Friday, September 28, 2007

Stamps, Scorpions and Bees--Oh My!

Dang! I can't believe it's been a whole week since I posted! WHEW!
Last Friday, I got to hubby's trailer and we went out and had R & R pizza---mmmmmm, delicious! Too bad they don't have a beer tap there, tho! LOL I don't drink much, but, once in awhile, it's just gooooood!
Saturday, I went into Safford and did some shopping and 'stuff'. I was able to find just the right little gas BBQ grill! I was so happy! It's really hard to make a few different dishes in that little oven and the convection oven is too hard to use when it's still hot, because it kicks the breaker off, unless I turn the AC off, and then, it gets TOO hot in there. UGH! I hated the little wood/charcoal BBQ hubby had. For one, it was too little, and it takes so stinkin' long to get the wood burning just right---he thinks we have to use mesquite wood on it, I much prefer using a propane and easy!

I came home---under protest---on Tuesday. I would have stayed til Wednesday, put, I had forgotten to fill the dogs food dish up before I left. CRAP! I just hate coming home by myself...and being here all alone. --- I got my Avon order right after I got home, so, it was a busy time getting it all ready to deliver. I cannot believe how the season has changed so fast! It's already gotten down to 38° here in the morning! We had frost again the day before yesterday, too!
~~~I've been trying to spend two hours a day cleaning in my CRAFT room. UGH---DOUBLE UGH!!! It is such a mess in there! It gives me a panic attack when I walk into it! LOL...One day, I was standing in the far corner of the room and hubby poked his head in there and said 'how'd you get over there?'...I told him I FLEW! LOL nuff said, but, I workin' on it!!! I HAVE to get it straightened up cause I have a NEW hobby! LOL LIke I need another hobby! HA!~ For many years, I had contemplated getting involved with STAMPIN UP. I finally did it!!! Not so much for the party part of it----been there, done that, but, because I want to be part of the 'scene' and get info, tips, etc. about making cards and some scrapbooking. I met the sweetest gal, here in town...I went to her house, Thursday, initially to just get the big book, but, I ended up signing for the kit! I'm EXCITED!!! I've been playing with making cards, so, it will be so much fun to be able to work with someone local here to show me some of the tricks and techniques! I signed at a great time, too, and will be getting a bunch of the ink stamps for free! WooHoo! Maybe I can get a small group together just for some play time...if they order, I can get my kit paid back that way.

Hubby called me last night while he was sitting outside waiting for the AC to cool the trailer off. He called me about 1/2 an hour later, saying he had gotten bit by something, on his finger, when he went to look at #1 son's hot water heater, that had been acting funny. He put his hand on the ground to steady himself and BAM! When he called, his hand was hurting and pain was going up his arm to his armpit!!! His throat was also feeling like it was closing and the water he drank tasted horrible!!!
I was ready to head out, but, called the poison control and got some info, and also called #1 son to go over and check on his dad and see if he could see puncture marks. Our fist thought was spider...there are a LOT of black widows right by the water heater----BIG ONES!!! eww! We thought it was a scorpion but, not for certain. I had hubby call poison control and they did in fact, suggest it was probably scorpion from all the things hubby described. It was 8:30 by then, and I was just ready to head out the door. I dreaded driving 2 1/2 hours by myself that late...and with a full moon, the elk and deer would have been thick along the road. Hubby told me not to come, he was 'ok'. I worried all night and finally talked to him at 7 a.m. He hadn't been able to make it to work; got up and had made his lunch, but, just didn't feel well enough to go in. I felt terrible for not going!!!! He finally called me at noon and said he had went to work at 10 and was feeling ok, but, his arm was still numb. He said it was a rough night and his arms felt like they were shaking inside. I asked him if he felt like that guy on 'The Fly' when he turned into a fly---or 'Altered States'....ewww! Everything I found online, said there really isn't much you can do for a scorpion sting, you just have to let it run it's course. Funny that all the years of being raised and living in the desert and that is the first time for that! I'm going to take a black light down next time I go and we'll see if we can see them at night....they are flourescent with a black light. How scary!!!! I walk out there at night after supper, in my flip flops, to take the trash out! Not anymore! I'm so glad all is well!

I spent 1 1/2 hours on the phone with #2 son this evening...he is going through alot of stress and turmoil. Moving, 12 hours workdays, college and worrying about 'what am I gonnna do when I get out?'.... He takes after his momma in the worry department, that's for sure. He's unsure if he should re-enlist or what he will do when he gets out. Ahhhhhhh, that's life for ya! I'm glad he will be here next week for some momma time and to de-stress. He really needs it!

I signed 2 gals up for AVON this week! That makes 4 in 3 weeks! woohoo! How exciting! I'm kinda bummed out about some of the things happening in the Avon world, tho. I feel like the little guys don't have much of a chance anymore. Another big corporate mess, if you ask me. Makes me wonder how it all will play out.

Well, here are the BEES I found tonight! I just love this pattern!!! I may just have to order the valance and the lampshade for the kitchen! Too Cute!!! It will play right into what I want to do with the kitchen!!! ahhhhh, too much to do and not enough time, tho!!!

Oh! On another note----Fred paid for himself already! 20 & 1/3 days! LOL Hubby has earned his keep, too....he's worked 22 days straight, and most of those days (except today) were 12 hours or more. Makes me feel pretty useless.

Here's a cute little joke I just heard:

What did the Mexican Fire Chief call his 2 kids?




...count your blessings

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