Monday, January 14, 2008

Tomorrow is TULIP DAY!

And, lookie what I got! It's a gift from ::Ela::! Oh my! She's so sweet to me! You have to go see her website. She does some awesome knitting projects, too!

Whew! I was MIA for a few days...Always something going on! Found out my dad's not doing too good. Almost 81, peeing blood, and wanting no part of doctoring. What do ya do? He's been 'ready' to go for a long time, tho....*sigh*

Hubby and I left Friday afternoon, and we brought the big trailer (32 foot) home Saturday. What a day! We finally got home after 10:30. Hubby had a scary incident, when he hit a patch of ice in the road and the truck AND trailer started fish-tailing...luckily he was able to get it under control and straightened out. Thank GOD, I was far enough behind him in the Honda Civic, that I didn't see any of it! I did notice him hit the brakes, as I was rounding a corner *very curvy mountain road*, and then, I saw his wet tire tracks on the wrong side of the road. I figured something was amiss; then, he called me on the cell and asked me if I'd seen that? WHEW I was more worried about elk running out in front of him....they are SO BAD along that road. ~~ Lots of snow, too....some places had close to 3 feet, looked like. I LOVE that! Maybe I can talk hubby into taking me for a drive, so, we can play in the snow a bit! I LOVE SNOW!!!

Got some good news today! Hubby will be starting a new job here at home, next Tuesday! He'll have about a 30+ minute drive to the jobsite, which isn't too bad. We won't know how to act with him home for a change! Hopefully, this job will last for at least a year or more. They are doing some expansion work on two seperate power plants here. 5/10's for now and 6/10's just around the corner.

Don't forget tomorrow is TULIP DAY!!! I plan on getting me some pink ones at the store. We have to go to the bank in Show Low tomorrow for a new home equity line paperwork signing. Hopefully, Walmart will have some. Then, maybe I can talk hubby into a nice sitdown dinner somewhere. I've always wanted to try the Japanese steakhouse there, we'll see.

count your blessings...


Ela said...

Happy Tulip Day dear SherryBee!

Storm said...

Yay I'm so happy for you that he will be closer to home!