Friday, August 24, 2007

When will it end?

Ok, I figure the past 10 days have been completely full with doing all this crap for Mother-in-Laws Long Term Care case. I am sick of it. And, worried..... what is this doing to MY health? My blood pressure isn't the greatest to begin with, and I already take 50mg of Atenonol twice a day as it is. Then, I read something last night about the dangers of long term, how to I get this stress out of my life???
I was ready to load up last night and go to hubby's trailer, so, I'd be that much closer to the Title place, for an appointment at 2 Friday, to get the sale of the old house underway, but, a call to the buyer turned me off of that idea. He doesn't want to pay the $1000+ for all cost of the sale. The state says a Quit Claim Deed is a 'transfer' and, now, I can't get any of my questions answered til at least Monday. I just decided to stay home, I was so worried and worked up, not knowing what direction to take, that I just figured it would be best for me to stay off the road. Besides, a big storm was brewing and it was getting late and dark. It was probably a good thing, too. I was BEAT!

This morning, I've been 'trying' to de-stress, but, it's not actually working. Just knowing it is still hanging over my head is getting to me. I can tell it's going to be another Valerian Root day....thank God for that stuff!
I worked on my $650+ Avon order and also got a photo show uploaded to this.
It was fun getting something to work on here! LOL Now, I want to get one with just regular 'back yard/life' pictures.

I need to make a few more phone calls, and then, run to the bank and post office. If I could just relax a bit, it might feel nice to just know that I can't do anymore about any of this mess until Monday.....but, of course, I can always worry about when Monday gets here.....

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Dru said...

Hi Sherry,
It lookd really cute in here. Sorry about all the MIL stuff going on :( Hope you have a great weekend!
Hugs, Dru