christmas cards off the back of the front door. HA!
I delivered some Avon, cashed some checks and deposited Avon money to get my account all balanced out for the end of the year....that feels great!
Bought a roll of stamps at the Post Office, for that last yearly deduction!
HA! Helped hubby move the lil camp trailer and the 4-wheelers trailer (duh, I stood there), so, he could make room to bring the big trailer home. That is, IF, he gets on out here.
So, now, I guess, I'll hit the shower and find my spot on the loveseat and read blogs til the ball drops! Yep! Sounds like another exciting New Years Eve!


count your blessings.....

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Ela said...

Happy, healthy and creative New Year 2008 to you and yours!
Your list of "things to do" in this year is quite long ;o). I'm just impressed with them soo... I have to adopt some of them for myself (especially drink more red wine, hehehe...)