Monday, April 6, 2009

home again.....

I went AWOL for a bit there! LOL Actually, I went to stay with my mom while my brother went to Boise for a week. I was undecided when/whether to even go, but, last Tuesday, the 31st, after I had gotten all my errands done, I figured I better head out, since I didn't know when I'd have the chance again. I enjoy the 3 1/2+ hour drive, once I get on the road. I put my Beatles #1 Hits CD *GREAT ROAD SONGS! HEHEHE* in and savored the beauty of the mountains, as I left town...
I got to mom's right at 6--suppertime! LOL My brother joined us for supper and a glass of wine, then, we popped a movie in. The next day, we left for Tucson about 3:30 to get him to the airport. We had 45mph traffic for about 20 miles, because we got behind a truck hauling one of those HUGE coppermine took up both lanes. If it wasn't so scary *and windy* it would have been comical watching stoopid drivers that didn't know what the holdup was! After we dropped him off, we went back towards Willcox, and stopped in Benson...had to hit Walmart, of course! LOL Then, we planned on going to eat Chinese food, but, it was closed! That whole NEW business complex is in a mess! The ground is shifting under it and the restaureant had the roof cave in! ACK! So, we settled for Wendys. Got home and settled in and watched my favoritest movie...Secret Of The Bees.
Thursday, we went back to Tucson with one of my moms friends. We went to Desert Diamond Casino first...I am not a gambler, but, thought what the heck...$20 was my limit! LOL We ate first..yummy.. then, I found a 2cent machine and spend just about the whole 3 hours on that machine, and the one next to it! LOL I ended up $69 ahead when I left....smiling all the way out the door! hehehe Then, we went to Costco *my first ever trip there* and home. Friday, we went for breakfast at the Truck Stop. I was trying to hook up with my friend, Lucille, that is the manager there, but, she was busy doing her errands.
I was on a mission after that....I had decided I wanted to take pictures of old WOODEN windmills....most are all metal, but, I did find 2 old wood ones right there on the outskirts of town. (AND a snake welcomed me at the first one! YIKES!) Next time, we'll head out towards the old town of Doz Cabezas (you can see the 'Twin Peaks' or Doz Cabezas in the next to last picture on the right side), I think I'll find some out that way. This first picture shows the two I found last! The one of the left is wooden, but, the top is gone....maybe on the one across the road. Funny, how I took all this stuff for granted while growing up around it all *and probably thought it all disgusting anyway, being a 'city' girl and all. I've come to appreciate the beauty and mystery of the desert, and the west in general.

After that, we found my friends from home, that had just gotten to the Elks Club RV park. They invited us back between 4 and 5 for drinks. I vacuumed for mom and replaced the belt on it, and then, we headed to the Elks club. That was a nice visit, but, since, I'm a lightweight when it comes to drinking, we left before the dinner that they wanted to buy for us! HA! We grabbed some tacos and headed for the house. Saturday, after I did a through dusting in the living room, mom took me out to the winery for lunch for my birthday. My friends from home were there! HA! They came in and bought wine. Then, they visited with us while we ate. They wanted us to come back to the Elks between 4-5, but, we decided not to. We made enchiladas for supper and rented Slumdog Millionaire, after our evening walk.
We also got our Iowa train trip tentatively planned! WOOHOO! Hoping to leave Albuquerque September 15!!! Ohhhh, so exciting! I'm sure my Aunt Mae has her notebook out getting things planned for us!
I loaded up and came home Sunday. The excitement for that day was the TICKET I got coming through the lil hamlet town of Glenwood, in New Mexico.....grrrrr! I even told the cop I was NOT happy about that. He got me for going 44 in a 35 as I was coming down the hill into town......Me thinks these states are all hurting for money and will getting people for alert! I don't speed in NM because I got a ticket a few years ago for going more than the 50 MPH posted.....50mph on the highway! GRRRR for over 10 miles stretch. What a joke! As soon as you hit AZ, it's 65, and it's mountain also!
I get so tired driving sometimes, that I have to pull off for a snooze, and that's what happened was a nice little 30 minute nap, til the sun got it too hot in my van. I got home about 3:30 and unloaded, then, decided to go to the store so, I wouldn't have to the rest of the week....that makes me happy!
Today, it's laundry and changing the bedding and general cleaning. I am glad to be home!
So....tell me what your weekly plans are.
count your blessings....


fullmarty said...

You should have called a stripper to liven up the hen party.

Losing It! said...

happy birthday chickie.. love ya! I miss our chats!