Friday, September 19, 2008

going backwards....

I know! I know! I'm a TERRIBLE blogger, I admit it....
So, going backwards...

I made some DELICIOUS Chicken Tortilla Soup for supper tonight! Dang, I'm a good cooker! *that's what #1 son used to tell me* I don't have a recipe to post because it was a combination of several, with my own touch, I guess. If you want to try it, go to Old El Paso and type in Chicken Tortilla soup. I can't remember the other one I found...just do some improvising. I didn't even think to take a picture! HA! I told hubby I was so proud of myself for it turning out...seems I almost forgot how to cook these days....he agreed, said he really liked it, too!

I am mom and I are planning a trip back to Iowa (to see her sister, my Aunt Mae and other family), hopefully, mid October ON A TRAIN!!! Oh my! I was SHOCKED SHOCKED I tell you at the CHEAP fare...less than $500 for both of us to go from Winslow, AZ to Galesburg, Il *about 124 miles from Dubuque where we are going* I will call her back in the morning and see if she's decided for sure! She wanted to go back after all her surgery was over with and OK. She had a DR. appointment Thursday and he was real pleased with it, but, she will need to go back in November/December for a sonogram (?) of her veins. So, she should be able to enjoy the trip and I think she'll do fine on the 28 hour ride....we leave at 6:09 am and get there the following day at 12:10. Great timing! We may rent a car for the 2 weeks, which I'm glad for. There are so many places I want to see. I grew up in Cedar Falls *we moved to AZ in '67 when I was 12*.

Nothing really exciting has went on since my last post...just daily busy-ness. *can that be a new word? hehehe* I'm only working one day a week at the scrapbooking place, it's been so slow, that they went to their winter hours a week early. Martha, here's a couple pics of the store, that you asked me to post.
3 Scrappin Sisters

My mom and brother came up for a weekend a few weeks ago. That was a nice visit and I know mom was glad to get out of town--other than for a DOCTOR visit! LOL

Hubby and I have been doing alot of stuff over at MIL's house *well, it's ours now*. That is so overwhelming. I don't know how to describe it. I know we've let it go for way too long, but, I think it's because it's just so weird going through someone elses stuff...their whole life, actually. As I find things that have so many memories attached to them, it just makes my heart so heavy. I can't find words to describe it. I know hubby didn't really want to go over there much, since she left. I understand. A part of me is happy that I am the one going through her things. Sometimes, I find myself being 'tender' with her belongings, with the hopes that anyone that gets the job of disposing of my 'stuff' will have a tender heart and dear memories...I dunno. MIL and I had a 'bad' relationship, and that plays into this. I see where I was the best choice to get this 'job' and I try to do it the right way. Anyway.....we are to the point of pricing the antique items and we've brought home the things we want or the 'good stuff'. (If I live long enough to get alot of this stuff on eBay, it will be a miracle!) We will hopefully get that house rented soon, so, we don't have to keep making a payment on an empty house. The storage shed (it's pretty big) will have to gone through later on. The renters will not have access to that. We've already had a dozen people asking about renting it.
I come home just exhausted when I've been over there...a mental exhaustion, I guess.
I've thought about posting so many times, and get so darn busy *or tired* that I just keep putting it off. I will TRY to be better at posting.

count your blessings...


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Martha said...

What a pretty store. That's how I would do mine if I could a scrap store. Thanks for showing me. Now when you say you work there I can picture it.