Sunday, August 24, 2008

...on the road again...

I came to moms Wednesday and we've been on the go again! Thursday, we took off and went to Safford. We picked up one of her OLD friends, Muriel, and then, met with Muriel's daughter, Denise, for lunch. Oh, what fun we had...laughing and carrying on. Denise showed me how to get to the scrapbook store there. What an awesome place! Then, we went to Home Depot to look for woodstoves, etc...too early in their season--lol, yeah, well, maybe cause it was 100 degrees there?!? Looked at carpet, so, mom has a good idea what she wants and how much she'll have to spend. Then, we hit Walmart for a bit. Those two old ladies wore me out! LOL
Mom and I got home right at 6, so, we ate a bite and then, we sat and crocheted while we watched Sweet Home Alabama.
Friday, we were still beat! Trying to catch up from the last day! So, we just went to a couple yard sales--I found a couple neat recipe books! One is a local ladies Emblem Club from 1987; those type of fundraiser cookbooks always have great recipes. The other cookbook is a 1942 American Woman's CookBook in GREAT shape!!! After yardsaling--too hot--we drove around, that's when I spotted those cows! We went to Stout's Cider Mill where they make those 12" high apple pies! WOW! At $22, I passed. Instead, we split an apple cobbler and visited while we ate.
Next, we drove out into the country to visit the Apple Annie's You-Pick-It farm. I am so amazed at the agriculture/industry in my hometown since I left. It always was the BORINGEST place to be, growing up. Now, I find new things to do there each time I visit! HA! We seemed to just have to drag ourselves aroung the rest of the afternoon, so, we stayed in and crocheted, watched the olympics and then, we watched Million Dollar Baby---like the 6th time for me! LOL
Saturday, we went for lunch at the Coronado Vineyards--my FAVORITEST place. It was also their 2nd annual Grape Stomping celebration. What fun!

Of course, I didn't really plan on grape-stomping myself, but, I figured you haven't lived unless you've stomped a few grapes in your life! HA! Amazing how a little wine and champagne gives you that desire! hehehe

You can tell by the look on my face, how weird it felt! LOL We also took the little vineyard tour and learned alot about that part of the industry. I am amazed at how SE Arizona is becoming such a hotspot for winery/vineyards!

We went inside and enjoyed the wine tasting and had such great visits with all the 'strangers/friends' we met. It was a busy day for the vineyard, plus they had a bus tour stop in. I love to talk to people! I bought a few goodies from the gift shop and we left about 5...good thing, too, cause I probably shouldn't have been driving! hehehe I hit the chair and slept for THREE hours straight! I couldn't belive it! Can you say wiped out??? I got up, showered, ate some leftovers and we watched RV--cute movie. I was in bed at 11 and surprised I could sleep the night through, since, I'd had a 3-hour nap!

I'm heading home in a little while. I'll be glad to get back to 'normal'....gotta work Monday. I'm looking forward to that!
count your blessings...

Random Picture...

COWS!!! I remember chasing pigs that looked like this when I was growing up in Iowa! HA! I'll have to ask hubby what kind of cow these are...I'd never seen this particular breed.
count your blessings...

Sunday, August 10, 2008

We finally got to go camping....

Here's a slide show of our camping pics.
I'll try to get back here soon to update on things since the last time I posted.
Don't hold your breath, tho! LOL

...count your blessings