Friday, September 7, 2007

just because...

I took this picture yesterday morning, so, I could look at it whenever I feel like it....just because! I love it. It's a climber rose bush with the color named blaze. They are doing great this year! I can't wait to see what it does next year...hope it fills in nicely.
~~~Hubby had quite the day, yesterday. He finally got out of here about 9 a.m. He called me about 1/2 way to Phoenix, the truck started overheating coming up out of Salt River Canyon. He finally got the welding machine bought and on the truck, and then, he got to the windshield repair place just in time. He called me in a panic about 4:30. He was on the freeway heading out and the truck was getting hot...maybe because of the extra weight from the welder?? He kept plodding along, and after he got so far, it straightened up. He ended making it--uneventfully--to the trailer and was in bed at midnight. Talk about a short night....he gets up at 4:30! He called me a bit ago and said all his co-workers love it (the truck AND welder)....and several of them have already been on the phone wanting to get new welders, too! LOL Like kids!!! Transmission work can be done when this job is over, I guess...I'm not going to worry about it..that's hubbys 'stuff'! hehehe
~~~I sat up and watched 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest' last night. I couldn't believe it was first out in 1975!!! Dang...I remember the first time I saw that show, in the theater, I guess. I have watched it a couple of times over the years, but, it's been awhile and I had forgot how evil Louise Fletcher's role was! Damn! Jack, baby, was a HOTTIE!!!! my my my!!! Still is, in my book, tho.
~~~Today, I'm supposed to be keying in my AVON order, but, I'm doing this instead! Bad me. After that's done, I have to be at a Charter School at 1:30 to sell the teachers some FLIP FLOPS. They LOVE my shoes, so, I've got 7 boxes of Avon extras, including 4 boxes of SHOES!!! LOL They're gonna love me, today!
~~~When I'm done there, I have to meet a gal to get her signed up to sell Avon. So, today, it's all about Avon. I have GOT to get some housecleaning done, when I get back, tho! It gets to a point where I just can't stand it when things are 'out of place'. I think I can FINALLY put MIL's papers away--well, all together within reach, but, OUTTA MY EYESIGHT!
~~~I have no idea if hubby will decide to come home tomorrow after work. I almost hope not. I'd like to tackle some cleaning projects and they are the kind that you have to destroy the area to get it all mucked out and put back together the way you want it! hehehe I love those kind of projects...well, at least when they are finished! And, I must have some kind of OCD, because, when I get a job like that done, I have to keep going back and looking at it! PLEASE don't tell me I'm the only one that does that! ROFL
~~~I'm still on the hunt for a cute VINTAGE APRON PATTERN, so, if you find one out there in your travels on land or internet, please think of me and send me some info! I am off for now...

...count your blessings

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