Friday, April 10, 2009

Wednesday's Writers Workshop....even tho it's not Wednesday!

Ha Ha! I found this on Mama's Losin' It, and when I read this prompt *see below*, I knew IMMEDIATELY what I could tell about! LOL She has a WEDNESDAY WRITERS WORKSHOP with some prompts. Check it out and join in!

5.) What is an unpleasant experience you had eating? Write a poem, paragraph, or something else about the experience.

This is SO easy! To set the stage a bit, let me tell you that my mom & dad ate alot of 'different' type things. Things I DO NOT eat, even as an adult. I think I was about 8 or 9, maybe younger...suppertime, I was usally a good *big* eater, so, I'm sure I came to the table hungry, after a long, hard day of outdoor playing and running all over the neighborhood til my heart's content. And, look what we have here! Sauerkraut and hotdogs! SAUERKRAUT!!! HOTDOGS!!! Well, thank goodness for the hotdogs, which I didn't particularly care for, but, at least they kept me from starving! Because....I would NOT eat that smelly, stinky, nast-ay SAUERKRAUT!!! It makes me sick to my stomach, even thinking about that stuff!
Well, at our house, growing up, we didn't leave the table until our plates were clean. *I still do this, and it bugs me to no end, when my hubby throws something away from his plate* And, yes, I did hear that speech about all those starving kids in China....more than once! (And, that brings to parents today, still tell their kids that, or do they just warn them of no computer time, if they don't clean their plates? ....never mind, I'm sure alot of parents don't even bother these days.)
I don't know how my three younger brothers (only 2 at that time, and one was probably a baby and got hot cereal) got away from the table...maybe they/he DID eat it? NOT ME! I remember sitting in the DARK *is that considered child abuse these days?* and told NOT to leave that table til it was all gone. I can barely remember sitting there for a L O N G time. I do remember happily RUNNING away from that table, upstairs, to bed!, when I called out to mom...'my plate is clean'.
hehehehe, I wonder what went through her mind when she saw that CLEAN plate? Until she picked it up to take into the kitchen! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA...yep! It was all tucked neatly under the edges of that plate!
I just wanna tell ya tho.....
That little trick didn't work so good with the oyster (eyeball) stew she used to serve us up.....BLECK....PUKE...BARF!!!
Man, my kids should be thankful that my mom, was the 'meanest mom in the world'! They had it easy! I NEVER made them eat weird food!
Oh, BTW....ever smelled LIMBURGER CHEESE???
count your blessings!

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