Saturday, September 29, 2007

...a windy day & a recipe

I have been waking up between 6 & 7 every morning lately, no matter what time I go to bed...weird. Last night I hit the sack at midnight--I was falling asleep on the loveseat, maybe from the tea? When I woke up this morning, I realized I hadn't moved ALL.NIGHT.LONG! HUH? That is so strange to me. I know I've done that before, but, it makes me wonder why? Was I that tired that I just zonked out?? I laid in bed for awhile, listening to the wind gearing up. It's already gusting to 45 MPH...UGH I just HATE the wind! I wish hubby was home, so, we could go for a ride & a picnic in the mountains where the leaves are changing......We haven't had any time the last year and a half for any 'outdoor' stuff. I hate that! Sometimes, I just feel like I needtogooutintothemountains!!!!
The last 2 trips up the mountain, from the trailer, I have taken pause at my 'pit stops'. The first time, I just stood there at the car and listened to the wind up in the relaxing! Tuesday, I could SMELL the pine trees and how the forest just smells. It made me sad....

~~~So, I got up and like usual, I hit the on button for the computer, as I walked by to make coffee. So, I've been surfing all morning and over at Mary Janes Farm (Go check that site out! What fun!!!)I read a most interesting forum topic about aging and menopause. It really is true, aging is awesome! Well, I guess that's easy for me to say at this point in my life. I'm 52 now, and it just seems like things are 'good' right now. I'm sure as my body does get OLD, that may change. But, I think right when I turned 50, something just 'clicked'. Getting to that point, with all the crap with #1 son, and #2 son leaving for the Air Force was pretty rough (glad my family stuck around! LOL). I really feel like I'm at a 'good' place in time...Thank You Lord!
Anyway, you know how it is, when you are on the's like chasing go ALL OVER the place. Well, I ended up 'stumbling' onto this site and found this recipe. It looks like a good one! I may try to make it and take it for hubby's birthday next Friday.

Mountain Dew Cake
1 box Duncan Hines Orange Supreme Cake
1 box Coconut Cream pudding mix
4 eggs
1 bottle 10 ozs Mountain Dew(cold)
1 cup crisco oil
1 can angel flake coconut
3 Tbs. corn starch
1 large can crushed pineapple
1 1/2 cups sugar
1 stick oleo (margarine)
Mix together cake mix, pudding mix, eggs, oil,mt. dew.
Bake at 350 degrees for 25-30 minutes or until pick inserted in cake comes out clean.
Cook together the pineapple, sugar, oleo(margarine), coconut and cornstarch over medium heat until thick.Spread over and between layers of cake.

I just downloaded my pictures from the last stay at the trailer. Saturday, when I had went into Safford, I stopped at this awesome antique shop looking for old buttons and old aprons. I found some buttons, but, the aprons were just the little half aprons. I saw this fantastic buffet! I had to take some pictures of it...I would LOVE to have it, altho, we don't really have this place all antiquey *we do have three neat pieces, tho*. When I was driving home, my sweet hubby asked if I'd gotten everything I 'wanted'. After supper, I showed him the pictures of this piece and said I 'wanted' that! LOL It was marked down $400~~ I wonder if they would take a less offer on it? I might just take it and start a 'new' decorating scheme.

Well, I guess I better get my 2 hours in the green room (craft room) done and see if I can muck out some more stuff. I really can't say I see alot of difference after about 6 hours already. I used to love it in there, it felt peaceful. Hopefully, it will be that way once again.

I've got some butter set out to soften, gotta make some cookies or something....this kind of weather is just perfect for some baking. This afternoon, I'll bake and try to finish up Chris's prayer shawl, so, I can get it ready for the mail on Monday. She's had a rough time of it. Her first chemo went bad. The needle came out of the port and all the 'stuff' went into her chest.... I need to call her.

...count your blessings

Friday, September 28, 2007

Stamps, Scorpions and Bees--Oh My!

Dang! I can't believe it's been a whole week since I posted! WHEW!
Last Friday, I got to hubby's trailer and we went out and had R & R pizza---mmmmmm, delicious! Too bad they don't have a beer tap there, tho! LOL I don't drink much, but, once in awhile, it's just gooooood!
Saturday, I went into Safford and did some shopping and 'stuff'. I was able to find just the right little gas BBQ grill! I was so happy! It's really hard to make a few different dishes in that little oven and the convection oven is too hard to use when it's still hot, because it kicks the breaker off, unless I turn the AC off, and then, it gets TOO hot in there. UGH! I hated the little wood/charcoal BBQ hubby had. For one, it was too little, and it takes so stinkin' long to get the wood burning just right---he thinks we have to use mesquite wood on it, I much prefer using a propane and easy!

I came home---under protest---on Tuesday. I would have stayed til Wednesday, put, I had forgotten to fill the dogs food dish up before I left. CRAP! I just hate coming home by myself...and being here all alone. --- I got my Avon order right after I got home, so, it was a busy time getting it all ready to deliver. I cannot believe how the season has changed so fast! It's already gotten down to 38° here in the morning! We had frost again the day before yesterday, too!
~~~I've been trying to spend two hours a day cleaning in my CRAFT room. UGH---DOUBLE UGH!!! It is such a mess in there! It gives me a panic attack when I walk into it! LOL...One day, I was standing in the far corner of the room and hubby poked his head in there and said 'how'd you get over there?'...I told him I FLEW! LOL nuff said, but, I workin' on it!!! I HAVE to get it straightened up cause I have a NEW hobby! LOL LIke I need another hobby! HA!~ For many years, I had contemplated getting involved with STAMPIN UP. I finally did it!!! Not so much for the party part of it----been there, done that, but, because I want to be part of the 'scene' and get info, tips, etc. about making cards and some scrapbooking. I met the sweetest gal, here in town...I went to her house, Thursday, initially to just get the big book, but, I ended up signing for the kit! I'm EXCITED!!! I've been playing with making cards, so, it will be so much fun to be able to work with someone local here to show me some of the tricks and techniques! I signed at a great time, too, and will be getting a bunch of the ink stamps for free! WooHoo! Maybe I can get a small group together just for some play time...if they order, I can get my kit paid back that way.

