Thursday, May 15, 2008

Pink Gold

yep, I am wearing PINK GOLD!!!! I picked up my new glasses (yes, they are kind of an\ metallic pink with some bling *little rhinestones* this afternoon....$854!! (And, that was with the eye exam AND $130 in discounts!) I guess I'll take my presciption around and see what it would have cost elsewhere. I'm very happy with the glasses, but, DAH---UMMMM. I hope my eyes hold out for at least 5 years...they are still changing and my astigmatism really got bad this last time. We are hoping they start leveling out soon. ~sigh~
It was overcast most of the day, and it was hard to tell if it was going to rain or not. It did a lil bit, but, just enough to mess the dust up on the cars. I did a couple loads of rugs and ended up throwing them in the dryer. I made a batch of yummy cinnamon rolls..the weather just called for them! I had to go get some dogfood at Safeway and ended up buying frozen pizza for supper. I couldn't pass up the Verdi self-rising Ham & Pineapple for $2.99!!! I bought 2, so, since I had the oven on for the cinnamon rolls, we had them for supper tonight.
My mom had one set of her tests done today...4 1/2 hours worth. She'll get results June 5th, after her next batch of tests. I will go with her for the results, since both of my brothers will be working.
I am planning on taking my friend, Chris, on an Alaskan cruise just as soon as possible. Hubby thought it was a good idea (yeah, since he won't be paying for it! I'll put it on my Avon credit card and work my butt off). I am having a hard time deciding how I'm going to fit it in, tho.... I'll call Chris and we can work the timing and details out.
We are hoping to be able to go camping next weekend. YIPPEE, we can take the new lil trailer!! I've been making my list of groceries and what not. I stocked it up pretty good last summer. We'll keep stuff in the fridge out there for the summer, so, some things won't have to be re-bought or replaced yet. I'm sooooo excited to get out in the forest! The streams should all be running and hopefully, no fear of fires yet. I'm trying to talk #1 son into going with us. I think we need to make some new memories.
I am working at the scrapbook store tomorrow til the owner gets back from the early showing of NARNIA with her son. Hubby's welding department just got their workshift all changed around, so, he got off at 8 hours today, and has Friday and Saturday off. That means he'll have 4 days off for Memorial Day weekend.
Hubby and #1 son went to the pool tournament tonight, so, I have the house to myself. I guess I will go watch LOST in a few minutes.
count your blessings...
A gift from Angel


Angel said...

can we at least see a pic of your new specs?

hey nice tag!

Ela said...

Congratulations on your new glasses!