Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Well...I just don't know what to think. Like I need anything else to get me worked up over, hubby has been talking about a (3-year) job in VIRGINIA!!!! Lynchburg. I think he may actually be serious about it. At first, I just blew it off. But, #1 son called this morning and said he and dad had both put their name on the list for it. HOLY CRAP! When he first started talking about it, I thought it was fun to dream about it. I got out the map, called a friend in North Carolina to see if she knew anything about it, and hunted the town down on the internet. My hubby is a desert rat. Born and raised in AZ, we have traveled and lived in Alaska, Nebraska, & New Mexico, and the plan YEARS ago---like 30 years!!---was to hit the road and travel with construction. Well...we did that. For 11 years, until we moved here in December, 1983, we pulled a travel trailer around to different construction jobs. I so yearned for a home! Little trailers are fine, but, I needed roots. We could never have anything, and once we had #1 son, it consumed me. So, in 1989, when it looked like hubby would FINALLY get on at the local power plant here (AND, we had 2 boys and STILL living in a travel trailer---a NICE 40-footer with 2 tip-its), with a PERMANENT job, we bought this new home. --- Well, the job never happened and to this day has caused some major extended-family contention.....another story for another day.
I love my home, I hate being by myself, altho, even when I'm with hubby at the trailer, I'm home alone, because they work so many stinking hours! (He said yesterday, he worked 16 hours!!!) So, I'd prefer to be in my own home and my own town. I have only ever wanted to 'take care' of hubby...I've always loved to cook and clean and just be a wifey. I've been doing a lot of beating myself up and wondering 'what is my purpose' lately for being here....alone.
The thought of leaving this house and the yard and all scares me! I don't think the house itself would be 'messed' with, but, everything would go to pot and we'd have so much crap to deal with when we ever did get back home. It's a scary thing to think about. I suppose I never should have had the landscaping and sprinklers done. I should have let it be the ugliest yard around (and it WAS, for 12 years, til I got tired of hubby telling me 'he can do it').
Selling it is out of the question. I know he won't go for that and it would take a YEAR to get all of our crap out of here! *we are both packrats* (did I actually admit that??) Altho, that in itself would be a GREAT THING! We only owe $20,000 on this house and really, we like it here. We also would NEVER even consider renting it...the payment is only $382!!! Can you believe that???
I don't know. I guess I'll take some Valerian Root and get ready to deliver my Avon order. I've got to try and turn it off!!! I know God doesn't want me to worry, but, that is one thing I do so well......

Yesterday, I wanted to stay home. I mowed the front and back lawns. That would have been fine and dandy, BUT, the dang riding lawnmover had to have a little temper tantrum and one of the rods that holds the wheel for turning came loose---again. I had to figure out what to do and then, I was 'Sherry-the-tool-girl'. I worked and worked and finally figured out that I needed a LONG piece of pipe and a HEAVY hammer to pound the bent piece back into place, so, I could re-attach the rod. I also had to figure out something that would work to keep the rod in it's place, since, I walked the yard and couldn't find the thing. I felt pretty accomplished when I had it all done!! WOOHOO The worst part about it was it happened in the FRONT yard, so, everyone that drove by saw me! LOL I'm just glad no one stopped to help...I looked awful! hehehe
Later, one of my Avon downline called needing help. She had fell off a horse and is messed up pretty good, needing surgery on her shoulder, and applied for AHCCS to help pay for the surgery. We needed to get her AVON 'books' up-to-date. What a pain, now, I have to get at mine!!! I put that off til January---knowing NOT to do that each year---and it's a nightmare. The 'good' thing is, she is going to make a sheet for how to do it and I can use hers! *snort*

Well, gotta get motivated and out the door.

...count your blessings

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