Sunday, May 11, 2008

I suck at blogging.....

Dang! I can't believe it's been so long since I last posted anything.....
I have been really busy again and put posting off til the end of the day, and then, I just don't feel like it. *bleck*

Sooooo, since this morning I was AWAKE since about 2 a.m. *and finally got up at 4:30 a.m.*, I guess I'll blog first! (I've slept great everynight since I got back from Willcox...don't know why the yucky sleep is returing....)

I can't remember all the things that I've been doing since I last posted, so, I'm wingin' it....this really bugs me, that I can't remember...ack!

Anyway, here's a pic of the 'cabin' we stayed at in Lakeside last month, for the retreat.

I went back to my mom's again and stayed from Wednesday, the 21, to Sunday, the
25. She had a Dr. visit Thursday, but, she'll need 2 other vistis/tests with the cardiologist before they will give her the results June 5th, letting her know if she is able to withstand the 4-hour surgery. ugh

Hubby went to Show Low last Saturday *I opted to stay home* and I had him call me when he got to Walmarts garden section, so, I could tell him the flowers I'd like him to bring home for the flowerbeds. I mucked out the back flowerbeds and got them all ready----oh! my acking WHOLE BODY! I am getting sooo old, it takes me 2 - 3 days to recuperate each time I do that! I planted some flowers in the front flowerbed close to the house so they wouldn't freeze *we are still using the woodstove at night*. I have some for the back flowerbeds that I think I'll plant today. If it looks like it's gonnna get too cold, I'll just cover them for the night. *Something about 'covering the flowerbeds' makes me feel so nurturing! hehehe*

I started working at the scrapbooking store on Mondays and Tuesdays from 10-6, the summer hours. I try to take some projects to work on while I'm there. I am making *copying* the cutest lil tent photo album for the new trailer.
The owners first grandbaby was born early Friday morning, so, I worked Friday afternoon for her. Then, I got a call Saturday, that the baby was in jeapordy, so, I worked yesterday, too. I haven't heard yet, how he's doing. I'll call later on. What a rough way to get started in life...poor lil guy.
Today, I think I'll play with my flowers and trim some of the bushes along the side of the house. I need to clean the windows outside, but, yuck---I hate doing that. It's not just the windows, but, it's taking off the screens and all that mess...but, it makes me feel happy when I have clean windows! *grin*

Guess I'll have another cup of coffee and visit with hubby, since he just got up. hehehe I closed the shades all the way, so, it would be dark in there and he would sleep in...he gets up at 4 a.m. each workday.

count your blessings....

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