Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Welcome to my Backyard!

Welcome to my Backyard!

I've been fighting with wordpress for so long, and my geocities website is FULL, so, time to start over....or fresh???

Why blog/journal? I don't know that anyone would actually read this or come back to visit once they see how things REALLY are in my backyard, but, I do know that I like to have my life journaled for my own sake! I like to go back and re-read the entires and to see what was happening in my yard years previously.

Maybe I also can justifjy my blog snoping, by having my own! HA!

I just happen to have a nice yard picture, so, I'll try to include it here.....hopefully, I will be able to make one of my pictures into a topper for the 'Backyard' blog. *HA! I figured it out! But, don't look too closely at the picture, it was taken at the beginning of the summer. The grass wasn't as green as it is now, and the cushion on the swing is different. I learned my lesson about leaving things like that out in our blasted sun/heat!*

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Storm said...

I like your pics Sherry! I really need to get my WP blog moved and start using it again. Right now all I use is LJ.