Saturday, January 5, 2008

Ok.....who's got all my snow???

Still patiently waiting for the snow.....looks like 'someone' has it all in Maine...LOL Or possibly, California......I better have some within 24 hours, or it's gonna get ugly! HA!


I took an nasty fall---right into the dishwasher, thankfully, it was closed---last night, when my knee went out on me....this is getting ridiculous! Then, 5 minutes later, it did it again. Thankfully, I had a doorframe to grab for! I've got it pinned down, tho. Now, I can kinda 'tell' when it's coming. Looks like I'll have to start counting how many steps I have between these stupid knee give-outs. I had been taking some Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM with Joint Lubicrant and thought it was feeling and doing much better...better think again.

I sat in my favoritest spot, the loveseat, and watched "Flags of Our Fathers" on HBO last night. OHMYGOSH! I watched, I hid my eyes, I cried, I got pissed! I can NOT believe how that all happened! grrrrrr I had no idea that was the story behind the raising of that flag on Iwo Jima. I hated history (and math, and science----ENGLISH, I aced!) during high school. I sure wish I would have paid more attention back then. I guess at least now, I can learn and fully appreciate more of our history in my old age. hmmpf When I was out delivering AVON today, one of my ladies gave me a 2-part VHS video on WWII of hers to watch. I think I will!

I LOVEY my AVON 'ladies'!!! Sometimes, it's a drag---just my attitude, I know---driving around on my deliveries. But, this lady today...the one that gave me the movies to borrow...was SO appreciative of my visit with her! It must blessed my heart to hear her voice that to me. After thinking about it for awhile, as I drove off from her place, I realized that the majority of my customers feel that way. I give good customer service, which makes me pull my hair out sometimes, but, I know why, now... they like me! They REALLY like me~ HA~! I take alot of time visiting with most of them. I love to hear peoples 'stories' of life and such. I think some of these wonderful ladies just need to talk to someone once in awhile. And, I like to drop them lil goodies in their bags occassionally. *sigh* I love my 'job'!

Not much going on around here. But, I kinda like it that way. Got supper in the oven.....frozen chicken Cordon Bleu, Green Gian Veggie Medley, grilled sourdough bread, cottage cheese and baby carrots. Got enough for me on a Saturday 'bout you?
What's for supper at YOUR house????

When I clean the glass door on my woodstove, when it's cooled off some, I use a moist paper towel dipped in the ashes in the stove. Cleans the glass lickety-split! Gotta love those beautiful dancing flames!

...count your blessings

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