Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I gotta get my butt pried off this computer chair! LOL
I need to get over to MIL's house again today and do some more cleaning...ugh.
I spent another 3 1/2 hours there Monday...I got the utility room almost done *except the floor, need to have hubby help me pull out the washer and dryer to scrub under there*
I got the stovetop done and will do the oven today...UGH!
I also got part of the cupboards cleaned and wiped down with the dark scratch cover oil.
Oh, and I washed a load of rags for the rest of the cleaning with. Lots of little spiders that freak me out! It's such a cute little house, tho! I told hubby when we get old, we can move into it, when we can't take care of our yard and stuff anymore......happy thought, huh? wahhhhh!
The carpet cleaner guy will be there Thursday. I pity him.... I don't look forward to becoming *MORE* incontinent...dang water pills I take are giving me a taste of that! What we have to look forward to....aging. MIL refused to wear pads or protective panties....she was sooo stubborn about alot of stuff!

I can't believe our weather...it's hard to believe it's going to be October! I'm lovin' it tho! We still haven't had a freeze, so the flowers, trees and grass look beautiful!
count your blessings...

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