Sunday, June 1, 2008

June FIRST!?!

RANDOM PHOTOThis is HARVEY, the turtle my parents neighbor has had living in his yard for 30+ years. Mom feeds him, when the 90-year-old neighbor is out camping in Northern Arizona or visiting his family. He comes when he is called my his name! My kids always go looking for Harvey, almost immediately after arriving at my parents house! I wonder what will happen to Harvey, when the old guy is gone....
Well, here it is June already! hmpf Time goes too fast for me, these days.
It's been another busy week here in my 'bee-hive'! LOL Tuesday, I worked at the scrapbook store. Wednesday, I was busy doing laundry and helping #1 son get ready to go to work. That evening, when hubby got home from work, we pulled #1's lil trailer over an hour away, to another town for an overhaul he'll be working on -- 7-12's, but cha-ching for him! *smile* Thursday, I ran a few errands, after I got my AVON order sent in. Friday, I just spent the day 'AT HOME' and lovin' it! Putter', favorite past-time! hehehe Saturday, hubby and I went over to Show Low and bought some more plants, and yard care products, etc! Dang, I gotta quit spending money....depressing!
Hubby's work schedule is all screwy in the pipe department, so, he works Sunday through Fridays for a while, so, they can get some things done when the other crafts aren't in their way....whatever. I'm 'trying' to get some things done today, to stay ahead of the busy week coming up...HA! and here I am on the puter! I have to go to Willcox, either Wednesday or Thursday, so, I'll be able to get mom to her Dr. appointment in Tucson, early Friday morning. I also have to work Monday and/or Tuesday, plus, I'll have my AVON order coming in Tuesday, that I will have to get delivered before I can leave town....pant! pant!...I'm already wore out! I think I really need to cut some things out, but, how and what??? I would rather be busy than bored, but, holy cow! I can't keep up!
I need to get the bathrooms cleaned up TODAY!!! *NOT my favorite job...I HATE cleaning the shower stalls!* I also need to get some things planted and, I also need to get some burritos made up and put in the freezer. I also have some pumpkin thawed out, that I need to make some muffins with. Anyone want to come help me out here??? LOL
So, what are you up to??? Leave me a comment.
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