Sunday, December 7, 2008

I'm Pooped!

WHEW! What a day! Busy, busy! Poor hubby it was his only day off and we worked our butts off! He did get to sleep in this morning, tho, instead of getting up at his usual 4:45.
I did 3 loads of laundry, made sausage, eggs and toast for breakfast...Got the kitchen and stove all cleaned up and I hung my whites out on the line to dry. Then, I started putting the lighted garland on the fence. I had to wait til hubby got the electrical 'stuff' done to check and make sure all the lights were working on the 238 feet of fencing garland! So, while I waited for him to finish replacing the screen in the back screendoor, I made a couple boxed mixes of goodies. I love those lil boxes of Jiffy mixes. They are just right for the 2 of us. I made oatmeal muffins and used a yellow cake mix recipe on the side of the box for some chewy bar dessert. After hubby got the electical lines set up, I tested. Everything was working, so, I tied the centers of the garlands to the posts and put the red bows on each post. I had a time of it, getting the lights on the arbor just so. I found a neat ball of lights last year on clearance, I have that in the center of the arbor. It lights up really pretty. I think it would make a perfect setting to take a picture of Jeffrey and Jenneva. I'll get a picture and post it. We finally came in the house at 6, and I made tacos and heated some tamales for dinner. I wanted to watch a movie on Hallmark channel *I LOVE that channel*, but, I was off on the starting time. I guess I'll be able to catch it another time. They seem to run their shows over alot.
I guess I better sign off of here and TURN the puter OFF! *I hate it when I come out here to turn the puter off at night, and I make the mistake of sitting down to do it....I NEVER get it turned off right thing leads to another and it can be an hour or two before I get away from it! YIKES I hope I'm not the ONLY one that does that?!?
I'm meeting my friend for lunch between 11 & 12 tomorrow. We always take each other 'gifties', so, I need to get my stuff together for her. What I REALLY want to do, is go sit in front of the tv and crochet, tho.....hubby's got a nice fire built in the woodstove in there and it's nice and toasty!
count your blessings...

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Anonymous said...

Hey Sherry, you have been very busy !! Just like me, cleaning the kitchen. I cleaned the top of the cupboards and the fronts of the kitchen cupboards end the system above the cooker, which sucks the cooking air away, don't know the name for it ; )
Have a great evening.