Saturday, September 8, 2007

another afghan

Afghan for the trailer
I finished the lavender afghan *pictures are in the slide show to the right* last night, as I watched TV. I always like to make my afghans a bit bigger than called for, so, they wrap you up good when you snuggle in them! I was beginning to regret making this thing bigger! This is for a November birthday gift for a friend---she'll love it! Lavender is her favorite color. I used Caron's Simply Soft and I LOVE that stuff! Now, I have to get this burgundy afghan finished---it's the same pattern as the lavender one. It's for the trailer and it's EVEN BIGGER than the lavender one! HA! This one is using Red Heart worsted weight---UGH, it's so coarse and rough compared to the Simply Soft. I had this one started before I started the lavender one.
~~~I watched 'JARHEAD' on HBO last night. I really don't know what to say about the movie. Being a military mom, it hurt to see/hear some of that stuff. Being a mom, in general, it made me mad. Hopefully, I'll find something a bit more 'fluffy' to watch tonight.
~~~Hubby called with my 'good morning' and said that they were putting them on 12 hour days starting Monday. He'll work 8 today and 8 tomorrow, also, so, no coming home for awhile. *edit--he called me at lunch and volunteered for 12 hours today and 12 tomorrow*. They are on a push to get the expansion wrapped up and are 'supposed' to have it fired up by the 28th. That never usually happens, but, you never know. Getting his truck in service when he did was a GREAT move, financially speaking. He should have the truck AND welder paid back to the savings in about 4 to 5 weeks!!!!! That's OVER his usual weekly pay, too! CHA CHING! LOL *I gotta go SHOPPING!!! ROFL* (Actually, we've been bouncing the idea around for taking a cruise. He still has a week's vacation coming, but, we may wait to cruise next August when the boys could go with us, #2 son will be out of the Air Force, then, so, it could be a great celebration time) --- I told him I'd plan on coming down Wednesday, after I get my Avon order delivered. He'll need laundry done and groceries and stuff by then.
~~~It's a nice, overcast day here. The temperature is 'just right'. I need to go out and put some weed and feed on the lawn so, I can get the sprinkler system turned back on tomorrow evening, since, it looks like our rains are all but over. I really hate to see summer over. I love each season, but, the transition from one to the next just bugs me for some reason. I do look forward to the changing of the seasonal colors.
~~~I'm planning on making some pumpkin muffins, bread and possibly pumpkin cookies today. My Cozy Home posted a pumpkin bread recipe and got that seed planted in my head! LOL I wish someone would 'gift' me with some zuchinni for bread, too. I remember the day, when people would be glad to give you some of their extra zuchini, but, I guess people must have gotten so burned out on it and don't plant it or something. Hubby wanted to plant some squash and tomatoes, but, I talked him out of it. When he is gone so much and me back and forth on the road, we lose them and then, if we get any, we end up not using it! ACK .....someday, again, we will plant and have the chicken coop.
~~~Gotta get back busy, again. I wonder what the rest of the day will bring?

...count your blessings

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Dru said...

Hi Sherry,
Your afghan is cute :) and those pumpkin muffins really sound good!
Hope you are having a fun weekend!
Hugs, Dru