Friday, September 21, 2007 I go again!

Brother! I came home Tuesday----I did NOT want to come home.... I did get pretty bored Monday, tho, which is not common for me. Hubby is working such long days that I get tired of being in that trailer all day long alone. I am leaving tomorrow after lunch sometime to go back down again. I am really missing hubby...this has been a rough summer--again. I am very thankful that he has a job and try to keep that in mind. In the construction industry, that he is in, work can be pretty sporatic, and, we've had too much 'off' time, for sure!!! This is the second longest stretch he's ever worked in 32 years. He's worked continuously since mid-February 2006. Hopefully, he will stay with this company and they will keep him working, unless, he decides to go to Virginia. I'm not sure if that is the same company or not. I really hope that blows over. UGH!

~~~I have been having some fun with my NEW crafting projects! I have been making some cute cards! I love it! These three I 'kinda' cheated on, tho. They were a special set for $3 at the local scrappin' store. $1 a piece, can't beat that! I also found this site for BELLA stamps! What fun! And, there is a whole group just for Bella lovers, with swaps and fun stuff. OH! The wonderful world of the web! LOL
~~~I got a fast phone call from #2 son this afternoon when I was in the scrappin' shop. He is coming home for Rex Allen Days! What a surprise! It will be so good to see him! Since he left for the Air Force August 23, 2004, I've only seen his face 23 days! Now THAT sucks!!! ~~~ It's always fun to go home and 'bump' into people from your past, on RAD weekends. Since I moved away in 1975, tho, there's not too many old faces around there anymore, but, lots of them do go back for the big weekend. My parents still live there, so, that helps to stay connected with the happenings in my old stomping grounds.
I have GOT to get off here and go to bed! I don't get enough sleep when I come home. When I'm at the trailer I must 'let down' and I'm ready to crash between 8 and 10. When I'm here by myself, I have to force myself to go to bed and am usually up til 12, 1 or even 2 a.m., and up at my usual 7-8 a.m. *sigh*

...count your blessings


Storm said...

Wow Sherry I love your sanity projects and your cards too! :D

Dru said...

Hi Sherry,
Great news about your son coming home! Hope you have a great week ahead.
Hugs, Dru