Saturday, September 15, 2007

What day is this???

Dang! I feel 'lost' or something! LOL I came down to the trailer Thursday afternoon. I got here just a few minutes before the guys got home. #1 son bought one of the co-workers welders, so, a bunch of them came over to get that huge, heavy thing off of a truck. #1 son was a happy camper! hehehee Since, I got here so late and didn't have time to make anything for dinner, we went out for supper. I had a delicious shredded beef chimichanga and TWO Margaritas! Ei! Yei! Yei! *wink*

~~~Friday, I went into Safford and did some shopping for the guys. (I love the Walmart there!) When I was ready to head out of town, I stopped for my favorite 'reward'! Gotta love those big ole sno-cones! --- Who are we supposed to talk to about the heat around here?!?! When I left home, it was mid-70's; here, it's still in the 100's!!!! ENOUGH already! My hubby is getting pretty wore down from it all....I don' know how he puts up with it! Poor guy worked 91 hours this week! Can't wait to see what that check is gonna look like!!! $50 an hour straight time, and all that overtime! WOWSER! *Thank you, FRED!!!* This next check (for one week) will be OVER what a normal month's worth of checks would be!!! Unbelieveable! *Did I say "THANK YOU FRED"???*
~~~I went to the laundromat and did 4 loads. I hate doing laundry in a laundromat..such a waste of time! I can't believe how expensive it is these days, too! $1.25 for a small load to wash and then, 25 cents for 8 minutes to dry! I took my crochet and worked on it for a bit. I restarted Chris's prayer shawl in a dusty rose, her favorite color. I'll be feverishly working on that for the next few days, trying to get it done and mailed to her.
~~~ I had all kinds of things bouncing around in my head to talk about here, but, they've vanished. Hubby just called and is on his way home--they only worked 10 hours instead of 12, today. Gotta get his beer in the freezer and get his supper ready. He comes home starving...nothing like leftover night! LOL

...count your blessings


Nancze said...

Hi Sherry, oh sweetie, I'll be praying for you about the move. You spoke of being alone even when with hubby and you know it's the same for me. Hard to stay upbeat when I am always by myself and hardly ever leave this house. Someday's I just feel like giving up. Nothing worse than the feeling of loneliness. I often wonder what I am still doing here and what good am I for anything. So know I understand. Love ya! ~hugs~

Dru said...

Hi Sherry,
I almost work as much as your husband lol but I am off this weekend phew! Hope you have a great weekend.
Hugs, Dru