Sunday, January 25, 2009

Unconsious Mutterings

  1. Unwanted :: Throwaway

  2. You’d better :: Not Pout

  3. Woman :: John Lennon

  4. Weighed :: Deli Meat

  5. Upright :: Vacuum

  6. I feel :: Happy!!

  7. Ill :: Will

  8. It’s like :: This...

  9. Poor man :: Begger

  10. Great :: Job

Count Your Blessings...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

WOW is all I can say. I have so many emotions today. As I sit and devour the coverage of the inauguration of President Obama, my head swims with 'stuff'. I can only imagine how I would feel if I were black. To see something like this come to pass......amazing! What an awesome historical event in our lifetime. I pray he will get this great country back on track. God be with him...

I did not vote for him, but, he has my respect, as our leader. I just can't help but like him.

God Bless America
count your blessings...

Monday, January 19, 2009

How 'bout them birds???

Great job, Cards! How exciting!
And, I don't even watch football! hehehe
I guess I will February 1!

star baby afghan

Isn't this sweet? And, it's soooo soft!
This worked up so fast! I really enjoyed making it.

what do you see?

I see:
4 star baby afghans
4 shawls
4 small doilies
a granny square afghan
6 or more star dishcloths

All on sale! WooHoo
$51.03 total!
Guess I'll stay busy for awhile, huh?
Good thing I got an Etsy shop open. I'll play around with that and upload some of the things I've already got done.
Hope you are staying warm, wherever you are.
I am...

count your blessings.....
SherryBee's ONLY been a month!

LOL! Who do I think I'm kidding? What a blogger am I! LOL Did ya miss me?
Well, I'll work on bringing everything up to day...

*We had a wonderful Christmas visit with #2 son and his GF! She's a keeper for sure! We all love her! My mom was here and she and my niece and nephew drove to Phoenix with me, on the 22nd, to pick the kids up from the airport. We got in a big snowstorm coming home and it took us 7 hours to get home..normally a 4 hour drive! ACK....skeery, but, AWESOME! We ended up having to take the kids back to Phoenix Christmas day since we weren't sure the weather would cooperate to get them there early the next morning...good thing we did, too. We ended up eating our Christmas dinner at a JB's restaurant...that was a first! I wish we would have had more time with the kids, but, they were off to Indiana to meet/visit with her family for a few days.

*Hubby and I had the house to ourselves for New Years Eve...I think I was in bed at 10:30! I guess that's a sign of old age, huh?

*Not a lot going on since the first. I've been trying to stay busy around the house. Hubby has been working 60 hours a week. I love it and I hate it. I'm very happy he has a job. They will start laying off in a few weeks, so, we know what the alternative is. I've been trying to stay home more and watch pennies as much as possible. Just trying to make 'changes'. We have SO much stuff! I'm trying to use up food *we always have so much when we combine stuff from the trailers*. I'm going through closets and 'trying' to sort and such. I have such a hard time throwing stuff away, but, I have been piling yard sale stuff together. I'm wondering if it will be worth having a yard sale with the way the money is so tight for everyone these days.

I have been crocheting alot....ha ha, what else is new. I made 36 snowflake ornaments, I wanted to see how many one ball of thread would actually, I know! *wink* I finished up a beautiful white baby afghan, only to find out I was about 10 yards SHORT of a yarn I can't find anymore! I think I'll contact Red Heart yarn and see if they can help me out somehow. I just finished up a sweet blue and white 12-point ripple star baby afghan. I figured out a star dishcloth pattern and have made several of those. I found all my stash of patterns and have a folder full of things I want to make.....exciting! ROFLMAO!!!

I had a Dr. appointment today...a follow up to bloodwork drawn last week. We have insurance as of the first of the year--WOOHOO--so, I'm making use of it. (My prescriptons needed to have the yearly refill.) My blood pressure is whacko, like usual, but, the cholesterol and thyroid was all ok. She did an EKG and I had them draw blood to check my hormone levels. I will go back in 10 days for a stress test in about 10 days...oh fun! Then, when I go in for my Well Woman's checkup...BIG OF FUN!!! 3 weeks, we can go over all the results of everything, plus, get scheduled for a mammogram and a bone density. I don't know how long we'll have insurance *with hubby's job, altho, he's comtemplating staying with this company....I HOPE*, so, I want to do as much as I can afford. It sure is a relief to have insurance. We've been without, more than we've been with it. I went and had one prescription filled today. It cost me $1.32....compared to $30 without the insurance. I have 3 others for my rosecea that I wanted to confirm prices first before I filled them. That crap is soooo expensive! But, I'll save about $70 to $110 on EACH of them...I can handle less than $20 each! It boggles my mind the price of medicine! And, it pisses me off!

I guess I'll sign off and leave you with some pictures to look at.
Our Christmas Tree....or 'Memory' Tree. Each ornament has so many memories attached.

Me and #2 son


Try These!

I gave these to hubby for one of his gifts. I stumbled onto them at Safeway one day, and asked to sample them *you know you can do that, right?* As the manager opened them, we got a crowd around.....we all ended up buying a bunch of the different ones. YUMMY. The pepper one is definitely something you HAVE to try! I didn't really notice the pepper until I was leaving the store parking lot! HA HA! Yeah, it did bite a bit! hehehe
count your blessings!