Hubby called me last night while he was sitting outside waiting for the AC to cool the trailer off. He called me about 1/2 an hour later, saying he had gotten bit by something, on his finger, when he went to look at #1 son's hot water heater, that had been acting funny. He put his hand on the ground to steady himself and BAM! When he called, his hand was hurting and pain was going up his arm to his armpit!!! His throat was also feeling like it was closing and the water he drank tasted horrible!!!
I was ready to head out, but, called the poison control and got some info, and also called #1 son to go over and check on his dad and see if he could see puncture marks. Our fist thought was spider...there are a LOT of black widows right by the water heater----BIG ONES!!! eww! We thought it was a scorpion but, not for certain. I had hubby call poison control and they did in fact, suggest it was probably scorpion from all the things hubby described. It was 8:30 by then, and I was just ready to head out the door. I dreaded driving 2 1/2 hours by myself that late...and with a full moon, the elk and deer would have been thick along the road. Hubby told me not to come, he was 'ok'. I worried all night and finally talked to him at 7 a.m. He hadn't been able to make it to work; got up and had made his lunch, but, just didn't feel well enough to go in. I felt terrible for not going!!!! He finally called me at noon and said he had went to work at 10 and was feeling ok, but, his arm was still numb. He said it was a rough night and his arms felt like they were shaking inside. I asked him if he felt like that guy on 'The Fly' when he turned into a fly---or 'Altered States'....ewww! Everything I found online, said there really isn't much you can do for a scorpion sting, you just have to let it run it's course. Funny that all the years of being raised and living in the desert and that is the first time for that! I'm going to take a black light down next time I go and we'll see if we can see them at night....they are flourescent with a black light. How scary!!!! I walk out there at night after supper, in my flip flops, to take the trash out! Not anymore! I'm so glad all is well!

I spent 1 1/2 hours on the phone with #2 son this evening...he is going through alot of stress and turmoil. Moving, 12 hours workdays, college and worrying about 'what am I gonnna do when I get out?'.... He takes after his momma in the worry department, that's for sure. He's unsure if he should re-enlist or what he will do when he gets out. Ahhhhhhh, that's life for ya! I'm glad he will be here next week for some momma time and to de-stress. He really needs it!

I signed 2 gals up for AVON this week! That makes 4 in 3 weeks! woohoo! How exciting! I'm kinda bummed out about some of the things happening in the Avon world, tho. I feel like the little guys don't have much of a chance anymore. Another big corporate mess, if you ask me. Makes me wonder how it all will play out.

Well, here are the BEES I found tonight! I just love this pattern!!! I may just have to order the valance and the lampshade for the kitchen! Too Cute!!! It will play right into what I want to do with the kitchen!!! ahhhhh, too much to do and not enough time, tho!!!

Oh! On another note----Fred paid for himself already! 20 & 1/3 days! LOL Hubby has earned his keep, too....he's worked 22 days straight, and most of those days (except today) were 12 hours or more. Makes me feel pretty useless.

Here's a cute little joke I just heard:

What did the Mexican Fire Chief call his 2 kids?




...count your blessings

Friday, September 21, 2007 I go again!

Brother! I came home Tuesday----I did NOT want to come home.... I did get pretty bored Monday, tho, which is not common for me. Hubby is working such long days that I get tired of being in that trailer all day long alone. I am leaving tomorrow after lunch sometime to go back down again. I am really missing hubby...this has been a rough summer--again. I am very thankful that he has a job and try to keep that in mind. In the construction industry, that he is in, work can be pretty sporatic, and, we've had too much 'off' time, for sure!!! This is the second longest stretch he's ever worked in 32 years. He's worked continuously since mid-February 2006. Hopefully, he will stay with this company and they will keep him working, unless, he decides to go to Virginia. I'm not sure if that is the same company or not. I really hope that blows over. UGH!

~~~I have been having some fun with my NEW crafting projects! I have been making some cute cards! I love it! These three I 'kinda' cheated on, tho. They were a special set for $3 at the local scrappin' store. $1 a piece, can't beat that! I also found this site for BELLA stamps! What fun! And, there is a whole group just for Bella lovers, with swaps and fun stuff. OH! The wonderful world of the web! LOL
~~~I got a fast phone call from #2 son this afternoon when I was in the scrappin' shop. He is coming home for Rex Allen Days! What a surprise! It will be so good to see him! Since he left for the Air Force August 23, 2004, I've only seen his face 23 days! Now THAT sucks!!! ~~~ It's always fun to go home and 'bump' into people from your past, on RAD weekends. Since I moved away in 1975, tho, there's not too many old faces around there anymore, but, lots of them do go back for the big weekend. My parents still live there, so, that helps to stay connected with the happenings in my old stomping grounds.
I have GOT to get off here and go to bed! I don't get enough sleep when I come home. When I'm at the trailer I must 'let down' and I'm ready to crash between 8 and 10. When I'm here by myself, I have to force myself to go to bed and am usually up til 12, 1 or even 2 a.m., and up at my usual 7-8 a.m. *sigh*

