Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday

Every year on my birthday, my mom will say "You were born on Good Friday". I always wonder what that means...Too deep for my head.

Last Saturday, while at moms, my cousin, Sandy, sent us her work schedule for the rest of the year. I guess it was a 'hint' for setting our 2nd Annual Train Trip to Iowa! So.....We are planning on leaving Albuquerque Tuesday, September 14! Yippee! We haven't actually bought the tickets yet...we will wait to make sure Sandy can get one of the weekends off while we are there. That's a long ways away, anyway. I get tickled thinking about my Aunt Mae getting her notebook/list started! We razzed her alot about it, but, really, it was a great help! Mom wanted to go a bit earlier this year *actually, if you said LET'S GO, she'd have her suitcase out right now! hehehe*. It won't be as cold as it was last October. One thing that I like about planning these trips, is it's a great boost for those old ladies! It gives them something to look forward to, and hopefully, stay healthy...altho both of them are doing great at the moment.
Well, time to get busy around here. I think it's gonna be a long day. Not much sleep, again, last night, ugh.
count your blessings...

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