Thursday, January 10, 2008

Now this was a surprise!

bless my buns!
I was cleaning out some of my kitchen cupboards, this morning. I only did the bottom half of the upper ones. LOL I didn't want to wear myself out, ya know~~HA! I found 5 packs of yeast, hmmmm, expiration date 07/04, hmmmmm, wonder if it's any good? Hmmmmm, maybe I'll make this here recipe on the back of the package, to see if they will ALL be good. WELL, butter my biscuits, if they didn't turn out! I was really surprised! They didn't seem to be raising right, but, they sure ended up doing their thing! They turned out to be the best yeast rolls I've ever made! LOL Thank goodness, too, because the double batch made 24 perfect rolls! I think I'll try making some cinnamon rolls with some of the other packs.
Fudge Brownies-mmmmmmI also found a couple packages of Fudge Pie mix. ROFL Let me see.....these I KNOW are from 1999! When we moved my flower shop (dang! I miss that thing!), I started making fudge, and I had ordered these packs to sell, too....I think I sold ONE in 3 1/2 years. They are wrapped in a heavy plastic, with no signs of bug holes, so, I figured they would be OK. mmmmmm, CHOCOLATEY!!! *I think I've got a box of them stored in the garage, too!*
hmmmmm, I know I've got some REALLY old raisins in my breadbox, too! hehehe, those will be my next experiment! ROFL Actually, I know old raisins are OK, you just 'plump' 'em in hot water....there must be a technical cooking term for that, but, I don't know it! LOL

Not much going on around here, at the moment. Thank God! My stress level doesn't even handle 'normal' day to day stuff, anymore. Seems like the least lil 'upset' and I'm heading to the drawer with the valerian root! But, that's ok, I don't like the alternative.
It's been cold enough for the snow to still be on the ground, but, I think it will be gone by tomorrow and the weather man says, thanks to El Nina, it's gonna be warm and dry....drats! But, all is not lost! It ain't over, til JUNE! We've had 14 inches of snow in May, before. And, freezing weather til mid-June. Oldtimers, say it's even snowed on the 4th of July here before.

I posted some more of my finished craft pictures in the slideshow. Enjoy!

I'm really excited! I'm FAMOUS! LOL, well, kinda least I'll see my name in print! As some of you may have seen on TV, Suze Orman has partnered with AVON, to share her money expertise with us! I am VERRY happy about that! Well, I had sent an email asking her a question. This evening, I got a reply from her people, that my question was going to be used on AVON's website. They just wanted my approval/release! LOL that my moment of fame? I think I still have 14 minutes left!

I need to work on my AVON order, so, I'll leave you with the....
Don't throw out those old bananas! Throw them in the freezer...peel and all! When thawed out (just throw them in the sink to thaw), they make the best Banana Bread! Or
::Banana Oatmeal Cookies::, which are great for breakfast...but, for mommies only! LOL

count your blessings...

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