Thursday, September 25, 2008


Well, it doesn't surprise me, but, it just makes me sad....they 'laid me off' at the scrapbook store. Dang, I'm gonna miss that fun lil job. I hope things pick up and they'll need me again. I was so bummed out yesterday when she told me...

I spent most of yesterday, and a bit today, delivering Avon and running around. I NEED to spend more days at home. I have several MAJOR cleaning projects I need to get done before it gets too cold. I want to really clean my sofa and loveseat and have the carpet professionally cleaned. I need to have my curtains dry cleaned and wash the sheers and clean those nasty mini blinds. *which is one of my MOST dreaded jobs....I would rather clean toilets than clean mini blinds*
It's been a bit breezy around here the past few days, but, it's still warm during the day, and no freeze yet. I hate the first day you see your beautiful outdoor flowers BLACK and dead!

I made ho-made *teehee* pizza for supper tonight. I've been doing SO much blog-hopping the past few nights, but, I stumbled on The Frugal Mom Blog and found this great recipe for pizza dough. I have a recipe for pizza dough that I've used for years *it's also great to make yeast rolls with*, but, my family never really cared for it as the pizza dough. The Frugal Mom Blogs dough recipe is GREAT!!! Try it!

Hubby and I are doing the "Estate Sale" at my MIL's house tomorrow and Saturday. I'll be so glad to get it over with! It sucks the life out of me when I go over there and deal with all of her 'stuff' overwhelms me. I found this cute lil doily in some of her things. I have it in a little vignette, with a pair of her old glasses, 2 of her thimbles and a really old metal pin cushion she used. I don't know if she crocheted this or not, but, I'd like to think she did... I brought home 2 boxes of crochet thread the other sure made me feel better about MY stash. Then, I thought...hmmmm, maybe someone gave some of it to her, like I've gotten some of mine. Made me feel better about my stash...for a minute or two! LOL
Well, it's off to shower and to bed for me...I think it's gonna be a long day tomorrow.
count your blessings...*and pray for the USA*



Donna @ The Frugal Mom Blog said...

I am glad that you like the pizza dough recipe. It really is a nice dough to work with. Good luck with your estate sale. We are having a tag/yard sale but it is raining out, so no visitors so far. Have a great weekend!

Judy said...

Hi Sherry Bee! Stopped in to see how you are doing, & I see you are doing good. :-) Your pizza looks delicious! As does your tamale I'm hungry! So sorry you have to deal with an estate sale - I know that's a sad thing to do. When went through my Mom's things, it was so hard.

Yeah...gotta love Elvis! I do, & always have. I still miss him! Have a blessed weekend. Hugs!