Monday, April 20, 2009

well, I'm back....

Time slips away from me so fast, I cannot believe it! I think Spring may be here...I thought it had been canceled or something. I've been staying around the house pretty much, the past week. I did go have lunch with Ruthie, Tuesday when she was in town. I've been 'trying' to get my craft/crap room mucked out, and that is a HUGE task! I do have a path in there now, tho! *grin* I did manage to get some cards made really fast yesterday when hubby went antler-hunting. (He did find 2) I don't think I'm done tweaking the cards yet. I LOVE using those new Stampin Up clear Printed Window Sheets. Today, I spent about 5 hours thoroughly cleaning my bedroom. It's going to be a 2-day job, tho, cause I'm BEAT! I did get the curtains, sheers, valances and windows all done. I moved over half the furniture--HEAVY!, including that big bed--ugh. I can't believe all the dust! YUCK! I wiped down all the walls, as I moved and pushed things... I also got most everything out from under the bed! I did have to put a couple boot boxes of some things under it again. But, I feel good about the accomplishment in there so far. Tomorrow, I'll finish it up. The key is to start EARLY, before I lose steam! LOL
Well, hubby gets home 1/2 hour early nowadays (5:15), so, I better get busy and finish getting his pictures of antique doll parts ready to put on eBay.
I'll let him BBQ the ribeye tonight! YUMMY Then, it's loveseat/crochet time!
What are your plans for the week? Hope you have a great week!
count your blessings...

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Reddirt Woman said...

My plans for the week are to garden, garden and garden some more. I do have to go to the doctor on Wednesday and that will be a day long process, but other than that it is planting veggies.

Have a great week.