Sunday, September 28, 2008

HOLY CRAP!!! I'm beat!

I wish I would have taken pictures of all the antique/furniture items that we did sell. I also have a few more pictures, but, I'm not sure how blogger does with the amount of space they give you for pictures in one post. Keep in mind, these antiques are the 'tail-end' of what she had at one time. She gave some away to family and 'gave' some away, by selling them WAY TOO CHEAP! She once sold a pickup load of antiques to a man for $800..including an original OLD spinning wheel and a most amazing secretary/dresser with glasses windows in the cupboard that had wood carved to look like rope......he kept wanting to know if she had more stuff to sell...grrrrr! Her boys were VERY unhappy with her about that. She thought if she paid $20 for something back in the day, that if she doubled her money, she was doing good....
These first 3 are things, that didn't sell.

This beauty was the first thing to sell...I really wanted to keep it, but, decided it just wouldn't fit in and we really don't have the room.

Isn't this AWESOME! It didn't sell....we are NOT going to 'give' this one away. It needs some work, but, it's gorgeous! We think it may be filled with horse hair.

We had a great day Friday and got rid of ALOT of stuff! The weather was great for the sale, too. It was bittersweet, tho, seeing memories go out the door.... I need to find a quiet place to get these tears out...their building more every day.
We got home about 8 that night....beat! What a long day. We also have an older couple, here working on the power plant construction, for the same company as hubby, that are going to rent the house! What a blessing! They have their 5th wheel parked in the trailer park,directly behind her house. They don't want to winter in the trailer this year.
Saturday, we were right back at it. It was much slower, and we did end up with a few sprinkles and some wind. We ended up selling almost $1600. We left at 7, and went to the Steakhouse for a juicy hamburger. Another long day! Poor hubby was so tired! He thought about calling in sick today, but, he is such a trooper. He did go in and said it was pretty laid back..thank goodness!
Was I tired and sore when I got up this morning! I hung out two loads of laundry and then, went over to the house to clean. Dang! I was there for 4 1/2 hours and I worked on the bathroom.....icky-poo!...and the entire refrigerator. I felt so horrible about all of this. I just tried to think that if she had been like I really remembered her, that she wouldn't have let any of these things get like they were. All I can say is 'bless her heart'....
I pray when I am an old lady, that someone with a tender heart gets the job of going through my stuff..........wahhhhhhh, so sad!
I will head over again tomorrow and tackle the utility room, fold all the sheets that didn't sell *a HUGE pile of have to see it to believe it* and maybe get started on the kitchen cupboards and stuff.

I talked to my cousin that lives in Albuquerque and she offered her house for mom and I to stay at when we hit ALBQ going and coming! AWESOME! She lives within 5 minutes of her mom, my aunt, too. PLUS, her youngest daughter is getting married the weekend before we get there, so, there will still be a few cousins there, plus, her dad, my mom's brother! Oh, this is going to be a wonderful trip for mom---and me! *wink*
k, I'm off of here and going to BED!
count your blessings!

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