Monday, August 27, 2007

Hope it's safe......

Well, I made it through the day alright. I have a peace that I don't understand, but, I'm not complaining. I think God knew that I was getting as much as I could handle. That and some prayers from some of you out there! Thank you so much!

I decided to post a bit early, and am hoping that the day ends well, altho, I am sorta expecting a call from someone at the Long Term care offices. I've decided I've done all I can, I will just put one foot in front of the other and just do all this ONE baby step at a time. (Did you ever see that movie 'WHAT ABOUT BOB'? LOVED that! We saw it in the theater with the kids years ago------hubby and I laughed so hard, we embarrased the kids!)

MIL's sister called first thing this morning. I was pretty upset with her when that conversation was over, but, I bit my tongue! Everyone is on overload with this mess and I took it all with a grain of salt, but, *if* she brings this up again, I'm going to let her have MY 2¢! Telling me the 'mistakes' I've made, which she doesn't know all the facts! (When this was dropped in my lap after the first son left it all hanging when the house here in town will NOT be his! He had $$$ signs in his eyes from the get-go! His mother paid child support for about 18 years to keep his butt out of jail for non-payment of child support--granted MIL had a part in the breakup of that marriage to begin with--plus, all the money he 'borrowed' over the years.) She bitched about MY hubby letting me take care of all of this (ummmm, he works 58+ hours a week 3 hours away from home! PLUS, he did more for her than the other 2 brothers together!) And, then, saying he was just like his dad, who would never so much as change a light bulb! (MIL & FIL did NOT have a good marriage, but, she was a bee-otch for all the years I knew her!) I know exactly why he wouldn't TOUCH a light bulb, if indeed, he wouldn't - which I doubt. No one could ever do anything right! Even when she paid too much money to have things done around their old place, she would RIP it out and do it over....nothing was EVER good enough. That whole subject could FILL A BOOK! That comment was out-of-line, totally!!! My hubby is VERY different in alot of ways, then, the other men in that family. But, I guess she wouldn't know, since she never came around much until December of last year! Now, I understand why MIL never had much to do with her. Altho, MIL was such a cynical recluse, anyway. What a vent!!! But, boy, do I feel better!

As it stands, MIL will be released from the hospital and put into a different care center. Medicare should pay for her needed 2 weeks of skilled nursing (rehab?), and, tomorrow or the next day will be official notice of opening a *new* claim for her long term care, unless, I can get the old, denied one appealed.
ENOUGH of that crap!!!!!

It was a rainy, overcast, cool day here, all day long! WONDERFUL!!! We have so few days light this---I LOVE them! It's drizzling again and thundering off in the distance.

I didn't do a whole lot today. I did get the mattress swung around, washed the mattress pad and did a load of sheets that I rinsed in vinegar to keep them fresh smelling. I hate the smell of older sheets! I love the sheets I'm using now and don't want new ones. hehehe I had my papers all sorted out on the table first thing, waiting for the phone calls that never came. I did run downtown to get the mail and stop at the bank--hoping I wouldn't get 'one of those phone calls' while I was in the car.

Hubby called in a grumpy mood/tone of voice. He forgot to turn the AC on in the trailer this morning when he left at 5:15 (what a waste of electricity!), and it was too hot (100°) in there, so, he was sitting outside in the shade waiting for it to cool off enough to go in and shower and eat. It's hard to believe there's about a 40° temperature difference at the moment! He's trying to work a few deals to get a welding truck rigged up, so, he can make double pay each week. He's the only welder on the job without a rig setup, and he's 'the best' welder on the job! Well, he and one other welder. (I'm not partial, really!) That other guy came in with his truck this morning.

I guess I'll putter some more and hit the couch for a bit of crocheting. I have my bread basket liner almost done! Thank Goodness! I wanted to make another one for a friend, but, I don't know....maybe the second one would be easier, tho.

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