Sunday, June 1, 2008

Making up for being a blog slacker...

WHEW! How many posts today??? LOL
Here's a picture of what I made for supper tonight. We call them Maid-Rites, you probably call them sloppy joes. HA! My dad used to make these, and that's what they were called. ~~ My dad was a pretty good cook, from what I recall. I can remember him making creamed chipped beef on toast and I used to LOVE Saturday nights, when he made homemade pizza! Now that I am sitting here thinking about this, our family had a routine of food! LOL Fridays was steak night, Saturday was chipped beef on toast at lunch, and pizza for supper, Sunday, Mom made a big roast with mashed potatoes and all. We had those meals that order! LOL I remember eating mom's goulosh, mashed potatoes ALOT, and navy beans with ham over rice! LOL What a weird memory night! Two things I ABSOLUTELY HATED and would NOT eat *and this was back in the day when you cleaned your plate or else*, sauerkraut or oyster stew (looked like eyeballs floating in milk ACK!)...oh, and beets! YUCKY...nasty stuff!!! My mom loved weird stuff, too. I can remember her making radish sandwiches and she LOVES sauerkraut! EWWW. I can remember sitting at the table in the dark, because I was 'supposed' to be finishing sauerkraut! See, I told you.....clean your plate or else! HA! I think I finally finished it and went straight to bed...HA! I tucked it all under the edge of the plate and she didn't know until I was OUTTA there and in my widdle bed! I never made my kids eat something I knew they didn't like. We did try to get them to at least taste something, tho. Hubby eats more 'weird' stuff than me..HA! I think he eats a fresh jalepeno with just about every meal! ICK!!! And, the big joke in our family is when someone has to SMELL their food first! hehehehe.....Our youngest did/does that! He had to smell everything! Hubby tends to do that alot, too... My mom always kidded #2 but, said her older sister--my Aunt Mae, used to do the same thing!
WOW! Now, that was a fun blast from the past! hehehe
Well, I'm glad this day is done. I busted my butt from noon on. I got a case of the 'might-as-wells' when I started cleaning the hall bathroom....I hate it when that happens! LOL I cleaned it from TOP to bottom...I just need to use the brown oil on the sink cupboard. I decided we need to paint in there, too. Not for awhile, tho. That will be a winter job.
It got HOT today....85°. It didn't get 'too' hot in the house, but, if it had gotten much warmer, I would have thought about turning the window AC on. Thank goodness, we get a good breeze going through the house when I have both doors open. The ceiling fans in the living room and dining room are a blessing, too.
After supper, I went out and planted a few more flowers and got my arrangement done that I keep by the front door. I am doing red, white and blue in there. I just need to find some blue lobelia Tuesday. I am only working Monday, so, I'll go to the nursery Tuesday before my Avon gets here and get the rest of what I need to fill in where I need flowers yet. I'm just about done. I hope I get everything planted before I leave to go to moms Wednesday. Since, I am not working this Tuesday, I'll plan on leaving Wednesday and maybe stay til Monday or Tuesday. Depends on if they schedule surgery soon. If her surgery is soon, I'll come home and get things done, so, I can be gone again. I don't know how long I'll be helping her, but, the last time, I was gone almost 5 weeks for the most part...
Time to get my shower and crochet a bit.
count your blessings...

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