...count your blessings

Saturday, September 15, 2007

What day is this???

Dang! I feel 'lost' or something! LOL I came down to the trailer Thursday afternoon. I got here just a few minutes before the guys got home. #1 son bought one of the co-workers welders, so, a bunch of them came over to get that huge, heavy thing off of a truck. #1 son was a happy camper! hehehee Since, I got here so late and didn't have time to make anything for dinner, we went out for supper. I had a delicious shredded beef chimichanga and TWO Margaritas! Ei! Yei! Yei! *wink*

~~~Friday, I went into Safford and did some shopping for the guys. (I love the Walmart there!) When I was ready to head out of town, I stopped for my favorite 'reward'! Gotta love those big ole sno-cones! --- Who are we supposed to talk to about the heat around here?!?! When I left home, it was mid-70's; here, it's still in the 100's!!!! ENOUGH already! My hubby is getting pretty wore down from it all....I don' know how he puts up with it! Poor guy worked 91 hours this week! Can't wait to see what that check is gonna look like!!! $50 an hour straight time, and all that overtime! WOWSER! *Thank you, FRED!!!* This next check (for one week) will be OVER what a normal month's worth of checks would be!!! Unbelieveable! *Did I say "THANK YOU FRED"???*
~~~I went to the laundromat and did 4 loads. I hate doing laundry in a laundromat..such a waste of time! I can't believe how expensive it is these days, too! $1.25 for a small load to wash and then, 25 cents for 8 minutes to dry! I took my crochet and worked on it for a bit. I restarted Chris's prayer shawl in a dusty rose, her favorite color. I'll be feverishly working on that for the next few days, trying to get it done and mailed to her.
~~~ I had all kinds of things bouncing around in my head to talk about here, but, they've vanished. Hubby just called and is on his way home--they only worked 10 hours instead of 12, today. Gotta get his beer in the freezer and get his supper ready. He comes home starving...nothing like leftover night! LOL

...count your blessings

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Well...I just don't know what to think. Like I need anything else to get me worked up over, hubby has been talking about a (3-year) job in VIRGINIA!!!! Lynchburg. I think he may actually be serious about it. At first, I just blew it off. But, #1 son called this morning and said he and dad had both put their name on the list for it. HOLY CRAP! When he first started talking about it, I thought it was fun to dream about it. I got out the map, called a friend in North Carolina to see if she knew anything about it, and hunted the town down on the internet. My hubby is a desert rat. Born and raised in AZ, we have traveled and lived in Alaska, Nebraska, & New Mexico, and the plan YEARS ago---like 30 years!!---was to hit the road and travel with construction. Well...we did that. For 11 years, until we moved here in December, 1983, we pulled a travel trailer around to different construction jobs. I so yearned for a home! Little trailers are fine, but, I needed roots. We could never have anything, and once we had #1 son, it consumed me. So, in 1989, when it looked like hubby would FINALLY get on at the local power plant here (AND, we had 2 boys and STILL living in a travel trailer---a NICE 40-footer with 2 tip-its), with a PERMANENT job, we bought this new home. --- Well, the job never happened and to this day has caused some major extended-family contention.....another story for another day.
I love my home, I hate being by myself, altho, even when I'm with hubby at the trailer, I'm home alone, because they work so many stinking hours! (He said yesterday, he worked 16 hours!!!) So, I'd prefer to be in my own home and my own town. I have only ever wanted to 'take care' of hubby...I've always loved to cook and clean and just be a wifey. I've been doing a lot of beating myself up and wondering 'what is my purpose' lately for being here....alone.
The thought of leaving this house and the yard and all scares me! I don't think the house itself would be 'messed' with, but, everything would go to pot and we'd have so much crap to deal with when we ever did get back home. It's a scary thing to think about. I suppose I never should have had the landscaping and sprinklers done. I should have let it be the ugliest yard around (and it WAS, for 12 years, til I got tired of hubby telling me 'he can do it').
Selling it is out of the question. I know he won't go for that and it would take a YEAR to get all of our crap out of here! *we are both packrats* (did I actually admit that??) Altho, that in itself would be a GREAT THING! We only owe $20,000 on this house and really, we like it here. We also would NEVER even consider renting it...the payment is only $382!!! Can you believe that???
I don't know. I guess I'll take some Valerian Root and get ready to deliver my Avon order. I've got to try and turn it off!!! I know God doesn't want me to worry, but, that is one thing I do so well......

Yesterday, I wanted to stay home. I mowed the front and back lawns. That would have been fine and dandy, BUT, the dang riding lawnmover had to have a little temper tantrum and one of the rods that holds the wheel for turning came loose---again. I had to figure out what to do and then, I was 'Sherry-the-tool-girl'. I worked and worked and finally figured out that I needed a LONG piece of pipe and a HEAVY hammer to pound the bent piece back into place, so, I could re-attach the rod. I also had to figure out something that would work to keep the rod in it's place, since, I walked the yard and couldn't find the thing. I felt pretty accomplished when I had it all done!! WOOHOO The worst part about it was it happened in the FRONT yard, so, everyone that drove by saw me! LOL I'm just glad no one stopped to help...I looked awful! hehehe
Later, one of my Avon downline called needing help. She had fell off a horse and is messed up pretty good, needing surgery on her shoulder, and applied for AHCCS to help pay for the surgery. We needed to get her AVON 'books' up-to-date. What a pain, now, I have to get at mine!!! I put that off til January---knowing NOT to do that each year---and it's a nightmare. The 'good' thing is, she is going to make a sheet for how to do it and I can use hers! *snort*

Well, gotta get motivated and out the door.

...count your blessings

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I'll never forget that morning. I was in shock as I sat and watched it all unfold live on TV. It was about 7 a.m., I had just sat down with my coffee and turned TV on, for my morning ritual of Good Morning America, while Jeffrey was getting ready for school (a junior). Hubby and #1 son were outside, installing our vinyl fence, with a neighbor man. I tried to get Jeffrey to come watch it....that it was BAD, we're being ATTACKED! The shock of all planes down and just waiting, wondering what/where next. And, it was history, RIGHT NOW. Of course, him being so young and 'sheltered', he didn't get it. My other 2 came in periodically and watched, listened.

I will never forget the feelings.....and I never want to feel that way again!
I listened to a very controversial, local radio station owner, Bill Cooper, on his own show that afternoon on my way home. I knew he would have an opinion that I wanted to hear, but, it dumbfounded me..,
His words exactly...
'Folks, we are witnessing the death of our innocence'......I sat in my driveway and cried like a baby. Those words rang so true. For some reason, I reckoned it to my youth. I remembered the innocence of my youth...being free as a bird, going wherever I wanted to on my bike...all day long, if I felt like it....out after supper on the neighborhood streets--just be home when the streetlights came on, when I heard my mom calling.....trick or treating til 10 pm.....going into unknown neighborhoods. Now, we won't let our kids out of our site or talk to people they don't know......teach them not to trust anyone. How sad. I hate that kids now days don't have those freedoms. And, that we all have fear.
~~~I used to love to hear the planes flying way over head.....from that day on, I catch myself almost holding my breath......wondering.....

