Monday, March 30, 2009

another snowy day!

HA! I'm loving this! We have had 2 'unexpected' snowstorms, lately. Thursday, we had 8", and this morning, 4"---it snowed contiunally from 7-12 a.m. I LOVED it! I made chocolate chip cookies to celebrate! LOL

Didn't do much this weekend. We pretty much stay home, when hubby is not working. I did talk him into taking me to my friends, Ruthie, 60th birthday party in Show Low Saturday night. That was a nice change. We had BBQ hamburgers, chicken and the MOST delicious DQ ice cream birthday cake. It was fun watching her open all of her nice gifts. I can't remember the last time I've been at a birthday party....

Sunday, we stayed home. It was so windy, again! I cleaned house a bit and spent the afternoon taking pictures out of MIL's old photo albums. Those things should be OUTLAWED! They ruin the pictures...and, some of the pictures will have to be cut away from the pages. I will eventually sort them and seperate, then, send them on to the other two brothers. Going through old pictures is always such an emotional thing for takes alot out of me.
My mom has several boxes of the old black/white and familly photos. You don't know how many times we drag those things out and laugh, and laugh! We are saving those historical stories in our heads, too! LOL I LOVE having pictures in boxes like that. It's so easy to pass them on to the one next to you when you bust out laughing, so, they can see! I plan on keeping hubby's side of his family's pictures in a big box, for the same reason.
I like to do 'little' scrapbooks, for certain special occassions or what not. The big scrapbooks are beautiful, but, way too intimidating for me. So, boxes for me, and I'll be happy, happy!

I have a small Stampin Up order I need to get done. (Still have to close the other workshop order yet---I'm anxious to see what she pulled off with that.)
I need to stay busy or I'm gonna be SICK of chocolate chip cookies! LOL We can't have that!
count your blessings...


Martha said...

Hi Sherry,
My dumb computer keeps going down!! Comcast says it's the lines and nothing in our house. But they haven't fixed it yet. It comes and goes. I really don't have any stamps. They scare me. I'm not good with them. I can't explain what I do wrong. I should do a video for you. LOL I either don't ink enough or I get it on the outside and it stamps also and makes a mess. I'm leaving for Alabama tomorrow so I'll catch up with you one day next week. I'm sorry I've been so busy I such a crappy friend. I'll make it up to you I promise!

Reddirt Woman said...

Hi SherryBee... Nothing much better than chocolate chip cookies on a snowy day. And I do wish you'd stop sending the wind out here to Oklahoma. It has been soooooo windy. The old saying March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb is going to be blown out the window.

I was trying to check on my last post towards my 100 to see what number I left off on so I could do another to try to get to 100 and found your comment and wanted to stop by and say thanks for the visit. I don't know too much about this blogging stuff so unless I go back and check, I don't know when someone added a comment to an older post.

Thank you so much for your visit, and in answer to your 77/69 question...

Read this out loud to yourself...

77-69 = 8

You get 'eight' more... If that isn't enough explanation, holler at me and I'll get more specific. And don't feel silly... I have had to go into a more in-depth explanation for several people over the years.

Thanks again for visiting and I'll be back. Sorry this is so long.

Helen G.