Sunday, August 26, 2007

Was it Sunday?

Whew...the day blew by!
Hubby and I drove over to Wal-Mart first thing this morning to get some tires put on the front of his little work car. He drove in about 3 inches of hail coming home Saturday evening, and decided it was time for new tires. They weren't too awful bad, but, we bought the car in May and intended on getting the tires replaced. Better to have it done before winter and the snow driving. He'll get the other 2 replaced soon.

Got home about 2 and I went to Safeway for some hamburger and bread. Made tacos and we ate an early supper. Hubby was out the door by 5:45, which is early for him. I took Dozer out front and sat and crocheted for over an hour, while it rained. A nice rain.....the weather page says .41". My yard is loving this rain, the past 2 days.

I went into my craft room *bleck.....what a total nightmare!* and tried to get my bearings for getting it organized. I got a few sweatshirts and t-shirts dug out. I bought some snowman fabric at Walmart today to iron on to 'something'. I also found a neat piece of Fall/Halloween fabric in my stash, so, I'm hoping I can get some inspiration to get them done. I am going to have to figure out a way to sell some of my handicrafts again. I miss creating, and selling. But, I think the market for hand-made items isn't what it used to be. I know of a little shop in town here, that I might see if they do consignment or something. I also might try posting some of the pictures here. I might open an 'etsy' shop, but, I have alot of things from my store inventory I want to sell online, too. That was my intention when I closed my store all those years have an online shop. I have the domain name but, I hate HTML and FTP stuff as much as I hate paying a monthly fee for a do-it-yourself site.

I drank a cup of leftover morning coffee, while I sat outside with Dozer. I hope that wasn't a mistake. *wide awake type! LOL* I need to get in the shower and have a little snack before I go to bed. I just hope I don't lay there all night thinking about what will transpire in the morning. Hubby called MIL before he left, and she's not feeling good at all. Before I start making any phone calls in the morning, I'm calling the hospital to find out exactly what is going on with her. Her sister isn't much help, but, I imagine she hasn't gotten anything from her doctors yet.

.....count your blessings


Nancze said...

Hi Sherry, to Glad to find you again. You found my new blog which is cool. I am letting my site and domain go, so set up a blog at wordpress. It's limited in what I can add and all, but at least it's a place where I can keep in touch with family and friends. I like your new one too. I have been crocheting too, prayer shawls. It's a wonderful ministry and blessing to make for others. Take care and I've added you to my blogroll. Love and ~hugs~

Jeauxdi said...

Thanx for the vist! I am so VERRA glad you found me agian! ~*giggle*~ Come and vist anytime you like, I know I will be comeing over to your backyard for visits! Have a lovely day!