The number of people lost that day, would be about 1/2 of our small town. Unimaginable. And, for what? God Bless those families.

I could go on and on, but, you wanna hear something really weird?

I didn't put two and two together, until I remembered a few days after this horror took place, that I had had a conversation with a co-worker in my flower shop.
This conversation took place a day or so before 9-11, I said that I felt 'weird'.....couldn't put my finger on it, or describe it, other than to say *and I'd never felt 'that' way before* it felt like IMPENDING DOOM........It shocked me when it all came together later......and I understood.

Someone in one of my online groups stated that there were 'monitors/receivers' around the world that peaked, a few hours before the attack. She mentioned something about Nostradamus, too. I'd like to dig into that more. These things make me stratch my head, altho, ultimately, I know that God is in control.

(I've had a similar incident involving my oldest, while I was 200 miles away with my near-death mom. I felt a familiar feeling deep within myself and I just stopped in my tracks and started praying for him. *yeah, it was bad* I've not had the 'feeling' since. But, I think I'd be in-tune to it, if it ever comes again....and I pray to God, that it NEVER comes again.......)

God Bless America * * * God Bless our Military * * * God Bless us all

...count your blessings

Monday, September 10, 2007

Monday, Monday

Whew! What a day. I felt pretty scatterbrained all day. I bounced around all morning and then, again this afternoon. Just never really accomplishing anything. I hate that! I took some Valerian Root this morning, hoping it would help to 'settle' me, but, it didn't quite do the job.

I called a dear friend here in town *I know LOTS of people, but, don't have many friends.......ykwim?* and we set up a lunch date. It was a nice visit and the food was really good. I had a Taco Salad and I was a piggy and ate the WHOLE thing! I knew it would be my lunch and supper, tho, so, I wasn't too worried about it. We haven't had a chance to really keep caught up with each other all summer, so, it was good to hear about all the 'stuff'.

I stopped at the Drug Store, looking for some yarn---knowing I wouldn't find what I needed. I ended up buying a pack of some really cute scrapbookking/card paper--HA! Like I need MORE projects. I did get one card almost completed, tho. *wink* Yesterday, I started making some Christmas ornaments! hehehehe I have wanted to do them for the past several years, but, always ended up putting it off, until it was too late. I am doing the juice can lid ornaments. I made some years ago and sold them at my store, they turn out really cute. I like to exchange ornaments and put them in most of the cards I send out at Christmas. The past few years, I've crocheted snowflakes, but, it's time for something different.

