Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I'll never forget that morning. I was in shock as I sat and watched it all unfold live on TV. It was about 7 a.m., I had just sat down with my coffee and turned TV on, for my morning ritual of Good Morning America, while Jeffrey was getting ready for school (a junior). Hubby and #1 son were outside, installing our vinyl fence, with a neighbor man. I tried to get Jeffrey to come watch it....that it was BAD, we're being ATTACKED! The shock of all planes down and just waiting, wondering what/where next. And, it was history, RIGHT NOW. Of course, him being so young and 'sheltered', he didn't get it. My other 2 came in periodically and watched, listened.

I will never forget the feelings.....and I never want to feel that way again!
I listened to a very controversial, local radio station owner, Bill Cooper, on his own show that afternoon on my way home. I knew he would have an opinion that I wanted to hear, but, it dumbfounded me..,
His words exactly...
'Folks, we are witnessing the death of our innocence'......I sat in my driveway and cried like a baby. Those words rang so true. For some reason, I reckoned it to my youth. I remembered the innocence of my youth...being free as a bird, going wherever I wanted to on my bike...all day long, if I felt like it....out after supper on the neighborhood streets--just be home when the streetlights came on, when I heard my mom calling.....trick or treating til 10 pm.....going into unknown neighborhoods. Now, we won't let our kids out of our site or talk to people they don't know......teach them not to trust anyone. How sad. I hate that kids now days don't have those freedoms. And, that we all have fear.
~~~I used to love to hear the planes flying way over head.....from that day on, I catch myself almost holding my breath......wondering.....

The number of people lost that day, would be about 1/2 of our small town. Unimaginable. And, for what? God Bless those families.

I could go on and on, but, you wanna hear something really weird?

I didn't put two and two together, until I remembered a few days after this horror took place, that I had had a conversation with a co-worker in my flower shop.
This conversation took place a day or so before 9-11, I said that I felt 'weird'.....couldn't put my finger on it, or describe it, other than to say *and I'd never felt 'that' way before* it felt like IMPENDING DOOM........It shocked me when it all came together later......and I understood.

Someone in one of my online groups stated that there were 'monitors/receivers' around the world that peaked, a few hours before the attack. She mentioned something about Nostradamus, too. I'd like to dig into that more. These things make me stratch my head, altho, ultimately, I know that God is in control.

(I've had a similar incident involving my oldest, while I was 200 miles away with my near-death mom. I felt a familiar feeling deep within myself and I just stopped in my tracks and started praying for him. *yeah, it was bad* I've not had the 'feeling' since. But, I think I'd be in-tune to it, if it ever comes again....and I pray to God, that it NEVER comes again.......)

God Bless America * * * God Bless our Military * * * God Bless us all

...count your blessings

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