Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The mystery is solved...

I have a habit of looking out my bedroom window first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Well, Sunday night I looked out after dark and freaked out. I saw a light up on the hill....way up. I couldn't tell what it was....a star....a UFO, what (it's forest land, no houses). Couldn't find any binoculars...that figures....We decided it looked like a star....Then, yesterday, when hubby called me at lunch, he popped my bubble *I was having fun with the mystery* He was working with a guy that said it was his neighbor that did is a star and he runs power to it. I'll have to see if I can get a picture of it. It's neat. It's so bright, too. I drove into town tonight to deliver some AVON and it was seen all over. I love it, and am thankful for someone to do something like that. It doesn't look like much in the day, but, it sure is something at night...and the picture I took at night didn't show much at all.

Here's another CLEAN china hutch! I think it took a total of 2 1/2 hours to clean the entire top portion. So many things in there. I keep wondering what in the heck I had it all for. Momentos of special pieces of life... I do have 2 sets of real nice plates--one for each of my boys. A bunch of nice leaded crystal glasses I got for Christmas one year after we got married. Lots of souvenirs of our trips, Jeffrey's graduation things, the glasses we toasted with on our wedding, our 25th anniversary vase, hubby's 50th birthday, my parents 50th wedding anniversay. I don't suppose it will mean much to anyone else, but, I guess I'll keep them all and let someone else deal with them someday when I'm gone. About 1/2 of those items in there were in storage for YEARS when we lived in the travel trailers. I remember being soooo happy when I FINALLY had a home and a china hutch for all of them. We do use the plates on holidays, and I use alot of the nice glasses pretty often, just 'cause. I'm glad the cleaning of that is over! When Jeffrey was home, I used to pay him $5 to clean it! HA! I think he was underpaid! LOL
count your blessings...

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