Monday, September 3, 2007

Where does the time go??

Meet FRED!!! Hubby bought this welding truck from a co-worker Friday after work, so, we didn't leave to come home until Saturday morning. Hubby was the only welder on the job without a welding rig truck. One by one, they all upgraded that way. He'd never wanted any part of having a welding rig, because he welds and had no desire to do his own pipefitting, too. The way things are changing in the construction industry and lack of welders, that's not necessarily the case anymore. So, he has "FRED" now --- I named the truck Fred...he just looks like a 'Fred' doesn't he? LOL Fred will get hubby double the wage he is making now! I like Fred!!! hehehe We have to take it to a transmission shop Tuesday and get a few things checked out and hubby needs to get a welder mounted on it. He's got all the rest of the tools and 'stuff' he needs. Hopefully, hubby will make enough money with Fred to upgrade later, if he wants, but, knowing hubby, he will want to keep Fred! Gotta spend the money, or government taxes it so bad at the next level, tho. The pay increase will be so great, that he has to do that. Retirement plans will be much better, now, for sure!!!
~~~We left the trailer about 10:30 and got home around 1:30. It was a nice drive...I followed Fred all the way. LOTS of RV's on the road, and do I have a BIG VENT coming! With this being such a busy weekend and so many going up into the mountains for fishing and camping and just 'playing', it just boggles my brain WHY they would allow a bicyclists group doing their thing. GABA....I don't know what the organization was and, I have nothing against the bikers. I applaud them *I even gave one guy a thumbs up when he had gotten through a particularly grueling section*, what a major feat! BUT... it's an accident waiting to happen! Those mountains roads are so narrow--no shoulder--and then, there's all those curves! Throw in tons of traffic, with an exceptional amount of 5th wheels and big toy-haulers---ACK!!!! As far as I'm concerned, it's STOOPID and poor planning! (Speaking of BIG trailers, etc. people are using for camping! HA! I remember the days of really ROUGHING it! hehehe I actually worry about getting the hang of camping with our new little trailer, after tent camping for all these years. ALtho, with the cool/cold weather up high here, the trailer will give us a much longer camping season. I don't know how they can get those big-A$$ units onto those gravel roads and into places for any seclusion or decent spots to camp. ~~ I was pretty 'butt-hurt' that we couldn't go camping...that was the whole plan when we bought the trailer----to take it on it's maiden voyage for Labor Day. Well, today, when I went into town, I remembered why 'not' camping on Labor Day is a good thing!!! Talk about an RV exodus!!! HOLY CRAP!!!! Makes me wonder if there was any room left in the forest! LOL Unbelieveable!!!

It didn't take time to get back to reality when I got home.....Hubby headed to the gas station to fill Fred up, so, we could check the gas mileage (19.33 MPG-----awesome! And, that was coming UP the mountain!) I hit the Post Office and MIL's mailbox. I shouldn't have done it. Both were filled with stuff I wasn't ready to deal with again. My whole day was shot, and all day yesterday....oh, woe is me! I finally let it all out to hubby this morning at breakfast. I've been sitting on so much of it, because, it's such an overwhelming, involved MESS I didn't even want to 'try' to explain all the crap! At least now, he has a better grasp of the scope of all of this. I have had a knot in my stomach since we got home and I started going through all the mail. It's on my mind all day long and the first thing I think of in the mornings... BLECK Tomorrow, I'll start on it again...*sigh*

I did have a bright spot, come supper time. I've been feeling so inadequet in the cooking department. I just don't cook like I used to and it seems like I mess up SO many meals anymore. It's like I've forgotten how to cook or something! Well, I made a recipe I used to make when the boys were little. They called it 'sheep balls'! LOL I made a sweet and sour sauce *from scratch---hunting it down on the internet, since I couldn't find my original Jimmy Dean sausage recipe* and poured that over sausage balls and served over rice. It was good. Also had garlic bread.....yummy.

Lavender Afghan

I sat up last night and worked on this afghan gift and ended up falling asleep on the love seat. I love working on this pattern and have another one over half way done in a burgundy worsted weight yarn. This lavender yarn is SO soft, it makes me not want to use anything but this product from now on.

Today, I made sausage and cinnamon french toast for breakfast. Then, we've been busy outside again. Our new neighbors, Jim and Peggy came over and introduced themselves and they raved over our yard! *blush* It was a nice visit...they seem like they will be MUCH better neighbors than the single guy that was there before.....GOOD RIDDANCE!

I uploaded some more pictures to the slideshow below. I love to take pictures with my new Kodak EZShare Z612! I have a hard time limiting the pictures I put up here!

Gotta get the BBQ going! Pork Chops, baked potatoes, corn on the cob, garlic bread and grilled pineapple *a new thing for me*. Also, have some leftover Turtle Pie for dessert later, if we aren't stuffed! It's Miller time, so, I'm offa here for the day.

...count your blessings


Dru said...

Hi Sherry,
Love that afghan it is really cute.
I love Fred too!
Have a great weekend.
Hugs, Dru

Nancze said...

Hey there Ms. Sherry B. Love Fred, yes he looks like a Fred, lol.. I hope things get bette for you as far as mil stuff is concerned. I know it's always been so hard on you. Oh the afghan is so pretty. Sure hope you share the patterns with me. Love that funny animated url you sent. I swear I don't know where you find all that stuff. lol.. Love ya girlfriend and hope you're having a great day! Love and ~hugs~

Anonymous said...

I too love the purple afghan - do you share patterns? I need a project for our next RV trip and would love to try this pattern. If so - email me at

Jeauxdi said...

Thanx for my B-Day wish!!!! I had a GREAT b-day weekend, I will be posting later all about it with pics!
Congrats on FRED!!!!
Have a giggly day...