I got a prayer shawl started for Chris this afternoon. I decided to start it with some of the Simply Soft I had here, instead of waiting til I could get to Walmart to get a different color. I want to get it done and sent to her as soon as possible. I had almost 2 skeins of a cream color, so, that will be a good start. I may get to Walmart Friday or Saturday. I've enjoyed working on it *for about 1 1/2 hours off and on* and I find myself remembering all kinds of little forgotten memories, in between the prayers. It made me want to call Chris each time, and say, hey! Remember....but, I thought it might make her sad or something. I'll call her later in the week. I took Dozer out front and sat with my glass of wine and worked on it a bit. I got so sad thinking of all the things that will be no more. She will probably see no more summers, will she be here for her birthday in March? Oh, my..... I had to remind myself to get a grip and that I need to start appreciating all of those kinds of they were my last. I take so much for granted...

Well, I'm tired and want to sit and crochet on the shawl for a few minutes before I go to bed. I hope tomorrow 'feels' better, but, with it being 9-11, I'm sure it will be a day full of newsclips and all the emotions that go along with that day in history.....

...count your blessings.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

so sad

My day started out pretty good, after getting a really good nights sleep. I had sat up and watched "Bridges Over Madison County"...just a nice movie to watch, and that helped me to unwind and get to bed 'early'. I love Meryl Streep.
~~~I puttered around, washed my sheets and cleaned off my kitchen counter..ugh! It's 9 feet long on the one side and I swear, it catches everything! The bad part about it, is I'm the only I can be mad at for's all my 'stuff'.

I got a phone call this afternoon from one of my oldest friends,Chris, in Washington state. Her cancer is back. 18 months ago she was in stage 4 ovarian cancer. She came out of that (major, major surgery and chemo) 'cancer-free', that's what they told her. Her numbers had been really good, then, jumped from 38 in June, to 222. I don't understand all of that, but, I do know that her doctor should have notified her of the increase from 13 to 38. She might have had a, they've told her 6 months without Chemo and 6-12 with chemo. I am numb.....
~~~She wants to come see me and had planned on flying down here, in between chemo. I told her, maybe, I'll drive up there, and we can road-trip it back to AZ, where she can visit some of the old places, then, fly back out of Phoenix. She liked that idea.
~~~We have been friends since about 1972. We worked the same time at my parents El Taco, and she was my neighbor, too. I have so * many * memories. When she first was diagnosed, I thought of how big a part of my memories she was! I hate myself for not staying closer. ---- We have the type friendship--mostly phone calls--where you can go for months, even years without talking, but, when you do get on the phone, it's just like it always has been. We made each other laugh so hard, each time we talked! We exchanged birthday cards fairly regulary...and I always reminded her that she was the OLD one! LOL, by 17 days. Tonight, she told me, it's been since 1982 that we saw each other. WHY?
~~~She's had such a hard life, but, you'd never know it! You know the type---always so bubbly, cheerful and happy-go-lucky; and the one that attracted all the deadbeats.
WHY? She is such a VERY hard worker, and had so much going for her. WHY??? She had married a deadbeat when I first got to know her. Divorced him. Lost her mom, moved back to family in Washington, where the weather tore her up each winter. Married another deadbeat. Another divorce. Lost her dad. Married another deadbeat, who was the dad to her very ADHA son---he abandoned them both---altho, maybe it was for the best. They were divorced, too. She worked so hard and had her hands so FULL raising a very difficult child all on her own, no money or help whatsoever from the boys dad. Met other men that came and went. Then, lost her property to another deadbeat who had no entitlement at all to it, money or labor wise! Fought off stage 4 ovarian cancer, only for it to return again....WHY????? I just don't get it. Maybe she is the lucky one, tho? She will have time to get things in order before it's time. I know she's so worried about her son, who is a very immature 20-year-old.

I am so sad. I wish my hubby was home.....he knows Chris from way back too. When we were first married, Chris would come to Bisbee and stay with us for awhile. I remember flopping a mattress on the living room floor and she and I would lay out there late at night and laugh til we peed! Those are the kind of friends that come few and far between. Not just anyone knows my deepest darkest secrets....Chris is one of them.

So, I'm off of here for the night. I think I'll look through my stash of yarn and patterns to see if I have something suitable for a prayer shawl for her.

