Tuesday, August 28, 2007

*holding my breath*

I'm getting ready to head out the door for Clifton. I got the 'OK' from the Long Term Care Financial Supervisor to go ahead with the Quit Claim Deed....Now, I just pray all goes smoothly with the rest of this sale. I am almost scared to breath until this is all done. I also have to notify them of starting a NEW application for her Long Term Care. They are out of the office Wednesday/tomorrow and don't work on Fridays, so, the window of opportunity is tight. I called and left a message, but, it usally takes a day to hear back from them. I 'still' don't know exactly what they will be needing to get the new app going. One thing at a time, tho. THEN, we can start on the sale of her home here in town! ACK!!!
~~They were supposed to be moving MIL to another Care Center when she is released from the hospital today. We'll have a 2-week window to get all the necessary things rolling again.........

My knee has been going out on me since last night..oh great! I injured the first one in 1999, when we were getting my flower shop moved. I fell off a ladder from over halfway up it...that's what I get for peeking up in the rafters to see how the strip mall building looked in there! HA! Not funny......I was on the floor for 20 minutes in agony, with the ladder on top of me. It finally got better on its own, after hobbling around for MONTHS! Then, when I was working for Safeway--before I had insurance--the OTHER one just went out on me one night when I rolled over in bed! *I promise!!!! No funny jokes here* That took quite awhile to get better, too, after several months of the knee brace on that knee! The incident last night happened when I was getting up from the toilet!!!! How stoopid! I have been doing strenthening excercises to try and keep myself from getting into the situation my MIL was getting into...no muscle tone for stuff like that! wahhhhhhh! I keep thinking of "Help! I've fallen and I can't get up!"

Well, as soon as my Avon order gets here, I'm leaving. I need to go out and mow while I have a chance, but, I'm almost afraid I won't hear my cell phone with the mower running. Geez! If it's not one thing, it's another!

I did get my bread basket liner finished up last night! THAT was a relief! I think I'll wait for a bit and see if I really want to do another one of those! I always take my crochet with me wherever I go, so, I might start it at the trailer, tho. The first one took me about 2 weeks or so, but, I feel like right now, I need a no-brainer crochet project. My afghan project is too big to haul around and it's toooooo hot at the trailer for that type of job. Decisions, decisions.

Well, needless to say, I'll be happy to see my hubby with some of this stress off of both of us! He's got this other load with the rig truck deal, tho, too.

I need comments, from any of you reading this....since, this is a new blog...I've been playing with it. Is the picture thingys alright? Are they obknoxious, or do they work right? What about the music? Is that a pain in the butt? Thanks for any input....but, please (!) be nice...my feelings are tender.

...count your blessings

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