Friday, May 23, 2008

catching up...

WHEW! I suppose if I quit sleeping I'd have more time! HA! I don't think so! I need as much of that as I can get, anymore.'s a recap of the week!
Monday, I 'worked' at the store. It was pretty busy, but, I got alot of the little 3x3 cards done again. I love them!
Tuesday, I went to Show Low and got a bunch of shopping done for the weekend camping trip *HA!* and home stock ups. I also priced my glasses at Walmart. GRRRRR Needless to say, I won't be going to my eye dr. again...I could have saved about half what I paid at the eye dr. Then, I talked to one of my favorite AVON couples and they told me how much they just paid for their glasses in Mexico, where they go all the time *as a matter of fact, I had her get me some of my generic rosacea meds there for about $15...I pay $75 for the generic..and $150 for the name brand!*..... She got basically the same glasses I did *different frame* and only paid $125~~~ AND, they were ready in 2 hours! When I got back to town, I stopped at Safeway for my green chile meat and then, onto Basha's for the green chile. My Avon order was here, so, I got that packaged and ready to deliver.
Wednesday, I made a roaster-ful *half batch* of green chile from the old El Taco a happy freezer now! It made 12 containers. I did laundry all morning, and hung it all out to dry. ---gotta love those fresh sheets!--- Then, I delivered Avon most of the afternoon. Since I had 5 extra pounds of hamburger *they packaged too much for me*, I made a huge batch of spaghetti for freezer is 'REALLY' happy!
Thursday, hubby got me up when he was leaving for work at 5. The irrigation ditch had overflowed and we had a river in our yard! SCARY!!! I had to call around to find the ditch master and finally just called the police department. After about TWO HOURS, the city water guy got it diverted. What a mess!!! We don't even take the irrigation water, so, this really pisses us off when this happens! The last time it happened it tore the front landscaped rocks all up and pretty much plugged the culvert under the driveway. We still need to get all that fixed up yet! --- So, then, it started raining!!! In MAY!!! My yard was already saturated! I was just hoping and praying the wind didn't get as bad as the days before...61 MPH! I was worried the wind would play havoc with the big trees and our security fence with the ground so wet. It was windy and rainy, but, not as windy as it had been before..thank goodness! Then, it SNOWED!!!! IN MAY!!! OH * MY * GOSH!!! We ended up with about 5 inches that stuck! And, it was COLD!! camping for us! Wouldn't you know it! Hubby had 4 straight days off, too! We pretty much stayed inside Friday and Saturday. I did make cinnamon rolls, since the weather was perfect for them!
Saturday was #2 son's birthday....he is 23 now....sigh....Didn't get a hold of him to tell him happy birthday. He must have been busy or gallivanting off somewhere. I did 3 loads of laundry and hung them out, made chocolate chip cookies and we BBQ'd steaks, then, I watched 'Knocked Up' on HBO..cute movie, but, the language makes me gag in movies nowadays! Can't ANYBODY not say the 'F' word anymore???
Sunday, it was #1 son's birthday..he turned 27!!! BIG SIGH!!! How did this happen!? He had the flu from Friday on and wasn't feeling too great, but, we did take him out for supper...poor guy only ate a few bites and got a doggy bag..his stomach shrunk and it just didn't hit the spot. I started crocheting my lil dresses again. I think I'm going to try to sell them to help pay for a cruise for Chris and I.
Today, hubby and I went over to MIL's house and I scrubbed the linoleum floors in the kitchen and bathroom..we've got to get things out of there since, we've decided to go ahead and sell it....ugh, what a chore that all is going to be. After I was done with that, hubby and I and Dozer, took off for a picnic. It was great! Here's a link to some pictures I took! PICNIC PICTURES Please leave me some comments.
Well, the fresh are and all the walking hubby made me do....besides, the workout on the 4-wheeler on the rocky trails...has wore me out! Time for bed. I need to get up early and get a few things done before my work day tomorrow.
Count your blessings...

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