...count your blessings...and call or visit a dear friend!!!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

another afghan

Afghan for the trailer
I finished the lavender afghan *pictures are in the slide show to the right* last night, as I watched TV. I always like to make my afghans a bit bigger than called for, so, they wrap you up good when you snuggle in them! I was beginning to regret making this thing bigger! This is for a November birthday gift for a friend---she'll love it! Lavender is her favorite color. I used Caron's Simply Soft and I LOVE that stuff! Now, I have to get this burgundy afghan finished---it's the same pattern as the lavender one. It's for the trailer and it's EVEN BIGGER than the lavender one! HA! This one is using Red Heart worsted weight---UGH, it's so coarse and rough compared to the Simply Soft. I had this one started before I started the lavender one.
~~~I watched 'JARHEAD' on HBO last night. I really don't know what to say about the movie. Being a military mom, it hurt to see/hear some of that stuff. Being a mom, in general, it made me mad. Hopefully, I'll find something a bit more 'fluffy' to watch tonight.
~~~Hubby called with my 'good morning' and said that they were putting them on 12 hour days starting Monday. He'll work 8 today and 8 tomorrow, also, so, no coming home for awhile. *edit--he called me at lunch and volunteered for 12 hours today and 12 tomorrow*. They are on a push to get the expansion wrapped up and are 'supposed' to have it fired up by the 28th. That never usually happens, but, you never know. Getting his truck in service when he did was a GREAT move, financially speaking. He should have the truck AND welder paid back to the savings in about 4 to 5 weeks!!!!! That's OVER his usual weekly pay, too! CHA CHING! LOL *I gotta go SHOPPING!!! ROFL* (Actually, we've been bouncing the idea around for taking a cruise. He still has a week's vacation coming, but, we may wait to cruise next August when the boys could go with us, #2 son will be out of the Air Force, then, so, it could be a great celebration time) --- I told him I'd plan on coming down Wednesday, after I get my Avon order delivered. He'll need laundry done and groceries and stuff by then.
~~~It's a nice, overcast day here. The temperature is 'just right'. I need to go out and put some weed and feed on the lawn so, I can get the sprinkler system turned back on tomorrow evening, since, it looks like our rains are all but over. I really hate to see summer over. I love each season, but, the transition from one to the next just bugs me for some reason. I do look forward to the changing of the seasonal colors.
~~~I'm planning on making some pumpkin muffins, bread and possibly pumpkin cookies today. My Cozy Home posted a pumpkin bread recipe and got that seed planted in my head! LOL I wish someone would 'gift' me with some zuchinni for bread, too. I remember the day, when people would be glad to give you some of their extra zuchini, but, I guess people must have gotten so burned out on it and don't plant it or something. Hubby wanted to plant some squash and tomatoes, but, I talked him out of it. When he is gone so much and me back and forth on the road, we lose them and then, if we get any, we end up not using it! ACK .....someday, again, we will plant and have the chicken coop.
~~~Gotta get back busy, again. I wonder what the rest of the day will bring?

...count your blessings

Friday, September 7, 2007

The Name Game

I was doing my evening snooping *blog hopping* and found this fun little idea at My Cozy Home and I thought I would do it, too!

Here are the rules:
Players, you must list one fact that is somehow relevant to your life for each letter of your middle name. If you don’t have a middle name, use the middle name you would have liked to have had. When you are tagged you need to write your own blog post containing your own middle name game facts. At the end of your blog post, you need to choose one person for each letter of your middle name to tag. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

A -- Ambitious I have always been a do-er. I am a first-born, so, I think that has alot to do with it. I have always done well at most things I've tried, whether it was selling House of Lloyd/Christmas Around the World for 16 years and FINALLY getting to where I was earning trips of a lifetime and also being a Supervisor for at least 1/2 of those years. Then, when I had my Flower/Gift/Craft/Antique/Fudge Shop for 7 years, it was a very successful business *which I miss terribly*.

N -- Nurturer I've been called a 'Mother Hen' by many people! I LOVE to dote on my family, and beleive boys HATED IT! I love to make sure things are well. With my boys, I'm sure it was to their distaste, but, someday, they will remember all the 'good stuff' about mom and home. Hubby and I just laugh....I tell him he's 'so spoiled'. I try not to overdo, but, they put up with me pretty well, for the most part.

N -- Nester Is that a describing word? geez! I only had 3 letters and 2 of them were the same! *snort* I love to make my house a comfortable home, inside and outside. It's our 'nest', so, I like to keep it a soft place to land and I like to keep the feathers neat and orderly---altho, they sure get ruffled alot these days, in more ways than one! LOL (Re-reading this, how interesting that I have the N words so linked; mother hen/nester.) I still love this house/home after 18 years. When I'm at the trailer with hubby, I do the same thing. I know it's a 'female thing', but, I feel especially tied to that word.

Ok, now, I will tag Nancze, Jeauxdi, & Del.

Time for me to go to BED!!!! I need more sleep!
....count your blessings

just because...

I took this picture yesterday morning, so, I could look at it whenever I feel like it....just because! I love it. It's a climber rose bush with the color named blaze. They are doing great this year! I can't wait to see what it does next year...hope it fills in nicely.
