Wednesday, December 26, 2007

December 26...

Well, I am glad today is the day AFTER Christmas! I'm just glad the day is over. With everything that's been going on in my world, I just wasn't into the holiday spirit at all. I didn't do ANY decorating *which says alot...I have TONS of Christmas decorations and the house swells with Christmas*, no Christmas tree, the only baking I did was some fudge and sugar cookies (that I screwed up royally). The goodies were only made so I would have something to send to my FlyBoy with his gifts I mailed out. I had no intentions of any Christmas meal or pies, either.
My FLYBOY walked in the door Monday around 4:30 p.m.! To say it was a surprise is an understatement! I was speechless! He could only stay til 4 Christmas day and his dad drove him to the Phoenix airport for his 9:12 p.m. flight home. What a blessing to have him home.
Needless to say, I did have to scramble to the store for turkey breast and the fixin's! LOL
This was the third time this year that he's been home. How nice that is! He usually is on the go, trying to see as many people as he can when he is home, that we don't see a whole lot of him, but, just knowing he will be popping in and out is enough for me!
This trip, he left Friday evening with an Air Force gal driving to Texas. She took him as far as Phoenix and then, he caught a ride with a cousin of his best bud that just happened to be coming up this way Monday. He had to be back to work today, Wednesday. What a sweetheart he is!

---Don't know what I'm gonna do...we definitely need some health insurance. Hubby was supposed to have his health, dental and vision insurance start on January 1, but.....since the job was over, there went the insurance. I've got several health issues I NEED to go in for and I surely don't want to go in until we have insurance.
One issue is with my knee(s). My right one keeps going out on me. Very Skeery! I think it's went out/made me flat-out fall about 3 or 4 times a week lately. Including Christmas day! I got up from the loveseat to go into the kitchen to start peeling in hand. I got half way and BAM!--straight way to stop those kind of falls. What worries me is what is holding it all together. How much can it take....ugh, gives me the creeps! So, I'm going to have to start planning my AVON deliveries and any shopping very carefully, to do the least amount of walking as possible. AND, I walk v e w w y v e w w y slowly in the house or out and about. Two weeks ago, I did fall in public....once again, straight down! Not a fun thing to do or to worry about happening again. The weird thing is, it doesn't hurt. It will hurt for a bit after I fall or twist it or knock it off the kneepad or whatever, but, in just a short while, it's not sore, but, it does tend to make my calf and below feel kinda strange/numby. If anyone reading this has any experience with bad knees, please, leave me a comment with any advice!

The lil woodstove that CAN!Oh, my! It's been SO C O L D around here! But, you KNOW I LOVE it!!! LOL Last night when I went to bed, it was about 4°, don't know what the windchill was. Put a lil piece of oak in the woodstove and it was nice and warm in here, and even had a nice bed of coals to get a fire started first thing in the morning. This cute lil woodstove is all we use for heat in the house. We LOVE it! We've had snow on the ground now for three weeks, it's starting to melt off pretty good, but, I think we are supposed to get a bit this weekend. As a matter of fact, it did snow yesterday! What a nice Christmas day, with #2 son home AND snow!

I've been working on a large burgundy (Red Heart calls it claret) afghan for hubby's work trailer....I'm on the LAST row of the border and I was looking at it in the bright sunlight of the living room. THE SKEINS WERE DIFFERENT LOTS AND I CAN SEE THE DIFFERENCE WHEN I CHANGED SEVERAL TIMES!!!!! Holy Crap! I dug in the garbage to find a skein wrapper to see the's the same, but a different dye lot AND it states no DYE LOTS~~~~~ grrrrrr! I'm just glad it was for us and not a gift. Maybe anyone else wouldn't notice, but I'm pissed! It wouldn't have been so bad if I had known it and not mixed them. I could have at least used the different ones at the end instead of mixing them in! I always make my afghans bigger than the patterns call for so, I never know how many skeins to buy in the beginning. Lesson learned, I guess.....

count your blessings...

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Ela said...

I love your woodstove! It looks extremely cozy and so old-fashioned. I love the style! Sometimes I think
it is so pity to have only central heating at home as I have.