Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hello Thursday...

*big sigh* I survived yesterday and all the details of the sale of MIL's property in Duncan. I met with the buyer at 9 a.m. at the bank & was back at the trailer about 11:15. Now, I just pray the state will be happy with all the documentation on all of it. There's not much more I can do, if they aren't.
~~I was so out of it when I got home, I didnt' know what end was up. I only got about 4 hours sleep, if that, the night before. Then, I started feeling like I was coming down 'with something'....sore throat, listless, too tired to rest. What a wasted day! I laid down and tried to get a little prayer---the only thing I could think of was "God Bless Me".... But, not much rest, still had calls to make to the Care Center and my phone kept ringing, which I ignored. I did get enough energy to fry some pork chops and make a dinner for hubby. I tried to get started on this shawl project, but, I was so 'dis-come-bob-ulated' *hehehe, one of my 'words' it even a word?* that I really had no desire to even crochet. I showered and was in bed by 7:45!! My knee was out of whack and I had quite a time moving and getting adjusted to sleep. ACK! Thank goodness it's OK so far today. I finally woke up and around at 8:20 this morning!!! That tells me alot about how stressed I've been for the last few days!
~~MIL's sister called when I was laying on the couch after supper, I just let him take the call--she called my cell. I hate to say this, but, I just don't want to hear/know/worry/do/care about ANY of this anymore! I'm still 'trying' to work on my attitude with all of this. I know, with this whole situation, it 'naturally' fell onto much as I did NOT want it. If I hadn't done what I did do, she would have been practically abandoned--which I wonder if she really wanted that? The other thing that keeps me plodding through all of this, is the wonder/worry of WHO will do for ME when it's my time? When you are the mother of boys, I think, so many things are different. They say "A daughter's a daughter for all of her life---but, a son's a son, til he takes a wife"...... hmmmmmm Looking back, I see things I should have done differently...hind sight. When I first started dating hubby and spent time at his parents house (because we were 1 1/2 hours away from each other, I spent alot of days/nights there), I did 'used' to like her and I learned ALOT from her. BUT, I also saw another side of her. That side I didn't like and had never been around a woman that was like her. I suppose someday, I should write about all of that...maybe there is some answers or healing involved in that.

So, today, I am feeling much better and have only a few things to take care of. I will go to the store and get a few things for the trailer here and come back and pamper myself with a manicure and do some crocheting on my shawl.
Supper will be a baked potato with toppings, a slice of pan-fried ham and some fresh veggies. I 'cook' so differently here, but, that's OK. Hubby will eat ANYTHING!! He comes home, beat and starving. It's still dang hot here--which drives me crazy cause it's like 20-30 degrees cooler at home. But, what do I have to complain about?? I have AC! LOL

I was reading email and surfing some links...I found these! FUN stuff..take a peek!

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...count your blessings
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