Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I'm glad this day is over.......

Whew! What-a-day! I was on the phone from about 8:15 til noon, MIL's Care Center, potential new Care Center, medical bill place, realtor's office, county tax assessor's office, Veteran's Admin Office, PLUS Avon calls...... OH . MY . GOSH!!!
In between, I emailed back and forth with the ALTHCCS Supervisor I've been dealing with. *She called me last night about 5:30, and I thought it was a God-Send!!!!*
I had to load up and head over to Show Low to the local VA office there for a signature on a paper for her Widow's benefits.....I CANNOT believe that she was entitled to about $600 a month, in the WIDOW OF A WWII WAR VETERAN benefits......for 18 years!!!! If you don't know, you don't get. But, boy, oh, boy!!!! If you get on with the state for Long Term Care, you'll get those benefits! HA! If you are in a Care situation, you receive over $900! What a crock! That $600 could have made a difference, I'm sure...... She was only getting about $1100 for all those years. So, so, sad...... Heed my words, if you are reading this....if you have an elderly, widowed family member PLEASE see if they are entitled to this benefit! Talk about RED TAPE!!!!!

After I was done with all that 'stuff', I headed for Walmart. Had to get another round of my prescription for my funky, fungal toenail! *snort -- NOT!!!!!!* $127 for 30 pills! One more month of the 3 month go round..... Now, I know why I wish I still had my work insurance! I won't even get on my soapbox about the sad situation the US is in, when it concerns taking care of it's legal citizens! GRRRRRRRR

The highlight of my day, was these! LOL This is about the 4th pair of these fuzzy-wuzzies I've gotten! $4.88, I love them! Oh, and my hour outside in the front chair with my glass of wine! LOL I went out and turned the sprinkler system on, and then, watered my flowers with the hose. It was so nice and cool out there, so, Dozer and I sat out there for over an hour, just unwinding.
I came in to post this and now, I'm hitting the shower. My day is done, I am leaving the mess and turmoil til tomorrow. I'm sure it will start right up again......

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