Thursday, March 5, 2009

busy, busy

Another busy week!
I stayed home Monday and cleaned and whatnot. I should have cleaned my nasty van, the weather was beautiful...but, it turned cool and can tell Spring is a'comin here in Round Valley! THE WIND IS HERE!!! UGH I saw on Jeopardy several years ago, one of the questions was 'what is the windiest town'...they said EAGAR! I beleive it, too! We've had 105 mph winds before...the year our roof was taken down to bare wood!
S C A R E Y!!! Tuesday, I did leave the house for a bit to do some errands, and such. Wednesday, I went over to Show Low )for the 4th time in 10 days!!) to have lunch with my friend, Ruthie, and naturally, had to hit WALMART! LOL I was good, tho and didn't buy much, except Toilet Paper and a bit of food. Today, after I got my AVON order in, I cleaned house, cause my brother and mom came up for the night. Hubby went to a pool tournament and my brother is staying at my other brothers house. Mom fell asleep during the movie we were watching, 'The Secret Life of Bees', and went to bed, so, I thought I would get this post in.
It's been an emotional week with MIL stuff. Hospice is involved with her, as of today. I'm hoping to get a bit more info sad. I asked hubby if he wanted to go back down and see her again this weekend, but, I don't think we will. As long as she has her sister there, that helps. It's such a 'weird' situation. I feel sad that the family wasn't that close. She was a hard one to be close to. I guess every family is different, and you all do what you have to do to survive...
I didn't find any free time to play with my new CRICUT or stamps, darn it.
Maybe tomorrow afternoon or Saturday, since hubby will be working.
My back is killing me again.....I can't stand up straight for a bit after I get out of a chair. I don't know what's up with that! I'm an OLD lady, I guess...I feel like it! LOL
I'll post some pictures I took Wednesday when I drove over the mountain to have lunch. I love driving that way...It tops out at 9410'. It's been so warm, the snow is melting fast. Seemed to have a LOT of snow this year. In the distance, you'll see Sunrise Ski Resort. It's on the White Mountain Apache Indian Reservation. Just a peek into my world...

count your blessings....

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