~~~Hubby had quite the day, yesterday. He finally got out of here about 9 a.m. He called me about 1/2 way to Phoenix, the truck started overheating coming up out of Salt River Canyon. He finally got the welding machine bought and on the truck, and then, he got to the windshield repair place just in time. He called me in a panic about 4:30. He was on the freeway heading out and the truck was getting hot...maybe because of the extra weight from the welder?? He kept plodding along, and after he got so far, it straightened up. He ended making it--uneventfully--to the trailer and was in bed at midnight. Talk about a short night....he gets up at 4:30! He called me a bit ago and said all his co-workers love it (the truck AND welder)....and several of them have already been on the phone wanting to get new welders, too! LOL Like kids!!! Transmission work can be done when this job is over, I guess...I'm not going to worry about it..that's hubbys 'stuff'! hehehe
~~~I sat up and watched 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest' last night. I couldn't believe it was first out in 1975!!! Dang...I remember the first time I saw that show, in the theater, I guess. I have watched it a couple of times over the years, but, it's been awhile and I had forgot how evil Louise Fletcher's role was! Damn! Jack, baby, was a HOTTIE!!!! my my my!!! Still is, in my book, tho.
~~~Today, I'm supposed to be keying in my AVON order, but, I'm doing this instead! Bad me. After that's done, I have to be at a Charter School at 1:30 to sell the teachers some FLIP FLOPS. They LOVE my shoes, so, I've got 7 boxes of Avon extras, including 4 boxes of SHOES!!! LOL They're gonna love me, today!
~~~When I'm done there, I have to meet a gal to get her signed up to sell Avon. So, today, it's all about Avon. I have GOT to get some housecleaning done, when I get back, tho! It gets to a point where I just can't stand it when things are 'out of place'. I think I can FINALLY put MIL's papers away--well, all together within reach, but, OUTTA MY EYESIGHT!
~~~I have no idea if hubby will decide to come home tomorrow after work. I almost hope not. I'd like to tackle some cleaning projects and they are the kind that you have to destroy the area to get it all mucked out and put back together the way you want it! hehehe I love those kind of projects...well, at least when they are finished! And, I must have some kind of OCD, because, when I get a job like that done, I have to keep going back and looking at it! PLEASE don't tell me I'm the only one that does that! ROFL
~~~I'm still on the hunt for a cute VINTAGE APRON PATTERN, so, if you find one out there in your travels on land or internet, please think of me and send me some info! I am off for now...

...count your blessings

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

a new beginning.....

Well, today, I am feeling a bit better about the whole MIL far as the financial end of it goes. I had a telephone applicaton/interview this morning and got a new (#3) claim started for her. This one *hopefully* will do the trick. I felt much more confident and at ease after the 1 1/2 hour call. I got alot of information. And, I guess, at this point, it doesn't matter that she was denied the first 2 times. It's all a wash, anyway. I got a packet of papers copied and mailed to them for all the sale and money spent issues, too. So, I can breath.....for a little while. I've decided not to take any phone calls from the sister, for awhile. If it's important, she can call hubby. I just need to sit back and get my head *and heart* right about all of this again. bleck!

Yesterday was a busy day. Hubby has been off and won't be back to work until Friday--yikes, the paycheck next week is gonna suck, and, we've been spending SO much money!
~~~I got out early and delivered a bunch of Avon orders and did the mail and post office thing. Then, I followed hubby as he drove 'Fred' over to the next town to get the license put in our names---he's official now. Then, we drove another 44 miles to take Fred to the transmission shop. I guess we've lived in a slow, little area for too long---we had to make an appointment for the 18th!!! WHAT?!? We drove 2 vehicles for nothing! Maybe hubby will learn to call ahead next time. We had to get 2 new batteries at Walmart, so, naturally, I HAD to shop! Boy! I tried! But, all I ended up with was a new toothbrush, some upper reflux medicine and this KEY-ute BEE material!!!!
I absolutely HAD to have some! I have NO idea what I'm going to make with it. I have been wanting to find a vintage apron pattern, so, if anyone reading this has a good site for those, PUL-LEASE send it on to me! I've been wanting to redo my kitchen, too, so, since the lady at Walmart told me they would be keeping that particular pattern in stock *as long as they keep their craft section*, I may make some things for the kitchen and do a BEE theme. I got a FREE Kitchen Aid mixer (in black) from AVON for my cycle sales a few months ago, so, maybe I can do black accents.
The Halloween fabric, I got the time before at Walmart. I dug out some t-shirts I had buried in my craft room and will make some t-shirts up with those ironed on, and try to sell. I might make some cards with the fabric squares, too. I love this type patterned material. I did Christmas cards 2 years in a row, using ironed on material squares. While I was in the craft room, I had also 'found' these little fabric circles I had cut out for yo-yo's a couple of years ago. I just saw the cutest pattern online for making heart-shaped yo-yo's....I hope I saved that link!
When we left Walmart, last night, hubby took me to my favorite Mexican food restaurant for supper. I was bummed that I had to drive the little car home, cause I sure did want some Margaritas! LOL
Hubby will be getting up early (ha! He never sleeps in anyway, even on his days off!) to go to Phoenix tomorrow. He's located a welder, so, he's decided to forgo getting the transmission fixed for now, so, he can get that truck in-service. He can just leave the truck on the jobsite and ride in and out with #1 son. He's dreading the drive in that huge city, and I'm dreading the worry for him all day! We both just HATE going there! It's the 5th largest city now......ugh!
Hubby called his brother, that lives in PHX, this morning and told him he would be down there tomorrow. The brother told him his wife is taking herself off the dialysis and is with hospice, now. So, it's a matter of time for her. She is 10 years older that BIL and has been in very poor health for many years. None of us have ever been 'close', so, it's a weird situation. I just pray that she will go quietly and uneventfully......sad, sad.
I think Henrietta tested the waters here this evening....we had a nice downpour, but, I think it will be kicked up several notches tomorrow and the next day. We surely can use the rain!
That's all for me.

