Thursday, January 17, 2008

MoonPie, anyone?

A blast from the past! OK, so, when was the last time YOU had one? LOL I think it's been a year or better since I last had one. They are definitely not my favorite......I'd prefer a Suzy Q or Ding Dong for a sugar treat along that line.
I've been trying to use up lots of the food stuff from hubby's trailer. The MoonPies were something for hubbys lunches. Yuck!

Holy Moly! It's been C-O-L-D here! *grin* Ya know I am lovin' it, too! When I got up BEFORE the crack of dawn, it was 3°. Thank goodness hubby threw a nice piece of oak in the woodstove before he went to bed last night. Lots of nice coals for me to get the fire going again. mmmmmmmmm I LOVE wood heat!

I've been sleeping like crap the past couple nights again. UGH I had been having some 'good' sleep nights and thought maybe the worst was behind me, but, they are baaaack.... I've been in bed around 11:00, the past 2 nights, and WIDE awake at 4:30-ish. My body starts aching around noon.....ha! Old age was NOT supposed to get ME!

I made a huge crockpot full of soup for supper. Mmmmmm, and nice and warm in the tummy! I pulled some sliced ham out of the freezer the other day and put in a pot of navy beans, with onions, celery and carrots bits. Not bad. I made cornbread to go with it. And, we had some leftover dessert from last night. I made a Jiffy mix of lemon/cream cheese cake, from the recipe on the side of the box. I just love those lil Jiffy mixes....of ANYthing.

I just put up a music Playlist....the songs are quite a mix, eh? I love all kinds of music...just be glad I didn't find any Zamfir music! ROFL.....I do have a CD of Zamfir's my 'most embarrassing CD. LOL

Hubby got a call last night to be to work Monday, instead of Tuesday. Is it mean to say WOOOOOHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!? LOL I'm just ready to have my 'space' back! After him not being here for so long, it's been a bit of an adjustment. hehehe #1 son should be going to work soon, too. Thank GOD!

Welp, time for me to get my shower and find my spot on the loveseat with my laptop, so, I can go blog-hoppin'. I don't have a tip of the day (well, I do, but, I'm saving it! phfft) but, I found this neat quote yesterday. I sent it to both of my boys, too.

"Winners make things happen...
Losers let things happen..."

count your blessings...


Lynne said...

Busy busy!! Soup sounds good! Send some my way!! Glad to hear hubby is back at work!! I'll call later!!

Monique said...

Hey Sherry, that food sounds real yummy !!!! I'm getting hungry just reading it, well I haven't finished my breakfast yet ; )
I hope you will get some good sleep soon. I hate lying awake too.
Have fun today !!!