...count your blessings

Monday, September 3, 2007

Where does the time go??

Meet FRED!!! Hubby bought this welding truck from a co-worker Friday after work, so, we didn't leave to come home until Saturday morning. Hubby was the only welder on the job without a welding rig truck. One by one, they all upgraded that way. He'd never wanted any part of having a welding rig, because he welds and had no desire to do his own pipefitting, too. The way things are changing in the construction industry and lack of welders, that's not necessarily the case anymore. So, he has "FRED" now --- I named the truck Fred...he just looks like a 'Fred' doesn't he? LOL Fred will get hubby double the wage he is making now! I like Fred!!! hehehe We have to take it to a transmission shop Tuesday and get a few things checked out and hubby needs to get a welder mounted on it. He's got all the rest of the tools and 'stuff' he needs. Hopefully, hubby will make enough money with Fred to upgrade later, if he wants, but, knowing hubby, he will want to keep Fred! Gotta spend the money, or government taxes it so bad at the next level, tho. The pay increase will be so great, that he has to do that. Retirement plans will be much better, now, for sure!!!
~~~We left the trailer about 10:30 and got home around 1:30. It was a nice drive...I followed Fred all the way. LOTS of RV's on the road, and do I have a BIG VENT coming! With this being such a busy weekend and so many going up into the mountains for fishing and camping and just 'playing', it just boggles my brain WHY they would allow a bicyclists group doing their thing. GABA....I don't know what the organization was and, I have nothing against the bikers. I applaud them *I even gave one guy a thumbs up when he had gotten through a particularly grueling section*, what a major feat! BUT... it's an accident waiting to happen! Those mountains roads are so narrow--no shoulder--and then, there's all those curves! Throw in tons of traffic, with an exceptional amount of 5th wheels and big toy-haulers---ACK!!!! As far as I'm concerned, it's STOOPID and poor planning! (Speaking of BIG trailers, etc. people are using for camping! HA! I remember the days of really ROUGHING it! hehehe I actually worry about getting the hang of camping with our new little trailer, after tent camping for all these years. ALtho, with the cool/cold weather up high here, the trailer will give us a much longer camping season. I don't know how they can get those big-A$$ units onto those gravel roads and into places for any seclusion or decent spots to camp. ~~ I was pretty 'butt-hurt' that we couldn't go camping...that was the whole plan when we bought the trailer----to take it on it's maiden voyage for Labor Day. Well, today, when I went into town, I remembered why 'not' camping on Labor Day is a good thing!!! Talk about an RV exodus!!! HOLY CRAP!!!! Makes me wonder if there was any room left in the forest! LOL Unbelieveable!!!

It didn't take time to get back to reality when I got home.....Hubby headed to the gas station to fill Fred up, so, we could check the gas mileage (19.33 MPG-----awesome! And, that was coming UP the mountain!) I hit the Post Office and MIL's mailbox. I shouldn't have done it. Both were filled with stuff I wasn't ready to deal with again. My whole day was shot, and all day yesterday....oh, woe is me! I finally let it all out to hubby this morning at breakfast. I've been sitting on so much of it, because, it's such an overwhelming, involved MESS I didn't even want to 'try' to explain all the crap! At least now, he has a better grasp of the scope of all of this. I have had a knot in my stomach since we got home and I started going through all the mail. It's on my mind all day long and the first thing I think of in the mornings... BLECK Tomorrow, I'll start on it again...*sigh*

I did have a bright spot, come supper time. I've been feeling so inadequet in the cooking department. I just don't cook like I used to and it seems like I mess up SO many meals anymore. It's like I've forgotten how to cook or something! Well, I made a recipe I used to make when the boys were little. They called it 'sheep balls'! LOL I made a sweet and sour sauce *from scratch---hunting it down on the internet, since I couldn't find my original Jimmy Dean sausage recipe* and poured that over sausage balls and served over rice. It was good. Also had garlic bread.....yummy.

Lavender Afghan

I sat up last night and worked on this afghan gift and ended up falling asleep on the love seat. I love working on this pattern and have another one over half way done in a burgundy worsted weight yarn. This lavender yarn is SO soft, it makes me not want to use anything but this product from now on.

Today, I made sausage and cinnamon french toast for breakfast. Then, we've been busy outside again. Our new neighbors, Jim and Peggy came over and introduced themselves and they raved over our yard! *blush* It was a nice visit...they seem like they will be MUCH better neighbors than the single guy that was there before.....GOOD RIDDANCE!

I uploaded some more pictures to the slideshow below. I love to take pictures with my new Kodak EZShare Z612! I have a hard time limiting the pictures I put up here!

Gotta get the BBQ going! Pork Chops, baked potatoes, corn on the cob, garlic bread and grilled pineapple *a new thing for me*. Also, have some leftover Turtle Pie for dessert later, if we aren't stuffed! It's Miller time, so, I'm offa here for the day.

...count your blessings